Sunday, September 8, 2013

relish and Ozness...................

By the time Uma grows up, you all will be so tired of seeing her adorable face....although I don't see how. But I couldn't help having her in the photos of the relish that GK and I made on our last hurrah before school started. Honestly, Uma is so acutely aware of everything in the house now that she comes running when she hears the start up sound of my camera. She thinks she has to be in every shot and it is a bit of a difficulty. I was trying to take some photos of lovely gifts of love that have come my way and there she is. If her whole self is not in the photo then one end or another.....or whiskers are in the shots. She's a darling mess.

So here is the Million Dollar Sweet Pickle relish we canned. Yum. And I took the left over pickle juice from the canning and sliced some red onions really thin and put them in the vinegar mixture and made some pickled onions. They sure smell yummy. I can't eat them right now (dumb old tooth) but Sweet Man assures me that they are delish.

And now I will share a photo of  a gift of love I got from William and Magaly. Thanks my loves. I do so appreciate you thinking of me and my Ozness addiction. And I wish I could have been in Salem to enjoy all of the fun you must have had.

The next couple of posts will be about more surprises at my door. I just have to sequester Ms. Uma Puma so that I don't have kitty visages included in the photos.......til next time, gotta fly, Oma Linda


  1. Uma's a bit of a diva, isn't she -- always ready for her close-up! And that relish DOES look delicious!

  2. Uma's a sweet addition.

    Love your Salem treasures.

  3. She is adorable and knows it. Seems she knows what the camera is and is ready to pose. Looks like she likes the smell of it also. A compliment to the chef.

  4. she's adorable!
    love her amazing face and look of wonder, lol
    the relish looks...amazing!!!!
    have you ever pickled carrots?

  5. That looks like so mighty tasty relish.

  6. I would say spoiled like my Jack - Your is adorable and look at that personality. My Mom used to make relish, pickeled just about everything as we had a lot of garden stuff. I never liked to cook but love to cook outside - figure that one out. I love your poster - now that just might scare the kids away from my fence. ha,ha

  7. I don't mind all the kitty photos! I love the last photo! Her eyes are amazing! She is so precious!! That relish looks so yummy! Pickled onions!! Double yummy! I hope your tooth gets better soon! I love what Magaly and William got you!! So cute!! Big Hugs ;o)

  8. I just giggled when I saw Uma (whom I keep on calling Una in my head, for some weird reason). She looks too absolutely sweet. That would make a perfect Halloween pic, too.

    We are very happy you liked your treasures. I actually forgot to put something in the box *cough, cough.* Guess I will have to add it to your All Hollow's Eve goodies ;-D

  9. Please don't lock her away from the photos! Her dark beauty gives a great contrast to the rich colorfulness of the relish.


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