Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Gosh, was the Tea Party fun or what????? And what does that have to do with Harry Potter?

The only complaints I had were from....Bad Alice, her feet hurt (with those heels, I'm surprised she could even walk). Ry, wondered why we weren't doing more pictures when he got home from program. Sweet Man, wished he could have been here while we were shooting the photos. The proud Momma of the Tea Party players, Ms. Shelley, that they are growing up too fast.

Other than that.....it was fabulous darlings. We had a great time.

Now we are on to the next in our super sizzling summer of fun. Ry has his performance today at the Kimo Theater for his program. The time has zipped past us. He has had such a super experience this summer. Has made friends, enjoyed the activities. Even has a little girl friend who likes to hold hands with him on the playground. Our little Romeo.

The Harry Potter online class that GK is registered for from the University of New Hampshire entitled, Harry Potter as Story Telling began on Monday. We saw this as an opportunity to give her practical knowledge of creative writing and critical thinking in a venue that she was comfortable and confident with. We signed her up ages ago.

We, the Cuckoos are all crazy Potter fans. The one who knows the most and retains all the tiny little information bits and bites is SM. When the books first came out I read them all to him. We all love to be read to aloud. Don't you too? It is like the luxury of getting new information and sitting back and relaxing whilst you do. When the books came out on disc.....SM was in outside sales and listened to them as he drove around the state. No wonder he knows all the details.

Anyway, the whole Cuckoo nest is excited. And we became more so when GK's professor, Dr. Krasner (who is a hoot) sent her an OWL post saying that she could share the class information with anyone. OH Boy!!!!! HP for all. It's like a feeding frenzy when we sit down and connect the laptop to the TV and listen to the lectures......I wonder, are we stranger than I think we are?????? Nah, impossible.

The class is broken up into 5 sections, Transfiguration, Care of Magical Creatures, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Portions and Charms. Within each section there are lectures that give you insight into JKR's writing style, use of other myths, legends and truths, comparative literature references and just plain fun facts. There are also optional fun things to do within the courses. You then take a quiz where you are encouraged to cheat. If you don't know the answer, well then commiserate with someone, look up the answer online or look in the books. It is encouraged to not answer the quizzes correctly so that you can find out why all the other answers don't fit the question exactly. When you complete a section (which by the say you don't have to go all the way through one before starting another, encouraged to mix it up to keep it interesting) you get a badge which enables you to visit and explore, The Forbidden Forest, The Burrow, Honeydukes, Azkaban,  and The Chamber of Secrets. There is a Marauder's Map so you can find your way around to your classes.

The whole Cuckoo clan are having a good time. GK is whizzing past the exams. To be truthful, she finds it hard to answer a question incorrectly. Says it hurts her inside.....she is soooooooooo Hermoine esk.

And we are working on the Paris inspired bedroom redo. Went to the fabric store, got material for a bed cover, pillows, bolsters, a bulletin board. Went to the Habitat for Humanity and stumbled upon a fabulous Jenny Lind day bed for $35 and will junkafy it and make it look as though this room is a little Parisian apartment off the Rue de Cuckoo close to the Eiffel Tower. If I thought I could I would somehow have the shadow of the Eiffel Tower over her window. This is just too much fun.

I did the same kinda crazy over the top kinda stuff for Shelley when she was moody, broody and churning in her teens. Always a great time to share and have moments that last forever....especially the mistakes and boo boos of the projects. GK is turning out to be a very good student at sewing and planning as well. I would give her excellent in enthusiasm and okee dokee on follow through. Maybe some improvement in focus but then I kinda drift too, so pot....hey kettle ya got a phone call.

The weather is like spring time here. Daytime temps in the mid 80's, cloudy, rain in the afternoon, and in the evening the temps are in the 60's. I'll take um while I can get um cuz next week we are back to hot, hot and hot. So much humidity right now my swamp cooler, if I had to run it would be of no use. Fans are doing a great job.

Hope your week is as full and fun as ours will be.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. Wow you are having the bst of summers!!! A Harry Potter class!!! Awesome!!! Enjoy!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  2. Oh, that HP online course sounds like so much fun!

  3. The Mad hatter was very pleased with the shenanigans!

  4. sounds like a blast is being had by all.

    your weather!!!so nice today.
    it's raining here right now but i dread the heat afterwards:0

    have a good one:)

  5. Wow, you all are a never ending surprise as to what you will do next! although one thing is certain, it will be fun.

  6. Ha, I feel for GK. It would hurt me also to give intentional wrong answers. The course sounds great and I am so glad you are encouraging her creativity. Though I am sure she had a fist full of that from the inherited genes. You must be the best Grandmother ever.

  7. Oma Linda, wow!! What a fun time at your house! A Paris bedroom, Harry Potter on line class, Ry has a girlfriend ;o) Lots of great stuff! Sending big hugs to everyone!!! Keep on smiling ;o)

  8. I want to teleport to your house and stand behind GK (with the rest of you) as she takes her class. What fun!

  9. FYI Paris and the Eiffel Tower lie directly on an energy line of the Earth Grid.

    Do you have a room to let?

  10. The class sounds like so much fun! Alas, I have no-one to read to me, but I do have audio books I listen to on car journeys and things, and I used to listen to them when I walked to my old job (although admittedly that did mean I could be in a bit of a daze when I started work for the day ;o) )


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