Friday, July 12, 2013

The Mad Tea Party - Bad Alice goes to Wonderland on a covert mission

Welcome to Casa de Cuckoos participation in The Mad Tea Party 2013. Enjoy.....we did.

Bad Alice, real name Alicia, checked to make sure that she had all that she would require for her trip down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland. Yes, she had her key to the library door (just in case she had to go that way), a map to the meeting place (which read, meet me at The Red Mushroom Bistro), a picture of her contact in the Wonderland resistance and last but certainly not least of all, her vial of Drink me tiny and Drink me LARGE potions. 

Bad Alice was ever so excited to be on her way to the land of The Dormouse, The Hatter, The White Rabbit, The Red Queen, the flamingos, the saucy flowers and The Cheshire Cat.

She, personally, had never been to Wonderland physically but felt that she knew every nook and cranny by heart from all the stories that Granny Alice and her Mom Alice the Second had told her. She grew up on the tales of the Jabberwocky, the Mock Turtle and the one she hoped very much to meet, The White Rabbit. Well actually, not the real White Rabbit, goodness knows he's been gone for a very long time, but whichever one of his relatives is carrying on the tradition. Alice the Second had spoken of the White Rabbit family with such affection that Bad Alice felt she needed to pay her respects if time allowed during her brief covert assignment. After Granny Alice and Alice II had escaped from the Red Queen, it was the rabbit who saved them and hid them until they could get back to the Real World.

You see, Granny Alice and Alice the second had gone back to Wonderland before Bad Alice was even born. Alice II had gotten a mysterious note from the White Rabbit letting her know that there was a big cover up of a terribleness going on in Wonderland and Granny and she needed to bring their video camera and document the terribleness. The terribleness will be revealed when Bad Alice makes contact with The Matter Hatter's grandson, Dude. He is the leader of the resistance and disguises himself to keep from being found out by the Red Queen's CardGuard.  
Now, you might be asking yourself, how in the world could Alice II have gotten a note from anyone or anything in the Real World from Wonderland all those years ago?

The answer to that question is the answer to how Bad Alice had gotten her mysterious note from the land of Wonder as well. Very simply, from the Rabbit Hole closest to their home of course. For all of Bad Alice's life she had been told that she needed to check the rabbit hole daily to see if there was any messages for any of the Alices. Now that may sound strange to you and I reader, but to the child of the child of the original down the rabbit hole girl, it was just the way in which it was done. One also knew that unless you received an invitation you could not just go to Wonderland. After all there are the polite ways in which to conduct yourself.

Granny Alice and Alice II wished Bad Alice a good, safe journey and cautioned her not to get caught. They also thanked her for going back to Wonderland to find the lost film footage they had to leave behind on their last trip. Remember what happen to the only other human who had made the trip to and from Wonderland. Poor Dr. Seuss. The man never did speak or write in anything but rhyme after he was caught and tortured by the CardGuard with the help of the Jabberwocky. After his escape, the good Dr. did make the best of his rhyming affliction after he came back to the Real World.

So the three embraced and Bad Alice was on her way to her adventure in Wonderland. Granny Alice sniffled a bit and Alice II held onto her brave, beautiful daughter for a moment longer.

Bad Alice made her way to the rabbit hole and readied herself for the very long fall. She pushed herself through the opening and fell topsy turvy down, down, down to the bottom of the warren. There, she landed with a thud as well as a cloud of dust.

"Fish paste", blurted out Bad Alice. She hadn't quite planned for such a hard landing. But, she dusted herself off and headed towards the light. Upon exiting the warren, she was met with a beautiful blue sky and a silence. No birds, no bugs, no voices, no sound at all. She crept as best as anyone can with 4 inch heels on lawn and followed the directions on her map to the meeting place of her co conspirator, Dude.

