Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Mad Tea Party will be this coming Saturday....and we are ready

Have been writing, and sewing and glueing and planning for about two weeks now. GK made our map and paper invitations and warning and has been keeping track of what needed to be done. A check list of items to bring together for the photo shoot. Costumes and hat etc that needed to be gathered together. And a list of photos that needed to be taken in order for the story to make sense.

You see, we at the Cuckoo's Nest Production Company kinda have the drill down for such occasions. We had a story board and stuck to it....sorta. We got our costuming straight after a few side steps for both of the characters. And I just happen to have an abundance of red with white dotty items that came in very handy for our storyline. We try to use as may items that are already available so as not to make the fun too costly.

The two things that take the most time are writing the story and editing the pictures. The other parts, the planning, photo shoot and the getting all dressed up is the fun part.

We got the grands up a little early this morning so that the sun would not be too strong and so they could get the photo shoot over before Ry had to get to program. We accomplished all before 9 am.

GK has liked to play "dress up" ever since she was old enough to stand and has a ton and a half of ballgowns, tutus, corsets, hats, crowns and "stuff", so we just drew our picks out and she put on a fashion show for us last night. It was kinda scary though. When we bought most of the dress up wardrobe at the junk stores after they got back from "nevermind" land, the corsets and stuff were too big and had to be readjusted for the other events we have played in for the past four years. Uhhhhhh, not any more.

She picked out an outfit for Bad Alice that was very "hubba hubba", that's old lady speak for trashier than I could let her look. Her legs are miles long, especially in 4" heels, the shorts (silver and black) are short shorts now and the corset she was going to wear with the outfit......well let's just say, she like her Mom has prayed to the Boob fairy too much. I swear she looked 17 and loosey goosey, old lady speak for a hoochie. So, she's wearing a nice 50's strapless cotton hounds tooth dress with a very chic vest and fishnets with those 4 inch heels instead.

We dyed her hair with koolaid so she would have blue and pink hair......uh it is like the color of a mermaids tail....green, agua, turquoise, blue, red, orange, and pink on her blonde streaks and nothing on the beautiful brown parts. I tried to take a photo of it for you but its just barely visible, but in person, she looks like she has mermaid hair.

And Ry, the happiest participant of all was excited to be wearing a sorta skater dude outfit....but his Mad Hatters hat sadly is too small.....this was it's last appearance on his head. But he did make me promise that I will save it so that some day when he let's his kids play at Alice n Wonderland or Strange Carnivales or Halloween adventures that they will have all this fun dress up stuff. What a character. He announced to the other kids at program today as Shelley dropped him off, that he was a rock star Hatter dude.

So I thought I'd let you see a few "out takes" and ask you to come back for the fun on Saturday when the players here at Casa de Cuckoo offer for your entertainment, "Bad Alice goes back to Wonderland".
my feet are killing me, Oma.
does this look as good as I think it does??????
I think her being this tall with those heels was a little much for Mr. Rock Star

See ya Saturday here and then you can link back to Vanessa Valencia's A Fanciful Twist to see the other presenters of madness and tea parties.


  1. Anticipation. Anticipation is making me late...is keeping me waitin'....

  2. That sounds so creatively exciting.

  3. Oh man I want to come over to your house.... I can hardly wait until Saturday...what a wonderful grandmother you are...and yes it does seem like our grand daughters are developing sooner every year. She is such a beauty....and Ry looks like a little brother with an inquisitive mind. Have a glorious time finishing your party preps...it is going to be a smashing party. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. I always enjoy your Mad Tea Parties and I'm looking forward to this year's installment!

  5. You know I'll be watching to see just how 'mad' you'll get!

  6. Fabulous! What a lovely teaser. I can't wait to see the full story. It's scary how much older a pair of sky-high heels make GK look. I love that they get into the Mad Tea Party spirit and have fun being creative with you.

  7. Wow, you all are so darn creative. You really set the bar for grandmothers high and just have so much fun. I love that Ry wants to save props for his future kids. These parties will continue for years.

  8. OH MY GOODNESS! Tell those kids to grow back down; they're far too big nowadays!! I cannot even begin to believe how grown up they both are looking, especially since the first party we all had together. And gawds above, all their hats and goodies not fitting made me all misty eyed - so I can only imagine how you and Shelley are feeling about it.

    It's wonderful though that they both still enjoy dressing up and playing along. I'm looking so very forward to Saturday, though I'm as ever - late getting started myself! I'd better get this rear in gear!

  9. I'm preparing too. An invitation - how could I forget?

    *skips off to prepare the same *

  10. This will be so much fun! I can't wait! Love the out take pictures ;o)

  11. I just love the tie dye on the mad hatter! So adorable!



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