Wednesday, August 14, 2013

One in school, one in September, Joe has 3 more days of vacation, and then........

Time has once again just raced past and I'm sitting on the sidelines not doing a damn thing about trying to participate.....

But let me give you all my very "valid" excuses if I may.

a. Joe has been on vacation and we always have super activities planned but somehow, one of them always does us in physically and we end up nursing each other for some days after. And so it was, that we moved the entire living room around. Joe threw out his hip, I had muscle cramps that would not go away for 2 days and that was our reward......besides a great looking room. We sure enjoyed patting ourselves on the back as we looked at our work from the vantage point of the couch.
from The Graphics Fairy
b. RyLeigh started school last week.....and we have been trying to get in the swing of things for him, all the while not rushing GK too much because her school doesn't start until Sept. It's crazy I tell you. BTW he is loving his new school and has adjusted quite well.

c. The new kitten, Uma the goddess of all she surveys is too fun to watch and play with, so how is one supposed to get anything of real import done with that distraction? She is adorable. The sweetest, most friendly, people oriented kitten we have ever had. She vacillates between being a parrot and a baby in our arms. She even goes to sleep on her back. I promise photos....probably while she is napping.

She already has GK trained and is working on Joe. Our old man cat is just confounded by her actions. Uma is not the least bit afraid of him, walks up and talks in his face, runs around him and then dashes off, hoping he will chase her. He is too tired for that but does wait for her to come around so that he can half heartedly hiss at her young whipper snapper self. Ms. Ellie Mae our muttly mutt and smartest dog we have ever owned is in 7th heaven. A new chasing, racing and getting into trouble partner. This one is even faster than Ellie and stands her ground in any disputes as to who is choosing the next game. This is too good to miss.

We've gone to the movies a couple of times. Cleaned out some cabinets in the living room. We were watching some videos the grands gave us but our TV told us this afternoon that sitting on our lardy butts was over and died. We will have it back in about 5 days. Just in time for Joe to go back to work.

It seems like only yesterday I was looking for things to keep the kids busy for the summer and we haven't done all of them yet and the summer is just about over. GK and I will be going to Santa Fe next week to Museum Hill for our annual pilgrimage to see the art and then on to a great lunch down in the rail yard. Other than getting her clothes ready for school, we're free to finish jewelry making, last touches on her Paris room and then......

this olde broad is gonna get at all the fall and Halloweenie projects my olde heart desires....sans any other humans wanting something from me for at least 8 hrs a day. Does that sound selfish, oh good then you did get my drift. Cabin fever has set in and I'm rooting for Septemeber ya'll. Me and Marlena Dietrich......vant to be alone.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. I am sending you all hugs and kisses...little Uma is a real miracle worker!Love you lady! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Enjoy your ME Time when it finally arrives! And enjoy Uma the kitten while she's small. You know how quickly they grow up.

  3. oh, it sucks to get injured moving stuff around, that's how i put my back out.
    oh my gosh, cramps? in your feet or legs?
    those are terrifying!
    its easy to spend lots of time watching the animals play isn't it? so entertaining!
    and i'm sure it's a balm to GK's healing heart.
    oh i found an old victoria magazine with some french bedroom ideas....i need to remember to send you the picture.
    so happy to hear RyLeigh is doing well!!!!

    well I'm looking forward to your halloweenie fun...
    talk to you later!

  4. Uma sounds like a pure delight. So glad the others are more or less adjusting.
    Wonderful that Ry likes his school. That has to be a comfort.
    Hope you get some Dietrich time but somehow don't think you would like it for long.

  5. Doing "nothing" is where the loving memories are truly made. This was a subject broached much in my home this past Summer and I hold steadfast from life experience and conversations with The Boy, my friends and family that the laughs and experiences of togetherness create the most heartwarming memories. It's not the location or destination, it's the company.

  6. As the woman with no kids who has been eagerly counting down the days til the little buggers went back to school so I could get peace and quiet in the evenings again, I know exactly where you're coming from ;o)

  7. I can't wait to see Uma sleeping on her back! Attila does that, too. It makes me miss my puppy... ;-)

  8. Hi Oma Linda ;o) I think it's great that you're all mad! Makes you the perfect, happy family ;o) LOL! I hope your muscle cramps are gone and I also hope your hubby is better too ;o) I can't wait to see more pictures of the little Goddess ;o) Big Hugs to everyone!!! ;o)

  9. Ah, but what blesses andfull participation you have had in your magical made by hand life. How blessed we (you and I) are to share this journey with such special loves, both human and furry. (hugging your mad self tightly) Have a wonderful week, my darling friend. Mina


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