Thursday, October 10, 2013

I don't know whether to be angry or just sad when things like this happen

I've stewed for three days now over a robbery. No it wasn't something expensive in the monetary sense, but it was something priceless taken from the Grands and I. And it makes no sense.

Not long ago I shared with you the crazy wonderful gift sent to us by our friend Gail from At the Farm. She sent us a box of rocks.....and lightening struck wood, shells, glass, feathers......all the things that the Grands and I drooled over. We talked over our use of said wonder items for weeks. Then we struck upon an idea to make an altar that the wind could blow through and take our love for all things earthly and spread it around. And the altar could be something we could add to as we go about collecting bits and pieces of the beauty of nature.

We were constructing this altar from one of the two vintage find screen doors we had gotten this spring. We affixed shells, rocks, bark, pinecones, herbs, dried flowers and grasses along with bits of glass and raffia in a mandala shape on the upper screen and used the middle wooden part to add a shelf with holes for candle holders so that we could really use the altar for our earth appreciation.

We finished it on Sunday late afternoon and put it on the front porch in it's place of honor. We had a dinner planned on Monday for the anointing of the altar and the fire pit was ready with pinon wood so that we could enjoy the evening even if it was cool.

I was washing the dishes Monday morning when I heard GK go out the front door. Then I heard this wail and I hobbled out front as quickly as I could. The altar was gone. GK was sitting on the concrete in hysterics. There was no sign of the altar.

I walked the neighborhood three different times of day and I have no doubt now that whoever took it, got away with it. The only thing I found was one of the blue feathers that Gail sent us from one of her walks of her wonderful and magickal Arkansas farm. I have cried for three days over this mess. And then I got up this morning and wrote to Gail to let her know. Screwed my head on again and realized that we can do it again......or not. But to be angry and sad about it only lets the ugly person who took our hard work love piece, win. And they can't.

I blame myself for not securing it to the wall as we were going to do Monday afternoon. But even that may have not kept them from taking what they wanted. All I can do it know that we did a damn fine job of making something beautiful enough that someone else needed to take it.

And the real heart breaker.......we were so busy and having such a great time with our creation that we have no pictures to share. Except the ones in our minds eyes. It was fabulous my lovelies. My grands are so OCD......or as GK says CDO cuz if you really are going to alphabetize the letters. tee hee. Everything was a pattern, everything had a place, everything was orderly much like the Navajo sand paintings or other aboriginal dream work.

We were honoring our Mother and we did a good job. The wind is still taking our love and appreciation and spreading it every time the breeze blows through the screen matter where it is.

Have a lovely Thursday my lovelies,
gotta fly, Oma Linda


  1. That's awful and I know exactly how you feel. It really hurts when someone robs from you, and I am so sorry that this had to happen to you. One day at work were at a meeting, and since our CEO decided it best we no longer have private offices, clients were free to roam about, even during our meeting. I didn't notice it until I was ready to go home, but someone had stolen the cane I used to help me walk on the concrete. I burst out in tears. It was hard to make it home that night and I had to buy a new one, but it taught me a good lesson. What really hurt was that these were the very people I was trying to help. Thank goodness I am now retired.

  2. So sorry for your loss. All I can hope for is that whoever stole it will appreciate what they have. Not that one would expect a thief to be appreciative. I can well imagine your heart ache over this. Glad you had the value of the wonderful time spent with your family in the making of what sounds like a beautiful thing. But still, it sucks rocks, the loss of it.

  3. I'm so sorry. It's so hard to lose something you've put so much of yourself in. It's even harder to watch the cold reality of the "real world" creep into the lives of our young ones. I agree, no matter where it is now, your love and appreciation is still flowing strong.
    Blessings and Healing to you and yours,

  4. You have all kinds of reasons to be angry and a little disgusted that anyone would steal an altar. Have they no shame? No ethics? No soul?

    But you can't let it drain you, for even though you can never build the same altar again, you can create one just as precious and filled with even more love. I will send you something to add to it. Not sure what yet, but I will.

    Hug GK and Ry for me. Tell them it will be fine. Then let them hug you for me. Lots of love, my Oma Linda.

  5. How terrible! And to come right up onto your front porch to steal it -- what nerve! I understand why it is so upsetting. The thief will not get any good karma from possessing your beautiful handiwork.

  6. Ugh, I can't believe how mean-spirited some people can be, I'm seething just for you!

  7. So sorry to hear this, but your altar is still there where you need it, in your heart and soul.

  8. We can only hope Karma or something will make this right.

    I will begin again as all of you must.

    Coming soon...a package to you.

