Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Happy Haunted Humpday.....

We had a terrible windstorm last night. All kinds of things got blown around and off the outside walls. As we were lying in bed not being able to go to sleep because of the sounds the wind was producing, I was reminded of "things that go bump in the night" and a family story about such things.

When my Daddy Jack came out to visit us from Tennessee one time, he told a story in a very quiet and slow way that he had, that last night's blustery sounds brought to mind.

Seems like there was a man who lived way back in a holler in east TN who kept hogs. Now that in and of itself is not an unnatural tale except that he always kept the hogs in the house. Babies, big un's, all size were welcome to just walk in the front door. Seems he made a deal with his dearly departed wife that since she had called him a pig so many times because of his lack of personal cleanliness that upon her death he ought to keep his friends close to him. And so he did.

One night as he was a sleepin' in his chair when the wind came up, the hogs all ran out and he had to shut the front door.

And during the night he heard knockin' at the door.

When he'd hitch himself up to go check out who might be there.....nary was a soul there, not even his beloved hogs.

The next night the same thing happened. Don't ya know for the next 11 nights, countin' 13 all summed together, the wind blew and the old man began hearing words on the wind, if he listened just right. He heard the wind tellin' him that he was gonna die right soon. And he thought he saw proof of that every day because the hogs no longer came inside the house. Purt near none of those animals would have a thing to do with him.

On the 13th night of the terrible winds, he settled himself down into his chair and stared at the door. Along about 3 am, which is of course the witchin' hour, the door opened very slowly and he felt the cold hard wind reach into the house. He shivered and............

This is when my Daddy Jack reached out and grabbed my knee. I squealed just like one of those little piggies and jumped up and ran away. He always was a super great story weaver. Quiet low voice that drew you into what ever he was saying. Slowly delivered and just when you were expecting the worst, he lean in towards you and ....yep, he'd scare the crap out of you. What a delightful memory from childhood.

This picture has nothing to do with wind or pigs but I loved the brooms and added my own sentiment.


Happy Haunted Humpday.

Don't forget that we are all going to visit one of my favorite spots on earth this weekend for Broomsticks on the Bayou. Won't you come on down and join us? In my story you will meet up with one of the richest families in Nawlin's and learn some inside dirt about how they got their power and money.....

 Broomsticks on the Bayou


  1. OMG, that is so good...what a great way to tell a story! HHHD!

  2. That was fabulous Oma :D....wonderful combination of childhood memories :D XXX

  3. Love this!
    My tio Armando used to tell stories like that too!
    What a wonderful post!
    Thank you :)
    Oh those brooms look great ... Perfect for cool breezy nights when the moon is full!

  4. I enjoyed the story, reminded me of the tales told around the campfire. The broom pic gives me an idea for the front of the house. I have many brooms, all wood floor house and go through quite a few. Happy Haunted Humpday.

  5. Most excellent story!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  6. Love that story, LOL! And love your broom photo and caption -- do you mind if I swipe it for future use?

  7. I sweat that's what the adults in your family do when you're a kid, scare the crap out of you! My parents were the worst I tell ya lol

  8. Loved the pig story. I think it a shame that most people don't know how to tell stories anymore, especially to children. We need to return to our oral traditions to ween our kids off of all of the electronics that are scrambling their brains.

  9. What a delightful tale!

    There are many such stories in our family. One of my grandmother's hobby was discounting haunted houses long before Ghost Hunters.

  10. Great Story, family tales are such a good way of remembering those we love at the same time as the stories they told us. Love the broom picture.

    J x

  11. I purt near fell outta my chair from a'leanin in close to see what was gonna git him... Loved this story! Reminds me of some of my Granddaddy's tales, soft and slow with a sure enough "Gotcha!" at the end.

  12. I loved your story - made me remember being camping with my Dad and round the ole fire at night under the moon n stars, you would have loved the tales we heard - cept our stories were about the headless hunter, wild bear hauntings and crazy moose looking for their twins that ran away - Just at wild point in story my Dad would somehow know when there was a noise in the woods - I think he could hear it coming and he would say " Sh-h-h-h - can't you hear it?" More than once I would scramble up into his arms and also ended up sleeping between Mom and Dad, for afterall, my Dad was the fearless hunter, trapper and protector :) Loved it OMA

  13. Happy belated Haunted Hump Day, Oma Linda! That was fabulous! Story telling is an art form that has been lost by most of us through the ages. It is such a wonderful blessing that your family has kept it alive and well within it's traditions. You are so gifted with this yourself and it seems to have come right down the generation. Love you bunches and bunches!

  14. Your daddy Jack even made ME jump with that story!

  15. I can just imagine screaming my heart out with you when your Daddy Jack grabbed your knee! LOL! what a great story about a great story teller.
    I love a spooky tale!!

  16. Like Rose, that sounds like a campfire story to me also. Something about kids that they love to get a good but harmless scare. Neat story.

  17. That story is so much fun! I can see you jumping and squealing! Great memories! Big Hugs ;o)

  18. Great story..My husband used to squeeze my knee and his Dad his !!!

  19. Ha ha ha, oh, it's like I was there with you :) love this and reminds me very much of my dad and the tales he told and how all the terrified kids were sucked into the stories thrilled, terrified and delighted all at once!


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