Along the way she saw many of the sights of which her Granny Alice and Alice II had spoken. She expected to hear the flowers singing and looked on every tree branch for a sign of a smile, but was very disappointed as she continued to her destination in silence. There was no sign of Dweeddle Dee or Dum. As a matter of fact Bad Alice saw and heard no one, no beast, nothing not even a peep.

Bad Alice arrived at The Red Mushroom Bistro and was met with a strange sight. The table was set, the tea was steaming, the cakes and tarts were yummy looking but no servers, no Dude, only a single chair. She suspected that she might just as well sit and wait. 

And poured herself a cup of tea and started to select a tart. But a little bit of paper on the bottom of the yellow tart caught her attention. She turned it over and it said, "don't". She picked up the blue tart with the red top. It too said, "don't", as did the dotty red one. She picked up the dark blue with poppies and it said "do look under the table". She did and found an envelope with instructions. She was instructed to go where the dragon pointed.

Bad Alice got up and followed the path to which that dragon pointed. At the end of the pathway she came out onto a clearing and there was her first glimpse of Dude. He looked like a small boy, not the leader of a rebellion against the queen. Bad Alice and Dude exchanged pleasantries and then Dude gave her the items she had come for. The movie reels of the terribleness.

Years ago right after Granny Alice had visited Wonderland the Red Queen became convinced that all her subjects were not so loyal. And she feared that soon they would all leave Wonderland for the Real World. In order to keep them from leaving, the Queen had the CardGuard dose the water system in Wonderland with the Drink me tiny potion as well as sleeping drops. She had all the Drink me LARGE potion destroyed or so she thought. In her mind, the Red Queen thought that if she kept everyone of her subjects small and drowsy, they would be too frightened to venture out of Wonderland. After all if she kept chopping off their heads, she soon would run out of subjects and croquet opponents.

The Mad Hatter and some others in the community had saved a batch of Drink me LARGE, had a secret water supply and did their best to thwart and harass the Red Queen to try to get her to stop continuously dosing her subjects. That is until the Red Queen caught The Mad Hatter, had him declared sane and sentenced him to the Asylum for the Terminally Un-Cracked.

After his grandfather's death in the asylum, Dude had vowed to get the story out of Wonderland by any means necessary. And that is how he and The White Rabbit the 23rd had gotten the note to Bad Alice.

Bad Alice asked why she hear no sounds in Wonderland? Dude explained that most all of the residents of Wonderland did or said very little because of the dosing effects. He and others had to play it very cagey to be able to get around by doing so very slowly. Most of the CardGuards had even succumbed to the dosing by not being careful what they ate or drank.

Dude thought that Bad Alice could take the reels back with her and get someone interested in helping the residents of Wonderland. Bad Alice was sure that the Real World would want to know of the terribleness especially since Granny Alice's story had become so famous and beloved.

Dude showed Alice a shortcut back to the warren and helped her turn the dial in the rabbit hole to read turvy topsy and before she could say "Fish paste", Bad Alice was walking down a road towards the Real World, with the telltale reels. An idea came to her as she walked. Bad Alice would get these to a film maker who wasn't going to back down to something like this. So off to make the acquaintance of Quentin Tarantino Bad Alice went, saying, "Off with Her old Head".

If you are interested in how Bad Alice got her name, her story will be up on Bell, Book and Candledrippings for your reading pleasure.

And now to thank our hostess with the maximum mostest....Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist. Vanessa, I think you put on the very best Blog Parties on all of blogdom. You my friend are a true artiste when it comes to partying. Thank you for your generosity of spirit and love of whimsy. I always am so excited to play when given an invitation to do so. My grands and I love the challenge of each and every play time. Thank you Queen of the Sparkles, Vanessa Valencia.

