Monday, July 22, 2013

There's a green spot in my backyard.....

Let me say that I am please to announce that we have had rain. We are still far from over the drought, but we have had several days of good soaking rains.

The last three years have been so dry that I forgot that my shrubs and lawn could look "real" green. I had become so used to the desert green, that I am awed by the verdant green of now. Everything has perked up. The Monsoon is in full swing.

We have spent evenings on the back porch watching Mother Nature put on an exciting and loud aerial display. But last night was on the unsettling side. Flash flood warnings just when the Shelley and GK had gone to pick up Ry at program and on to therapy. They had to cover quite a distance and cross over several arroyos (drainage channels) in order to complete their errands.

But as Shelley put it, "thanks to a very nice man, I learned to drive in inclement weather, just fine. Thanks, Dad". We as a family have been in some dire situations with high and fast rising water; crossing the Mojave desert in a downpour, tornado in Pueblo, Colorado and floods here in Albuquerque. SM has remained calm, appeared relaxed, was in control and didn't let the situation overtake him in anyone of those nail biters. Shelley has adopted the same demeanor at the time and then like her Mom shakes like the dickens afterwards.

The Sandia Mountains to the east of us are the reason for the drainage canals. When it rains on the western face of those mountains there is no place for that run off to go but downhill and straight on into the city. Were it not for the diversion channel canals Albuquerque in the low lying areas would flood every time it rained. Some areas in the valley around the Rio Grande still flood. And some of the canals are blocked from time to time with debris and over run their concrete banks and then that's when it gets dicey.

Lucky that we got the rain, lucky that no fools were playing in the canals and got swept away (that happens every year), lucky that everyone of the Cuckoos made it home okay and lucky to enjoy the result of the moisture in the yards and parks.

The fact that the swamp coolers don't work......ehhhhhh. The fans help and you can't have everything all the time right? I'm just happy to see my turtles with green smiles on their faces from all the snails and bugs coming out so they can have gourmet turtle dining.

Hope your week is filled with lucky, happy things as well. Oma Linda


  1. I can't believe I was in Albuquerque and didn't even have your number.

    Two old souls could have met and celebrated our differences and our similarities over cool stories and ice tea...maybe next time.

  2. HOW NICE!!
    I went outside tonight and noticed some very tall greens in my little garden too:)

    we get the flash flooding also...if I'm lucky, I'm home when it starts lol!

    Glad to hear everyone's safe and your turtles are happy.

  3. Glad everyone's okay! Enjoy the greenery.

  4. Yeah, go green! Glad everyone is safe. Rain, such a life giving force of nature.

  5. Flash floods are so scary; glad it was not a problem for Shelley and the kids!!
    I am glad you have rediscovered the color green! I love the image of your turtles with their smiling faces!
    Treasure the Green!

  6. Seems like Shelley had a great role model. So glad you are getting needed rain. We are too. My lawn had turned winter beige. Enjoy the wet.

  7. I am so happy you got the rain, but I don't like that it came down so heavy for you! So glad Shelley and the kids are alright ;o) Have fun with your green and say hi to the turtles for me ;o) Hugs ;o)

  8. Those clouds are scary! I live in the woods so I don't have a birds eye view but when I am at the beach or at someone's house on the water and a storm blows in where it's totally open to my eyes I am in wonder. The wind gets me everytime and those clouds, oh those clouds.

  9. We've had huge thunderstorms the last couple of days after a heatwave, and some serious flash flooding, but thankfully everyone here seems to have survived too :o)


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