Friday, August 23, 2013

Whassup Cuckoos???

It's the next to the last Friday before the "back to the grind" begins for the Cuckoos of the Casa.

GK, Sweet Man and I went on our last outing of the summer today. Fun stuff. Most of the time when I go junkin', it's with the girls only on Monday or Tuesday. But Sweet Man was invited along on this outing and wow......funny about new environments and what you find out.

Remember how I told you that we were working on GK's Paris inspired and influenced room? Well the provincial furniture that we found for her was precious and fit like a glove into the room.....uh but.... About a week ago, I began to smell something like rancid nuts, or old shoes in her room. We did a complete search and found nothing out of the ordinary. We put down some baking soda on the rug and washed down all the surfaces thinking maybe tiny baby Uma, the most adorable black kitten cat ever, had caused the odor....nope. Then GK was putting up her laundry and the bottom drawer of the dresser snapped the brace that runs down the middle of the drawer bottom. She pulled it out so I could see how to repair it and "oh my gods". The smell was extremely nauseating. Like a combo of pipe and cigar smoke and just plain old...ya know what I mean. Ick. So we tried everything we could think of to rid the furniture of the odor. Newspaper, vinegar, baking soda, antibacterial wipes, carpet cleaner deodorizer, kitty litter, room spray and nothing worked. Nope.
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So we resigned ourselves to looking for a new chest of drawers  to replace the lingerie chest and dresser. Sure am glad we hadn't gotten around to painting the furniture. That was to happen this week. But then if we had, we would have discovered the odor sooner but let's not muck up the story with logic, okay?? Anyway new chest of drawers, here we come. We will sell the old to pay for the dent in the budget, but remember we didn't pay much for the beginning furniture so, no huge deal in the long run. GK isn't all that fussy cuz she knows it will be marvelous when we complete our make over.

Shelley, GK and I operate as a pretty precise well oiled junkin' machine. We all know each other's quest items and when we spot's like "YO, over here!!!!!! And out of routine GK and I did just that this morning at a really cute and fun new to us place way out of our neighborhood. Sweet Man was the wheel man. What surprised me was how much "stuff" he thought was cool.

I gave up antiquing and junking with him about 35 years ago cuz he was such a buzz kill. He was the oldest of 8 kids. Wore hand me downs and hated every minute of it. I always got a big kick out of wearing my older cousins clothes. Him, not so much. So when at a tender age, I began Shelley in her education of your dollar goes a lot further if you buy resale items......Sweet Man begged off.

So now all these years later, I see him having those memory flashes of yesteryear and his childhood or seeing things that his folks or relatives had and it was so much fun. He was like a kid in a candy store. GK and I both watched him and really were enjoying his awakening to nostalgia in a fun way.

We did find her a 1940's 6 drawer big Ol sturdy chest of drawers and there is no smell. I was able to negotiate the price with the vendor and I think we got a good deal. She said she likes this one even better than the provincial ones because the drawers are deep and wide and she will be able to put all her clothes in one chest. way in hell, but I'm not gonna burst the bubble.

Then we drove in parts of Albuquerque that we don't normally travel which was fun and interesting. We also took Ms. GK out to lunch at a Persian restaurant. She had never had any of the items on the menu and was willing to "try" something new. I love gyros, so does SM. Delish.

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All in all a great day. Tomorrow we will clean up the new piece of furniture, move out the old, move in the new and that's that. Just another day in the land of the Cuckoos. Have a super weekend.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. It's great that GK is willing to try new types of foods and ethnic restaurants -- she's much more sophisticated than I was at her age! I used to think Chinese food was icky and inedible. Can you imagine???

  2. Sounds like a fabulous day! Obviously SM needed a bit more distance from his childhood to appreciate it ;o)

  3. Did you try charcoal in the dresser?

  4. The beast odour! (it's like an episode of Seinfeld). There are paints that you can get with odour barriers and they work quite well as a primer. I just used some on a small utility room floor which served as a cats' litter box room for almost 30 years. We painted the floor with the stain/odour guard and then covered it with vinyl floor. Cat pee be gone! Sounds like you've had some fun outings.

  5. Headin' out to pop some tags myself today. Glad your SM has come around. Funny how that goes. Hope the new chest fits in perfectly.

  6. Holy Moly, muchacha, you's make me dizzy with all your "goings-on!" I'm sorry about the chest of had just found them when we had our breakfast date last month. But hey, stinky is stinky and out with the stink and in with the no stink, I always say!! LOL

    Well, let me know when the Ms. GK has her self all settled in her Parisian-themed flat, would love to donate something in that nature for her chachkie pleasure!! LOL Let me see if I can find something French among some of my grandmother's stuff...I recall having lots of her little traveling where did I put those things??? OY!!

    Have a great weekend and wish I could go junkin' with you peoples. Around here, those Juarez folk always beat us on this side of the "riber" to all the good stuff. They even go knocking on people's door at 5-6 a.m. when there is an advertisement about a garage sale for later that morning...annoying!

    Adios and as always,

    Loves ya mucho,

  7. I'm curious as what the origin of that smell was but since it wouldn't go away, glad you found what GK liked better.
    I am so impressed she tried the different dish. Very adult of her.

  8. Glad you figured out where the stink was coming from! In our old house, we had a little freezer in the dining room. One day we came home from grocery shopping and we were putting away the meat. Or should I say, my brother was! After a week, my mom was like, what is that smell! He had left a roast on one of the dining room chairs and pushed it in, so you couldn't see where it was. I won't tell you what was all over the meat! Gross!!!
    I would love to come on one of your trips junking!!! xoxoxox

  9. I wish I enjoyed "junkin". I lose patience and after about 30 minutes I'm ready for a donut and coffee.


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