Thursday, August 8, 2013

A new Goddess moved into our home yesterday............

This post is the polar opposite of the post of last week when we said goodbye to Ms. Cybella.

Our sweetest GK was so distraught, depressed and felt so alone. She in her short life has experienced enough sorrow and loss. For those that don't know her backstory, just know she isn't a spoiled brat but has real issues that have influenced her and she is still a terrific kid.

It is always important to know when the time is right to heal. No one can say how long a time or how short a time it takes to open your heart to love. As adults we all have loyalty issues, grieving times, need to feel we have gotten over some loss open in our lives. I have been called many things in my life when it comes to being impetuous, it is what it is, so we'll just skip over that part of my character for now. I do what I feel is right, right now.

I honestly could not stand to have GK suffer any longer. I know that this was the right thing to do and so I went online to Pet Harbor site to see if they had any kittens. What I came to was a plethora of pleas for help either adopting or fostering kittens. I called Ms. GK in to show her the kittens. We were both smitten with the idea of reaching out and adopting a little one. It's been 15 years since I've had a kitten in my house, older cats yes, tiny baby kittens, no.

So on a lark, with the blessings of Sweet Man (anything for the kids) and Shelley (although she had her doubts as to our endeavor) Ry, GK and I went to Animal Humane first. We knew that when we were thinking of getting a kitten 2 years ago, that black cats have a harder time being adopted than others....and so always being for the underdog, if you will excuse the bad analogy, we went looking for maybe a black kitten. But there was a plethora of opportunities and this was just our first stop.

As we approached the cattery, GK held my hand and was nervous. I know she was worried that she might be being disloyal to the memory of her Cybella. I assured her that Cybella would be the first to not want her to be lonely. Walked in the newly remodeled cat area and up to the all glass doors of the kitten room. This little black fuzzball with a bulbous nose, ran to the door as she saw the children, with a question mark position in her fluffy tail as though she was saying, "Hi my name is Uma, I'm the official welcome kitten here and you don't know it yet but you're gonna take me home with you".
there will be other photos but how does one get a kitten to hold still for a photo???????? Get them played out, Impossible.

We visited and held and played with all of the kittens, each sweet and funny and tiny, but it was Uma who was the one who spoke to GK. Ry had a crush on a kitten named Dickorey.....and yes there was a Hickory and a Doc. He has his cat Gabriella, alias Toad and so we just took Uma. Or rather we put an adoption hold on her. She was to have her surgery the next day so she wouldn't contribute to the over population of unwanted cats.

And I spent yesterday intermittently pealing GK off the ceiling and keeping her entertained until it was time to go and get Uma. That was kinda fun. I don't know which of us was more excited.

Uma, which means goddess in Sanskrit, is the cutest, most affectionate little bit of fur and fluff ever. She is silvery black and you can actually see the black stripes in her undercoat. She has a lighter backend than her head and front legs. Scrawny, agile, comical and perfectly wonderful. Already has transferred her job skills from the kitten room to GK's room as she greets us when we go into visit. Always with the little question mark tip to her talk when she does her meet and greet.

So, yeah, there's a new goddess at our house and she has taken over GK's bedroom, heart and the mommy in GK is content and at peace.


  1. Little Uma is positively the right kitten for you all. I wondered how long it would be before a decision would add a small fur play ball??? I know the goddess is going to have a wonderful loving life in your home and your hearts. I love all the good you do for sweet innocent animals! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. that's such amazing news!so very happy to hear of your newest member of the family! may she bring you all many many many years of happiness!!

  3. I am so happy ;o) Uma has a great home! She will be treasured and loved! I can't wait to see more pictures ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  4. All hail Uma, Daughter of Bast! Congrats, GK -- enjoy your new kitten's cute and funny antics!

  5. I love it when the pet picks you out leaving you no choice but to take them. Smart cookie that Uma is. I am so glad GK now has a bundle of energy, cuteness and fun to love on.
    I didn't know that about black cats but was aware of that problem with adopting black dogs from my rescue days. Most people seem to want flash and dash.
    Uma is adorable and a lucky gal.

  6. Uma is such a darling, and GK is such a lucky girl.

    I can imagine you, GK and Ry giving SM and Shelley pleading puppy eyes (speaking of bad analogies), so they couldn't resist.

    I've always wanted a black cat. Maybe one day I'll have one as dear as Uma ;-D

  7. Yay!! YOu did the right thing! I have done so myself in the past. Animals DO grieve. And yay again for picking a black rescue kitty.
    We can ALL use a Goddess to hover over, now can't we!!

  8. Aww, I miss having a kitten in the house. *sniffle* Momma GK, enjoy your time with your itty bitty kitty Goddess, she'll be a cat way to soon! *hugs*

  9. How wonderful! Healthy kittens have an insane amount of energy. :) (as a reminder, low hanging chandeliers = jungle gym )What is Toad's opinion?

  10. Ooohhh, yayyy! Love it! So happy you got a new baby! I got my black kitty from a shelter too, I felt the same about rescuing a black kitten. Congrats on your new addition!! xx

  11. How could you take just one?? That's always my problem..2are always better..double trouble..

  12. Yay for GK and Uma. Kittens are so fun.

  13. Oh honey, what a beautiful story. Uma is such a lucky kitten to be taken into your loving home, and she is too adorable for words. Of course, you know I am a bit in love with black cats myself. ;-)

    I am so happy to hear that GK is mending. She is such a special young woman in so many ways, ahead of the world in that awe striking way. I wish for her all the blessings that life can hold. She already has the best Oma there could ever be. Warmest hugs, Mina

  14. Happy for you all and most especially to lucky Uma!

  15. This post put the BIGGEST smile on my face! Congratulations to you all!

    It sounds as if Uma picked you and that is the best way to adopt.

  16. Goddess bless you for adopting and as a volunteer in animal rescue for 6 years you are absolutely correct that black cats (and dogs) are almost always the last to be adopted and the first to not make it out of the shelter alive.

    She is beautiful and I am so happy for your family.

    Grief has no time limit so please don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


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