Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Last Haunted Humpday of September....

Wow, the month of September has just raced past me.

And this morning I have a share for Haunted Humpday that has been haunting me for some time now. Not this exact photo but the essence of it.

I have a reoccurring dream. I guess most people do.

I am walking along a hard top road and I come to a line of trees like these which form an archway. I can almost see to the end of the row....but not really. It is always misty like this and there is sound around me until I make that first step off the hard top and then all sound dampens to silence. I know there are leaves that should be crunching and forest sound, but there is nothing. I walk just a little way and then I stop. My heart is beating so fast I can hardly breathe, I turn to walk (run) away but my feet are fixed to the ground.

Ususally I wake up out of breath, a little shaky and sometimes I even have been crying in my sleep.

What do you think it means? Sweet Man says I cry out like I am in pain when I am having this dream. There have been many times during our married life that he has awakened me from this dream to save me from whatever is......

Do you have scary dreams?


  1. Wow - good description - for me it is a corridor of doors and I am at the last door trying to escape, but cannot - the door is stuck and something is coming down the hallway and there is very little light - I have no idea what it means and sometimes I cry out for help - like I am so terrified its more muffled for it is hard to speak. I do not have this dream often, but it comes once in a while and scares the crap outta me. No other way to put it?? I'm glad I am not alone in this dreaming thing and I've not figured mine out yet? Thanks Oma Linda for talking about your dream as I now know someone else shares a similar one.

  2. Wow that is creepy. What gets me about dreams is that it can be an almost normal situation, but it's the feeling you have that makes it what it is.
    I have a nightmare at least three times a week... I usually write them all down and some of them are doozies too:)
    My mom would tell me not to eat too soon before bedtime to avoid them...
    I guess reading Stephen king doesn't help much either, lol
    Has the dream ever progressed?
    It sounds like a big fear of the unknown... You step off the path and can't see what's to come... You need visability and firm secure footing... Without it, it's super scary.
    Maybe it occurs at times in your life that you feel out of control??
    Idk... That's my 'professional' opinion lol!
    Thanks for sharing this:)

  3. Oh wow Linda, that is a very powerful dream! It sounds to me like your subconcious (sp?) is inviting you to go deeper but you cry out in pain because you fear what you might find...Big hugs!

  4. Oh yes, I once had a number of scary dreams -- until I got tired of running and grabbed the dog by the teeth, so to speak. If the dreams persist, then face down whatever is in that dream (which you can not see, I'n guessing) and ask why on earth is it bothering you. You may have the answer in a short while. But come and join the giveaway on my Halloween Humpday post under the Moon and Cards post.

  5. I don't often have scary dreams or recurring dreams but when I do, I never remember them more than 5-10 minutes after waking up. So that's not too bad.

  6. I used to have this repeat scary dream that I was being chased by bad guys but I didn't mind because just as they were about to grab me I lifted off the ground and flew out of harm's way. I really miss flying dreams.

  7. I definitely have recurring scary dreams and what's weird is when I wake up from them (usually because I screamed) my heart is pounding and I get the weirdest sensation in the base of my spine. It's almost like an electric charge and it freaks me out but I've had them for as long as I can remember. It's almost like if I were a cat or dog I'd have my hackles up!

  8. Oh Linda, how frightening it is when venturing into our own psyche's depths. Yes, I have nightmares. Horrifying, take my breath, heart slamming against my chest walls, scary ones. In night dreams the Riddle Mother weaves her tales and beckons to us, sometimes daring us, not only to see, but to know what is truth in our lives.

    The forest is a vast and mysterious place to venture, much like the unconscious mind, and the unknown is always scary. Whatever dwells within those trees beyond that arch (which is an entryway), it is very ancient, related to the terra mater, that which was before we were even aware, before sound and touch, something powerfully spirit. I can think of nothing more terrifying than being held in place and made to face anything that discomforts me, but sometimes, that which we fear and reject the hardest, is what we need the most in order to bring ourselves into wholeness. I wish I could share your dream, hold your hand, and venture into the mist by your side. I'd be sure to bring my pistol, Dan's shotgun, and a can of mace, my witchy bag, and all of my crystals for good measure. And then, you and I would (kick some ass) get to the bottom of things. Because that's what friends do. Wishing you clarity in your sight, both inside and out. My love to you, Mina

  9. Dang, no fun at all these scary dreams of yours. Perhaps, if you remember when they started maybe they are tied to an event at that point in your life when something changed in your world. Or perhaps they are stress related and happen when something is pressing you. Myself, I used to have a recurring dream that the powers that be reviewed my college transcript and decided that infact I did not have the proper credits to graduate; subsequently all the rest of my educational stuff was null/void because of it, yikes. I had that very worrisome dream for 15-20 years after graduation... Thankfully, that has gone away.
    Take care,
    Always, Queenie

  10. Linda, that is a scary dream, especially since you have physical side effects. Wish I could interpret dreams, but these other comments offer some interesting insights. I do have scary dreams, and recurring dreams. Usually a sense of chilling anxiety, being chased, or in a hopeless, helpless situation. Very unsettling.

  11. I can't say that I've had recurring dreams but I do tend to have themes that repeat themselves. I would ask you how often you have this dream and if it's infrequent, I'd suggest recording what's going on in your life at that time.. stressful events.. a decisions that needs to be made.. and change in lifestyle.. etc. You might find that it's your subconscious' way of reminding you that you need to acknowledge something.

  12. Oma Linda, I am so sorry you have this dream! I don't want you to have this dream anymore! For myself, I used to have scary dreams when I was younger and in my teens. Now, I don't. I am so happy you have Sweet Man beside you!

  13. Oma Linda, will you please email me at amethystlilypads1 at gee mail dot com regarding the giveaway post (and for goodness' sakes, don't tell me you've already bought the 2014 We moon journal) by Friday?. By the end of the deadline, it was such a small turn out by 1159 CST, I was able to pick another prize.


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