Thursday, September 5, 2013

RyLeigh giveth and the dentist taketh away...............

As I suspected, I needed to have a tooth pulled when I went to the dentist yesterday. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. The tooth in question has been worked on so many, many times before and it just gave up trying to be a tooth. I think it really had tried to tell me that quite some time ago but......I am a stubborn old broad and didn't want our relationship to end. Well, it did, and with very little resistance from said tooth. It just popped right out of my mouth never again to wiggle it's dental self again. Fare thee well part of my mouth.

If that tooth could have told all it knew having been one of my teeth I might have blushed or giggled or cried or smiled.......which I won't be doing until it's replacement is installed on my partial. Nope. No gap toothed smile will be bestowed on anyone except....I did threaten the dentist that if it took a really long time to get my appliance back, I might stoop to standing outside the window of his office and flashing them with my "ugly" visage until said appliance came back....they've got a week. tee hee
Let me tell you of the tale of the sweet humored dentist who has for several years had the good luck, or misfortune depending on who you ask, to be my dentist. He is has a great sense of humor, manners and professional attitude. I on the other hand am a mess wrapped in human skin. I am afraid of all dental work, require nitrous oxide (chicken gas) even for the numbing, and always wonder afterwards, why I am such an emotional wreck going in? He and his staff are always kind and very personable.

When I issued my threat (albeit an empty one) the young dental assistant kinda giggled and the dentist said, "don't encourage this one, she's a crazy one with a wicked sense of humor. I've told all the other techs the same thing when they have assisted with her." And then he leaned over me, winked and pulled down his mask and grinned, with sort of a looney look in his eyes. To which I countered, "takes one to know one, eh?" So besides the high I paid for yesterday....gotta love that chicken gas, good stuff, I also had a fun time with the dentist. I know right??????? Soon I'll share my wisdom from the nitrous zone, really heavy dude.

And when I came out of the office there stood Sweet Man leaning up against my car. He had taken off work to come and make sure I was okay. That just took my breath away. I'm such a lucky ducky. He has always seen me as Mrs. Capable and let me get along because I could. But we are getting older and both need that extra TLC when it calls for it. The thrill was that he did it on his own, I didn't ask him to. Wow, waterworks again.

Speaking of which. I will explain the title with Ryleigh giveth.

I got home from the dentist, safe and sound and started the worse case of the sneezes ever. Ry has had a cold for about a week. He's getting well now but I know how he likes to share with his Oma and so I'm trying to hold a folded up gauze thingie on my Vacancy in my mouth to stop the bleeding while mastering sneezing and not drooling.

Okay, that's my visual gift for the with that one and I'll catch ya later. Time to fly, Oma Linda


  1. I had one of "those" teeth too. It finally succumbed to bone deterioration after several years and had to come out. Luckily though, it was one of my very back molars so I didn't bother to replace it. I've got enough caps and a bridge as it is!

  2. I have a loose tooth. been loose for years. I think it's getting close to giving up the ghost though. while I have had massive dental work done on my teeth due to a big trauma on said teeth when I was 16, it will be the first tooth I will actually. got plenty of root canals though.

  3. That is a beautiful imagine of reality but like all things it will change.

    Heal quickly.

  4. That was quite the visual at the end there ;o) Glad you have such a caring, sharing family though!

  5. I always have to have a drink before going to the a retired cop this is not a confidence I often offer...but when the Dentist wants to run the b/a on you, you know that second one may have put you over the top! You Ry sounds like my Mac...he can be awfully sweet sometimes...

  6. Aww so sweet that he was there making sure you were okay. Let's hope the cold is a mild one and the extraction heals quickly.

  7. such a great attitude!
    and your hubby is just the sweetest:)
    oh sounds like the yucky nasty cold that's making the rounds right now:(
    I'm just now on the cusp of recovering from it.

    hope it's gone soon!


  8. Many people are terrified of dentists, probably because of painful dental visits as a child. But I love my dentist and have been going to him regularly for twenty-five years. So far he hasn't hurt me and I've had every procedure available, including gum grafts.

  9. By the time I get going to the dentist, the tooth is so bad it's a relief to get it pulled! ;)

  10. I am most fortunate to have teeth like my Father's - hard n healthy as old heck - I guess I have been lucky with only yearly visits to the Dentist and my Dentist is soooo sweet and kind and funny and puts up with my unique fear of dentists. Don't know what it is or where it comes from but I do not look forward to that yearly visit.It is a feeling inside me and I know you know how that feels - its not my dentist or his wife - my gut just gets all twisted up even thinking about the dentist - weird. Very sweet that your sweet man was there waiting in support. kinda makes your heart smile. Eh.

  11. That was super that your fella was there for you--unasked. Had to laugh though at your wiggly tooth. I had one so wiggly that my dentist really wanted. I put him off so long that he was eventually able to pull it with his fingers. Can't believe he charged me.
    Don't forget when you picket his place to wear the sign that states your smile is the work of the good doc:))

  12. Oma Linda, I can't stop laughing! You are so cute! My mom is exactly like you at the dentist! And, she loves her dentist too, like you! We have had the same dentist for over 45 years! Mom told him, when you retire, pull all her teeth out, because she isn't going to anyone else! LOL!
    Your sweet man is a sweet heart! Give him a hug for me, when you have finished sneezing and drooling! LOL!
    Hugs ;o)

  13. Oh Linda, I am in the floor. Nobody can tell a story like you, with the visuals, auditory and funny bone clarity. I can completely relate to the tooth, been there myself, and thank goodness for the updated partials without the wire! And your Sweet Man is so precious I want to hug and kiss him myself. (In a purely respect the chick code in relation to wonderful friends way.) Sending cyber chicken soup and healing to both you and the adorable Ry. Love to you, Mina


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