Friday, August 30, 2013

So are ya having any fun????

I kinda have never gotten Labor Day. I mean I get it intellectually, but as far as getting excited about celebrating it....not ever. I don't have a specific reason, it just doesn't "tickle my fanny" as my family says. (Guess what wisdom soothsayer came up with that inside outside upside down phrase, yep Ry).

I know there are lots of folks who get out on the road and have the last hurrah of the summer but we just tend to stay home or stay close to home. In years past we have attended the celebrations and dances at one or another of the Native American pueblos close to here. Always a treat to see the Arts and Crafts and most especially the dancing and dancers in their colorful attire. But both Shelley and Sweet Man work on Monday, so it will be me and the grands. When I asked the grands if they wanted to go to any of the pueblos, they both said with no conviction whatsoever, "I guess if you do". I'm trying to think of something that will be happy inducing for them that this olde broad can handle.

Here's the reason. I have a tooth that needs to be yanked out. It is one I had a root canal on a bazillion years ago, so no real tooth pain but it is wiggly and the surrounding area is UGLY and does have pain in it. Clove oil is my best friend right now. Couldn't get all my ducks in a row to get to the dentist until Weds. So quiet fun sounds good to me. But when you are 9 and 13.....thats almost an oxymoron.

Maybe a movie fest and all the trimmings for them. Or a 4 hour long Monotony, er Monopoly game. Or I could make them work by pulling weeds and then we'd all be sad, so that's out. I know!!!!!!!. We'll have a game of "let's clean out the garage and see what we have lost over the summer in the piles of junkin' that Shelley and I have drug home. Nope, I don't think I'll have any takers on that either. Or I could introduce them to the world of "sweet pickle relish" canning.

Remember those cucumber plants we put on each side of the entryway to the new and improved front patio? Well I guess I've finally found something that likes the shade of the morning and late afternoon and broiling sun of the midday because I literally have given away and eaten more cucumbers this year than heretofore in my life. So why not make pickles, and relish and cucumber sandwiches and cucumber salad and cucumbers facials. But not on Monday, I'll wager.

So what are you going to be doing on this long weekend? I hope whatever it is, that you have the best, most fun and safest Labor Day ever.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. It was a terrible year up here for cukes, so I envy you! I'm hoping for a nice quiet long weekend just to chillax.

  2. I am probably going to be packing of some sort...I need to get my sister 's birthday gift started and finished..but Labor Day is for resting...reflecting...and renewing. I would love to go and be at the Pow Wow! HAVE as restful and pain free holiday as you possibly can. Peace dear friend with your great kids! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. I shall be laboring.

    Did some mailing today...finally!

  4. This past week has been far too HOT even for us summer loving kinds.
    So lots of shoulda's got neglected. However with a long weeked and several county fairs available to us, I don't think I will be catching up before a few weekends from now!

    I don't like to travel on holidays even though they always promise the road construction will be at a minimum. More drivers and detours are not my idea of fun.

  5. No special plans for this holiday. Maybe I'll throw something on the grill and watch the birds in the backyard. Take care.

  6. It will just be me the the Delicious for Labor Day as Honey Man works Sunday and Monday. I'm sorry you are having dental unhappiness. Take it easy, a movie marithon maybe just the ticket for you the the grands.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Always, Queenie

  7. love cucumbers!!!!
    are you going to make your own pickles???
    have you made them before?

    we've never really done anything special on labor's too hot. the only good thing I can remember of it is that it marks the (almost)end of summer.

    hope you feel better soon:)
    have a great (quiet) weekend.

  8. I'll be working at the county fair with the garden club. This is a baby fair but folks take the judging of their veggies and flowers pretty seriously.
    Have a good one what ever you decide.

  9. Our bank holiday weekend was last weekend, and I needed the whole day on Monday to recover from the event I was teaching at the day before o.O I usually just celebrate having a day off work ;o)

  10. County Fairs n Farmers Markets, a horse pull or two, fishing derby, games downtown and Music each night at the Town Square. All available and short distance to drive - no crazy holiday traffic. I have been watching the lineups to cross border and can only thing "WHO", in their right mind would sit in a car for two hours in the heat to cross the border.....OH YEAH,Eh, big music bands down in Bangor,Maine USA, so that's where they're headed. ME - I'm having a BBQ and attending the first sentence of this paragraph. Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. What will we doing here at the Autrey/Diaz abode...ABSOLUTELY NADA!!!!!!! I'm with the Ry-man, doesn't "tickle my fanny" either. However, sweety pie is happy not having to deal with corporate crap for Monday, which is the bane of his existence. I'll do what I normally do, go see my mother and give her lunch, then take Ian home across town to his sperm donor. Some exciting stuff, right?? LOL

    The only "tribe" we have around here were somewhat contrived from having a really good "tribal" attorney who convinced some congressmen or the powers-that-be, that these people were descended from a New Mexican tribe...the didn't take part in the hu-eg Indian revolt of the 1650's, throwing out the oppressive Spaniards off their lands, these guys came down here with them and set up shop on the banks of the Rio Grande. Fast forward a gazillion generations later, instant Native Americans!! As my buddy, Renie, told me, when she was in grade school, they were of Mexican decent, then in high school, they became "Indians," as they referred to back in the mid-60's. The Boy Scouts had to show them how to do the native dances and they learned how to build the "ornos" and make bread, from other natives up your way since they never had made it. Oh well, I'm just feeling grumpy...getting hot again and now humid...OY!!!!!!!!

    Enjoy your weekend, I shall try...bah, humbug!!

    Loves ya,

  12. Holiday, schmalliday, big deal! All days are pretty much alike this summer. Hot and humid making breathing for some of us a very tiring chore. I'll try for a walk and do as little as possible after that. I'm with Ry, concerning Labor Day. It never did tickle my fanny :0)
    Sorry to hear about the tooth. Not one of my favorite things either. Take care and we'll talk soon. S&S

  13. Please take care of your tooth Oma Linda! That's not good! Wish I lived closer! I love cucumbers!! I would like to help clean out your garage too! I love to clean ;o) I know, I am weird! LOL! This weekend, I am painting! Getting ready for my birthday giveaway on my blog ;o) It's been so humid here! Don't want to do too much outside! I think I will be cleaning my room too! LOL! Hugs ;o)


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