Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Next to the last Haunted Humpday.......and black cats

Wow, the time has flown by. And now it is but a few days until Halloween. It's really hard to believe.

You know by now, we have a little black kitten who came to brighten our days after Ms. Cybella went over the Rainbow bridge. And today, this humpday will be spent updating you on Ms. Uma's reign of love at Casa de Cuckoo.
This is when she was just a baby kitten

see her fluffy rear ruffles?????
What began as a normal kitten wrangling adventure has turned out to be a full time, wonder. I have never had a kitten who was so full of the dickens....as the saying goes. She is delightful in all ways except one. She is a food whore. I guess she must have had to scrap for every scrap because if it doesn't move faster than her.....she's gonna chow down on it. She eats her food, Toady's food, Ellie Mae's food (the terrible terrier who thinks she also is a cat), the goldfish food and will not allow anyone to eat in front of the TV unless they are willing to fight off a 3 lb kitten for their every bite. All of this is not the bad part. The bad part is what the mixture of all the different foods give Ms. Uma, terrible gas. Oh my stars....she is a giant toot monster. We don't even ask anymore as to the who....but on occasion we do ask the "why, Uma?????"

Despite her odiferous ways, she is also the first cat I have ever had who just loved to be loved. She will sit for hours and let you pet and stroke her. She lets the other animals love her as well. She is a lover.

She is captivatingly adorable and requires that each and every person who enters Casa de Cuckoo pay attention to her. She even screams at the sliding glass door at the mail carrier who finds her quite a cutie. And after he has walked on without so much as a howdy do, she comes to find me and tell me her sad tale of woe at being ignored. It really is so funny. Then she takes her siesta on my keyboard. Never mind if I am using it. She is after all in charge of everything. It just is the way it is.

So to honor Ms. Uma, here is part of the Black Cat Collection as promised.

I hope you have a lovely Wednesday.

Gotta fly, Oma Linda


  1. LOL! Oh, kitty gas, nothing can compare. Eew. When we first found Lucky, he was a food hound as well. He scarfed every once of anything edible he could find. He was just a little grey fur ball when we discovered him in the pumpkin patch in the back yard 12 years ago. A friend of mine said let him eat and eat and eat and eat for one full week. (I don't necessarily recommend it.) But anyway, that's what she told me to do, so I did. Lots of kitty barf and one week later, he's never gorged again. He didn't like feeling like that and he was made to feel secure that he would always have food. that said, it definitely did not work for our little portly Pumpkin. He LOVES food. It is his passion and we have had to accept this about him. Ah well. He also happens to be the most lovable and cuddly one of the crew, too. I wonder if there is a connection. He adores attention and is amazingly cuddly. ;-) I love your black cat collection. Makes me want to start one of my own. Right now I'm just beginning to collect Witches. Happy Haunted Hump day, to you, my friend. Blessings to you and your family, two legged, four legged and otherwise.

  2. Lovely kitty theme to the Humpday!

  3. Happy Haunted Humpday!
    What a fun collection.
    Today I am fighting off a "slightly more than" 3 lb dachhund mix on mt lap and keyboard. She also thinks all food is hers, as well as all laps.

  4. Sounds like she's settled right in then :oD

  5. I've never experienced kitty gas but we've had problems with our pet dogs. I used to tell my parents not to give the dogs human food because it made them gassy. We even had a house rule: feed the dogs human food and the dogs sleep in YOUR room. My parents wouldn't listen, until we began slipping the dogs into their room at night.


  6. She's beautiful...
    Your collection is so cute!
    I love the cat head candy container.
    Thank you for this weeks contribution:)

  7. Sounds like a black cat that once owned our family. Ms. Uma has come in and taken over your house and everyone in it. Probably the way it is in a lot of houses. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. I had that same problem with Minnie. Her gas actually set off my smoke alarm. What cured her was Halo's Spot Stew--a dried food for indoor cats. I get it at Petco. No pig eating now and NO gas. Good luck.

  9. My dog dances around in circles, just before I put her dish down. I never taught her or asked her to do that. She loves my homemade meals and shows it by being so excited that she dances - its like "Oh happy happy, joy, joy - mealtime". he,he
    Lovely that you have a new paw in the family and other than the back end blow now n then she sounds like a little beauty. Like the arrangements on the mantle :)

  10. she's quite the character. my cat's idea of affection is being in the same room with you, although she will occasionally lay on the couch next to you.

  11. I can't stop laughing about the tooting! LOL! You have made my day Oma Linda! I can't believe how big she has gotten! She is so beautiful! I love your collection of black cats! Big Hugs ;o)

  12. Wow--an alter to Uma! Impressive. ;) She certainly is darling, despite being a smog monster.

  13. Great cat and a vital part of your household.

  14. I'm pleased she allows you all to stay in her home LOL... Oma you better keep feeding her, or learn how to outrun the little cutie ;) your decorations are fabulous, I sense Halloween is close :)

  15. Linda, I'm visiting from Patti's blog and so glad I did. We need a kitty like yours so we can say, "The cat did it!" Happy Halloween.


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