Monday, September 23, 2013

And here's Darlene alias Lucky Turtles official welcome.....

Yep, here she is in all her mutilated shell beauty. The boys like her anyway.

And here is a photo of yet another baby, baby turtle (probably hatched in June or July) that Ms. GK found while we were watching Darlene and one of her suitors on the back porch.

And then this little spoiled brat came up expecting to be fed. So here's Hand. When GK found three baby turtles 2 summers ago, she named them Hand, Foot, Heart. And the answer is I have no idea but I just work here. This one is Hand.

In answer to some of the questions posed about the turtles after my rescue story.

This is fairly late in the season for box turtles to settle in so I found Darlene just in time. Her urge to find a good place to hibernate is probably why she was on the move. Our backyard in the fall is like a race track. They all stomp around until they find just the right spot. Kinda reminds me of kids playing Musical Chairs, because sometimes they tussle over the same spot. That's why in the spring, you will see two or three come out of the same hibernation hole. It's really quite interesting.

They will all start their hibernation preparations in the next two weeks. This is the time I try to get more food out and more water available....they will eat until just before they hibernate. Turtles like all animals that hibernate, gorge to fatten up so they can survive not eating for months. They won't have full tummy's however because their systems slow down and they won't use their energy to digest food but rather just for stasis (hibernation).

look at the ugly mess my Dad made of the concrete. does anyone know an easy way to get housepaint off of concrete?
Ms. Darlene is by all our good midwifery skills already gravid (preggers) so any u haul trailering she may do is just because the males are very active in early spring and fall. She will probably dig a nesting hole this week and then dig herself a denning hole and settle in for winter. While resting the eggs are also in hibernation and those babies will probably come out of their nesting hole in June or July. If Darlene waits to dig a nesting hole, she will definitely dig one in May or June and those babies won't hatch until August or September. If the little ones hatch in August or September they usually don't venture very far out until the next spring. They live on their egg sac. And I imagine any little bugs that happen into their area. But I don't know that for sure.

A gravid female can carry around her eggs for up to a year in order to lay them in the most advantageous conditions. A female can also carry male sperm in her for up to three years and then become gravid if the conditions are suitable. I always thought that was a very efficient way to propagate the species.

Turtles may not make you smile as much as they intrigue us but you all are always so kind to comment and ask questions. Thanks.

It's junkin' day so.....I gotta fly, Oma Linda


  1. My Piano Man came to the room to see if I was okay LOL. I was cooing and sighing too much it seems. They are sooo precious!

  2. I learned something new today. That makes it a good day. Thanks.

  3. If the house paint is oil base you can spray some original Easy Off oven cleaner on it. Wait a half hour before wiping it up. Harder if it's water base but acetone will probably work. Love the turtles.

  4. Oh, I so love me some turtles! I've only ever really been acquainted with the aquatic variety though, so learning about your land lubbin' variety is always interesting to me.

    Darlene's shell gives her a lot of character, you'll never have trouble picking her out of the crowd! And both of the babes are too cute.

    Enjoy your junkin', hope you guys find some awesome treasure! xox

  5. Well Hand is obviously Hand because he's got handprints on his shell, silly! That does sound like a cunning plan to procreate though...

  6. Lucky turtles to have you all looking out for them!

  7. You continue to amaze me.
    Have you seen this video?

  8. We had three turtles at my job. I grew to love them and was surprised to learn they all had their own unique personality. When I've retired I wanted to take them, but there is no one here can do the heavy lifting required to clean their tank. And then I have the 22-year-old Miss Minga the cat who will allow nothing else in the house. One of my coworkers took them home and they are doing wonderfully. I do miss them.

  9. That is so interesting about the reproduction of the turtles. What an incredibly efficient and clever way to continue the species. They have so many options.

  10. Oma Linda, this is so interesting! Thanks for the lesson about turtles! Wow, they are a brilliant animal! I love the pictures! They are all so cute! I would love to visit your backyard! xoxoxxo

  11. Your site is an education in so many things. We have big soft shelled turtles here in TV and I know nothing about them. But I love learning about your turtles and seeing the babies. Thanks!

  12. I have so enjoyed this post Oma Linda - it was very, very interesting. I knew little about turtles, other than having a pet one as a child and this has just been fascinating. We have wild turtles here that live around the river and when we are out in canoes, we see them sunbathing on the river bank - never have seen one in my yard; however, we do have golfers and they have an underground cave in the very back of the yard and they come sometimes in late afternoon for a plate of veggies n fruit. I can sit and watch them while I have my cuppa. The babies are very friendly and will come eat out of your hand and let you pet them. My nieces n nephews from the city love this. I shall print out your Turtle Story and mail it to them as they would quite enjoy this. Thank you for your time you put into making this lesson so interesting. Have a wonderful day, Eh :)

  13. Wow, I didn't know a good deal of what you wrote about turtles, and I think they're just adorable. I love turtles, and yet, I know surprisingly very little about them. Such interesting and beautiful animals. Bright blessings, Bird

  14. I love these amazing creatures and wish so badly that I had the blessing of their company as you do. They are sweet and adorable and strong and amazing! And Miss Darlene...well she is one busy little lady! Thank you so much for the information. You are my "go to guide" when it comes to turtles, being that you are a nature goddess and all. Hugs to you and yours, Mina


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