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Dumbledore's Treasure Trove

I think most of you know that GK has been taking a correspondence class from the University of New Hampshire entitled.."Harry Potter as Storytelling". Luckily she shared the experience with in I got to hear the lectures, see how she answered the quizzes and watch as she took on the optional assignments. We had a blast. I learned so much. I am in awe of how clever my GK is. She makes me happy, happy, happy just being who she is but then she goes and surpasses that with her "smarts".

Can you tell I'm proud?

The assignment was to create a story about Harry getting in trouble and being sent to Dumbledore's office. In the office is a shelf filled with interesting and magical items. Take one of the items from the shelf, explain what it was and how it related to Dumbledore or Harry. This is GK's story and following the story is Prof. Krasner's remarks.

            Harry picked up a necklace. Not just any necklace. The chain seemed to have been woven by fine Unicorn hair. There was a giant Ruby pendant, that glistened like a clear forest spring. Harry held the chain up in his hand so that the ruby pendant hung in front of his eyes. The Ruby started to sway a little by itself. It was almost... hypnotic. Harry couldn't peel his eyes off of the Ruby. He was in a trance. He felt dizzy. The more he starred at the swaying pendant, the dizzier he got. He started to hear whispers in the back of his mind, growing louder and louder. He could feel his mind spinning, his thoughts racing around in his head. Harry was about to collapse when he heard Fawkes screeching in delight, breaking him out of his trance.

            "You know, that was my mothers." Dumbledore placed his hand on Harry's shoulder, making Harry yelp and quickly turn around. Harry gulped in air and breathed like a panting dog.

            "I'm... sorry... Professor..." gulped Harry, who was leaning on Dumbledore's desk. "Here is your... necklace." He held out the necklace to the Professor, finally catching his breath. Dumbledore smiled and took the necklace away from Harry. He opened the pendant to show a blurred and faded picture of a woman smiling holding two boys who were only toddlers. The boy on the right was clearly Dumbledore, because he had the same crooked and warm smile as he did as boy. Dumbledore smiled which made tears stream down his face. He gently touched the picture with his fore finger. Harry just starred, not really knowing what was going on.

            Is he... crying? Harry couldn't help but tug on Dumbledore's robe. "Um, Professor? Are you ok?"

            Professor Dumbledore wiped his tears away with a knobby finger and said, "She's was a wonderful woman, my Mother. Cared about my brother and me more than anything. She died when I was but nine years old. She was accidentally killed in a cross wizarding duel on the streets of Diagon Alley. My brother and I took care of each other."

            Dumbledore closed the pendant and kissed it lightly. He motioned for Harry to come closer. Harry walked tentatively towards Dumbledore. Once within reach, Dumbledore placed his hand on Harry's shoulder and pulled him close to him. He wrapped the chain around both of their necks and whispered a charm that Harry did not understand.

            From out of the blue, they were standing in a field surrounded by rolling hills, sunflowers as far as the eye could see. A single house made out of only wooden slats was sitting atop a small hill with a giant tree towering in the yard. Two little boys were running about, playing with small wooden toys and stones. One of the little boys was sitting on a swing suspended from the giant tree. That little boy looked as though he was in a daze. He was holding a seed in his hand, staring at it intently. The seed began to hover and cracked open revealing a vine. The vine wrapped itself around the boys arm and sprouted small pinkish flowers. The boy smiled a crooked smile.

            A mother's voice drifted across the yard, calling the boys inside. The two little boys ran into the house leaving their toys and the amusing vine in the yard.

            Harry stared with astonishment at Professor Dumbledore.  "Professor, is this you and your brother?" Harry waited for an answer, but before any answer came, another memory melted into place.

            The boy with the crooked smile was lying in bed with his mother, who was reading to him. The room was small and cramped with all manner of childhood  things. Pictures of plants and the solar system covered the walls, a single collection board hung over the bed covered with nature's gifts and prizes. The mother kissed the boy tenderly on the forehead, stood up and started towards the door. Before she could leave, the boy said, "Mummy, you will stay with me forever, right?"

            Mother smiled at the boy and said, "of course Albus. Mummy will be with you and watch over you always".

            The memory scene melted away and both Professor Dumbledore and Harry were standing in the Professor's office. Harry was at a loss for words. In the back of his mind Harry longed to have such a wonderful memory of his own mother to visit. Dumbledore patted Harry lovingly on the back and said, "We really aren't that much different Harry. I lost my Mother at a young age too."

Imagery is the word we use to describe the pictures that go through your mind when you're reading.  Some writers are very good at creating vivid, colorful, memorable images. GereaKaye's version of "Dumbledore's Treasure Trove" has lots of bright, strong images (also an interesting take on Dumbledore's family).

  • James Krasner said…
    Monday, July 22, 2013 10:26:16 PM EDT
    I really like the way you make the emotional connection between Harry and Dumbledore by showing how they both miss their mothers. You're quite good at imagery -- the field of sunflowers, the vine around the arm, the initial description of the locket. You make things very visual and that has a strong impact on the reader. Harry's initial reaction to Dumbledore crying is also very touching.


  1. What a beautiful & touching scene :) Such smooth movement from such a young writer!

  2. What a great story! It has real emotional depth and shows wonderful imagination. Way to go, GK!

  3. We would be surprised if you GK was any less talented than you? Great work.

  4. What a wonderful experience for you both! She is very talented! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. What a lovely story, you've obviously taught her well :o)

  6. GK is definitely her Oma's grandchild. With that imagination GK should never be bored!

  7. I don't know how I missed this.
    That is purely delightful. My, what a way with words with incredible imagination. I am sure all the interactions and play times with you helped that all ready creative child's mind blossom. I feel certain that someday I will buy some of her work.
    Kudos GK.

  8. Oma Linda, I would be very proud too! Wow! Excellent GK ;o) Very emotional and touching!
    (Oma Linda, if you spray paint your tree and make a watering spot for your birds, take a picture, please!)

  9. I wanted the story to continue!!
    what a marvelous talent she has.
    she's amazing.and so are you:)

  10. well written and engaging story. The scene with young Dumbledore in bed with his mother created questions in my head. Where is the other brother? did the vine get him? Thanks for sharing, she definitely shows writing talent.

  11. well written and engaging story. The scene with young Dumbledore in bed with his mother created questions in my head. Where is the other brother? did the vine get him? Thanks for sharing, she definitely shows writing talent.

  12. O...M...G!!! I am sitting here in disbelief at the rich creativity in which GK has written this tale. I knew she was gifted, but this is simply astonishing. When she is a famous author I will tell others that I was a friend of her beautiful Oma, who is also (and rightly so) her biggest fan. Warmest hugs, Mina


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