  9. Wow, so sorry for you and the grands. I hope you are able to make another one becuase you know love is infinite and this next one can be filled with even more love than the first.
    Take care.
    Always, Queenie

  10. My grandmother always told us that when someone stole from us to wish that they needed it more than we did...I do that in honor of Mammy and know that what goes around comes around that someday someone will take something of value from them. The trick is to try not to be to happy about paybacks. I would love to contribute to your new altar...I live in the backwoods of South Carolina and if you have ever visited my blog you will know that we spent four years in England in Beaconsfield email address is

  11. :( Oh my goodness, that's just awful. To walk right up on to your porch and take something you all worked so hard on and with so much love and intention. You're right... wherever it is, love is still blowing through it and being sent out all over. Nothing can break that intention and that work. So sorry that it happened, though. And if you do decide on making another one, imagine all that will go into it. I'm happy you are turning this around for yourselves the best you can. It must be difficult to do. Blessings and lots and lots of hugs, Bird

  12. How awful!!! I can't even imagine how upset you are! The nerve to walk right up to your front porch and take your altar! Karma will surely find them!

  13. People can suck. I'm sorry the grands had to learn this lesson about man's inhumanity to man, especially when they worked so hard (loved the OCD comment) in the making of the alter. It sounds like it was a lovely piece.

    A pox on the thief's head.

  14. When you pour this much fun, love and hard work into a piece of beauty, only to have it snatched right off your porch, is sad indeed. My Mom didn't like dishonesty or thieves - you could be poor and not have much, but you were always honest, respectful and told the truth. The person that did this to you must have really liked your completed efforts, and have no inner respect or a bit of worthiness about themselves. You can re-create this again, although it may not be the full excitement and love and karma as the first, but you are also teaching the grands a most valuable lesson here and that is what is most important. Thieves never win and bad karma will follow - you just cannot feel or have good karma off stolen property - I'll bet you have already started on the new one :)

  15. Anger and sadness...yes. Put it behind you quickly and think only of the joy you shared with the Grands while creating it. Perhaps the energy you instilled in the shrine will release at its new home. You can only hope that the thieves will feel remorse.

    I would place a sign in my front yard to the thieves. A kind sign, yet just a tiny sarcastic and a request for return. If nothing else, your neighbors will know to keep their possessions safe.

    Sadly, we only put our most cherished items such as your shrine in our backyard by the pond. Covetous souls lurk everywhere.
    xx, Carol

  16. What kind of moron steals an ALTER? Seriously. I'm glad you had so much joy creating it, and as you said you can make it again, or not.

  17. It seems to be that the wind did take your offering even if it had help from someone. I know you all feel wounded and I would too probably but your work so seized someone that it seized them and they had to have it.

  18. Your altar is somewhere, spreading its peace and love with the universe. I`m so sorry that this happened to you, because you are such a kind and giving spirit, and sorry that your grands were involved. But I`m glad that you are not mired in anger and hopefully you will make another! My granddaughter and I spent the morning gathering things from our home and yard to send to you and yours. Maybe there`s a lesson here that we all need to learn: that good things can come from bad. Would you share your address via email so we can send a happy package your way? My e-daddy is dixienites@ g mail. com. HUGS!

  19. Assholes!! Excuse my language! I am so sorry Oma Linda! I believe in Karma and they are going to get it! I just hope it is being treasured! I keep asking myself, why would someone take it? For what reason? Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

  20. I don't get it, never have, why someone feels they have any right to someone else's property, or their creative work, you know I feel sorry for whoever took it, the love, thought, experience of sharing and creating this wonderful altar with those you hold close will never be theirs, they ended up with an object they stole, that's it... To you it was the result of someone's kind gift, planning, fun, delighting over the process of creating with your awesome family, so they didn't steal that, can't steal that, it was the special part, the heart of the creation :) Please don't say you blame yourself, your stuff in your place, no one else had a right to it, and to quote our sweet Stacy... I too think they are total utter Arseholes!

  21. We're currently working on a memorial for our beloved granddaughter; Heavenlee, whom we lost nearly a year ago on Thanksgiving Day. The thought of someone taking it filled me with great sadness, so I send you Good Karma and will add you to our thoughts upon its consecration. Totus vos postulo est Amor!

    James C. Wallace II
    Royal Liaison of Oz

  22. It is utterly outrageous that people behave in this manner and someone can't even place a piece of beauty and soul on their own property, without it being stolen by thieves in the night. Honey, I am so sorry to you, the grands, and our Mother, but I too, know that no matter where it is now, the wind basks in the honor your beautiful family has bestowed. Warmest hugs, Mina


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