Special thanks also to Sweet Man for putting up with the insanity of makings, writings and his input. Thanks to Shelley for her patience and guidance and muscle. Tons of thanks to GK for being the very best muse an Oma could ask for and to Ry guy for being so easy going when it comes to playing pretend.......again and again.
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Here's the part for the Giveaway: For those of you who stayed long enough to read all the story, the thank you's and the is now time to tell you that if you leave a comment on this page you will be in a drawing and have one entry. Please make sure I have a way to contact you. If you are a follower just let me know and that's another entry. If you follow Bell, Book and Candledrippings, you will get a third entry for either the tall Seussian cupcake tower or the very Red Queen parfait. Let me know which you would prefer or if you have no preference let me know that as well. And if you can tell me who Bad Alice and Dude are, that's a fourth entry. This can all be done in one comment, no need to have to do more than one. 

I will be drawing the winners names on July 22. I wish you all good luck and thank you for joining us as we celebrated and had fun with The Mad Tea Party 2013 brought to you by A Fanciful Twist.


  1. This was such fun! You don't have to enter me, I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed this little flight of fantasy from the Cuckoos!

  2. Enjoyed the tale (once more) and headed over to Bell Book &... for more! (Following both)
    Bad Alice (aka Alicia) grows lovlier by the day. Dude Ry is a dashing good sport about all these goings on. How fortunate you are to have such creative grands to keep you young.

    While I would be thrilled to win a prize, I would love to win and share the Suessian cupcake with a family member Who is a huge Seuss fan.

    Thank you for continuing the tales across generations.

  3. What a gorgeous adventure. I've always admired a girl who knows that live is best (and adventures are better) if one packs a map and a key.

    Alicia, where did you find those shoes! They are fabulous. I hope you don't mind if I borrow them...? I have my eye on that handsome fellow's hat, too. And his shirt. What do you mean it won't fit!?! Of course it will, especially after I have some yummy cake ;-D

    Thanks so much for the sweet fun!

  4. Bad Alice = GK while Ry is an awesome Dude. Wonderful photo shoot :)

  5. I follow Bell, Book & Candledrippings via Bloglovin (although I'm still not sure if Petoskystone or Jonquil Alexia is the name showing up). The tea party table is gorgeous! I like both prizes equally well ;)

  6. You don't have to enter me either but I just had to tell you what a super, creative grandmother you are. Cool also that the "Alices" are a family tradition. I don't know too many Grandmother's that would go to the trouble and detail you did (I am sure you didn't see it as trouble at all.)
    The kids are such wonderful performers. You really know how to create memories. Well done.

  7. Bad Alice and Dude rock! And I love the story with its very funny details like the Mad Hatter being declared "sane," naming the current White Rabbit "the 23rd" and the true scoop behind Dr. Seuss's rhymes! Your use of special effects on the photos also made them seem extra-Wonderlandish! What a fun trip down the rabbit hole this was!

  8. Love this!! G reminded me of the girl in "The Ring" with her hair brushed in front of her face!! Yikes!! LOL Love the story and the pics...just too wonderful, lady.

    Hope to see you soon.

    Loves ya,

  9. Fabulous tale of Bad Alice and the Terribleness! You my dear BB, have such a marvelous imagination and the wherewithall to put it all together in a photo and word essay. Those two terrific actors in the persona of GrandKids make this Mad Tea Party the best yet! GK looks so grown-up though!! She is a beautiful young lady and Ry, as always, adds such a sweet sparkle to the proceedings. Thanks Oma Linda for the wonderfulness of this Wonderland fete!!! Hugs from Robin.

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    Thanks for sharing...have a nice day
    Kerstin from Germany

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    Your characters, handsome and beautiful, your table, your tale!! Swooooon!

    Thank you so much for being a part of the Mad Tea Party ♥

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    I think this tea party was amazing!!!
    Love the story and your grandchildren are so so lucky to have you:D
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    You know I am a follower ;o)
    I am a follower of Bell, Book and Candledrippings ;o) (I love the tall cupcake, but honestly, I love them both!)
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    If I am not too late please include me in your revelry of prizes. Warmest hugs to everyone! Mina

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