Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I am very tired of this particular song and dance...............

Honestly not really in the spirit of the celebrating. This has got to be the Year of pet loss at Casa de Cuckoo.

As I was settling in yesterday for my first Monday without the Boo Boo Head to pester me while I perused stuff on the computer, Shelley's cat who has been confined to living in only Shelley's bedroom because Cybella and Sunny double teamed her and bullied her into staying in and never venturing out, I was thrilled that I had a companion at the keyboard. Thrilled until I got a good look at her precious little face.

Her name is Toady. Well her real name I don't know. That's what she's called. Princess Gabriella Toadstool's nose was all raw and looked very painful. I got her to let me look at it and it looks like she's gotten into a tussle or that she stuck her nose where it didn't belong. But I knew it was another trip to the vet. 3 times in less than a week with three different cats. OMG

First we took Uma in for her shots, then Sunny to say goodbye and now Toady for an exam.

When Shelley called an told me what the vet said.....I had the wind knocked out of me. Toady has cancer. I don't even think the words sunk in. All I wanted to do was go to bed and sleep. And so I did. I took Uma and we went and curled up and slept until Shellley got home from getting GK from school.

I can honestly say that I am bone tired of saying good bye to fur babies. And I had just begun to say hello to poor Toady. Odin last November, Cybella in August, Sunny last week and in the not too distant future Princess Toadstool. Cybella and Toady were rescued just this year. We did not have all that much time with them. I know there are other things that are far more important and life altering in the world for others and I feel badly for all but for this moment....I'm just weary.

I'm not writing this for your sympathy. You have all been extremely kind to us with our recent losses. I just needed to write it down this morning so that I can process it all. This is just crazy and a bit more than too much.

Toady has joined me in my craft cubby/computer area. Has taken up the high post on my pile of felted wool, adding her white cat hair for texture I suppose. I of course will love her and spoil her for as long as we have left, now that she is free to roam the whole house. She and Uma are having a talk about who should be the Queen of the wool pile and I will enjoy their talking and vying for attention. Ellie Mae is under the work table close to the heater vent and we are a group of females enjoying a moment. I must keep the snapshot in my mind's eye of this scene.

Hug your furbabies close. You never know when you will have to say fare thee well sweet spirit.


  1. OH wow, I can't believe I found your blog again. It's have been a long time since I last saw a post by you. I was out and about reading some posts by blogger friends and I happened to see a link to you and wondered if it was you and lo and behold, it's you! tee hee. Hi Linda, hope all is well with you and yours and good to see you. It's be silly Gloria. I'll save your link to come visit you. I've been reading posts about sweet Anne who left us. I know you knew her too. Very sad. Take care Linda and good to see you.

  2. So sad. I can't think of anything to compensate for the pain you must be feeling, but my heart goes out to you and Shelley. Take care.

  3. ((((Hugs)))) Too much sadness in such a short period of time, Linda. Cherish the little furries while they are still with you. ♥

  4. oh wtf!
    I'm in tears for your losses.
    you must be so so frustrated!
    it's alot and
    it's heavy on your heart...
    and God knows knows you haven't had enough time with them..
    but I can't think of a better mama to help ease the passage.
    try and rest please.
    I'm so sad for you and your family...blessings and strength to you all my friend.

  5. I hope she's not in pain... enjoy your time together, make some more memories...

  6. We do love our fur babies and I am so sorry to hear another of yours is not well. Just love her, cuddle her, feel her warmth for the time she has, look deep into her eyes and let her feel your love.

  7. Oh, I am so sorry. I can really empathize with you on the pain you are feeling. I am pretty much going through the same with my Miss Minga and find tears in my eyes more often than not, but like you, I will love and spoil her as much as I can. She is in her 22nd year, and I cannot fool myself anymore. Please feel free to email me if you need to talk.


  8. I know only too well the pain you are feeling. I just hope the cancer is slow growing and you get to spoil her for quite a while yet. It is impossible not to get invested emotionally with these 4 legged ones. My thoughts and healing wishes are with you and Toady.

  9. Oh nooooooo! (((((HUGS))))) all round

  10. Chin up!! Afterall, you rescued her and gave her a comfy place to be. She's happier than she would have been and loves you for it. And here is a hug for you!

  11. I can't even begin to comprehend that. Judas Effing Priest. Keeping you cuckoos and the furs in my thoughts. May your time together be filled with fun, fur and free of pain.

  12. As dfficult s it is, we have to focus on the love we can give and the good we can do in the short time we have.
    It is not fair so much sadness should come in so short a time, but I guess we've all been raised to believe, in one way or another, that there is a time for all things. While I can't see the sense behind it, supposedly a reason for everything that happens.

  13. I am so sorry Oma Linda! This is horrible! I hope the little princess doesn't suffer! I know she will be loved, until she has to part with you all! Big Hugs to everyone!!!


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