Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I've been playing with photos and stuff

I am not nearly as comfortable or talented as so many of you are on the puter, but I have had some fun with Mr. Picmonkey in making some Halloween digital art......artish.

So I decided to join in with the lovely and talented lady Ms. Marfi of Incipent Wings for the delightful Wednesday fun of Haunted Humpday.

I found this photo of four bratty looking little boys a couple of years ago dressed as devils....or devilish and knew I wanted to do something with the photo.

So here is:

If you click on Haunted Humpday, you can see who else is playing today. And if you'd like to join in the fun just leave a comment with your link back to your page on Marfi's blog and viola.

56 days until Hallowoonie time.


  1. I need to come up with an interesting Halloween post this year. Thanks for reminding me to start thinking about it.

  2. I also wish I could do more with altered images. I guess the only way to learn is to do it!
    Your little devils are firy cute.

    Happy Haunted Humpday!
    I have two posts up this week.

  3. Haha!
    That looks great Linda!!!
    I know what you mean about the digital stuff... I was afraid to try it for a long time.
    These little imps look just about ready to go cause major trouble!
    Thank you for sharing this fun post with us!

  4. Ha, loving the idea of Haunted Humpday!

  5. Happy Haunted Humpday Linda! Love your contribution!

  6. ooooo...those imps are fabulous...cheeky lil devils indeed! Happy Haunted Humpday!

  7. Ok, mujer, now that's just down right adorable...they could be my little booger-boys in Austin!! LOL You done good, amiga!!

    Loves ya mucho,

  8. Love your digi work, you'll soon pick it up when you start and it gets very addictive and it's fun learning what you can do. Your imps are little darlings, so cute.

  9. Beautiful...such a gorgeous image..sweet little souls..very captivating !
    Happy Hanuted Humpday!

  10. Hot stuff you fiendish photo-manipulator ;) Very cute.

  11. Photo certainly does look Halloweenie and nice job. We love Halloween here and have soooo much fun. Take a peek back in my posts and just look in October.
    I shall try and attach something here. Have a good day :)

  12. Very cute ;o) Halloween is coming so soon! Yepeee ;o)

  13. You did a fabulous job on these little devils. 56 days...YEEHAW!


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