Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's July the twoth..............

and I am here to wish you a Happy World UFO day.
GK's media arts teacher designed this........Jeremy Peckens

Also to my Canadian friends, sorry I'm late with my Happy Canada wish to you.

And to all of you who need a reminder....go buy hot dogs and burger makings for day after tomorrow. Insert smiley face here.


  1. How did I miss UFO day? Yikes. Hoping you and yours have a grand and safe 4th.

  2. I plan on spending my day cleaning the spring branch in front of our house. I just have burgers and buns and lots of caffeine ready.

    Happy days.

  3. Oh geez I didn't know it was World UFO Day. My calendar certainly didn't mention it. I better go find an ET to hug!

  4. I love coming to visit you sweet lady...who knew UFO day???? Have a very Happy 4TH!!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez stewart

  5. World UFO Day?? Very cool!!!! I had a great Canada Day ;o) Thanks Oma Linda ;o) Happy 4th of July to you my friend ;o)

  6. I will eat a hot dog for me and one for you. Then I'll eat a burger, too! And ice cream. Yep, I'm going to nom nom nom everything... and wait for UFOs ;-D


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