Thursday, November 7, 2013

Going on a longer road trip........

It has been quite awhile since SM and I left town for more than a day (almost 5 years). We are actually going out of town for the long weekend. Wild and crazy, I know.

Gonna go see Ms. Georgina and Vern in El Paso. Nah, it's not that far away but it will be light years away from Casa de Cuckoo. It's just the two of us with no agenda except to have fun and visit with friends and maybe eat some good food.

Today, SM spent the day at several doctor's offices. On Halloween, I got a phone call from SM telling me he was going to be a little late coming home, he was in the hospital emergency room, but I was not to worry. Okay whatever like that didn't conjure up all kinds of horrible images in my mind.

He was working interviewing a new repair shop for his job. When he started to leave, he tripped and fell. I guess he landed on his knee and elbow but the majority of his impact was where he tried to catch himself with his right hand. His ring finger on his right hand was standing up instead at a 90 degree angle to the lead of the others. Ick. And the emergency room wonders declared after several hours that it was not broken and he should ice it and take some ibuprofen and he would be find in a couple of days.

Ugh, not so much. The road rash burns on his elbow and knee are disgusting, they never bothered to clean them at the hospital and he is now in some (which means it probably hurts like hell) pain in his hand. He went to the doctor today who sent him to a workman's comp clinic, they re x-rayed it and he has what they think is tendon and ligament damage. The finger is still very swollen, sits at a weird angle and is a disgusting shade of icky. So once again, I'll break into my old standby song, "I hate doctors". He is to see an orthopedist next week and then....schedule either PT or surgery.

So we need this trip really badly, don't ya know.

I will take photos of Old Mesilla (lots of Day of the Dead items), the Organ Mountains, the high Sonoran desert and other adventures we have along the way. The weather is supposed to be clear and mild and we have our flaps set for no problemas. I'll listen for sirens and he can watch for lights......tee hee

Smooches and Squoozes my lovelies, Oma Linda


  1. I hope that hand feels better soon. Enjoy you get-a-way. I look forward to hearing about your adventures.

  2. What the hell was wrong with that ER that no one cleaned his wounds or set his finger? At least he can claim workers comp since the fall happened on the job, so at least that's something.

    Enjoy your weekend away! Have as much fun as you can pack into 3 days!

  3. Poor SM--one shouldn't have to fight to have doctors make a proper diagnosis. And for the ER staff not to clean an open wound? Unimaginable.

    That being said, have a fantabulous road trip and enjoy the 2gether time. Hugs.

  4. Ouch - that would hurt - hope the finger is just physio and not brutal surgery - hope SM does not have too much pain away on your little holiday. Sounds like a nice get a way, relax, friends, fine food and great conversation. Have a good trip - safe journey:)

  5. Left a comment yesterday. Hopefully you've yet to approve or else your comments aren't publishing. But I hope you manage to have a nice trip.

  6. Typical ER treatment. Your poor SM. :( I hope his hand and all his battle wounds are right as rain as quick as can be!

    Enjoy your trip, you deserve some time off. <3 xox

  7. Yowie! Hope he got good drugs for the trip (although that may have him seeing all sorts of things ;o) ) Have fun!

  8. I have my ring finger locked in a 45 degree downward angle because the emergency room said there was no problem and did nothing. Sure makes typing, gripping things and swatting mosquitoes tough. Hope he does go for follow up care. Tendon damage can be permanent and in my opinion, worse than a break.
    Hope he is comfortable for your trip and you have a wonderful time.

  9. Have a special time away! Yes, you both need this ;o) You make a great pair! One has the eyes and the other has the ears! LOL! Give your hubby a hug for me! I am sorry what he has went through! Ouch!! xoxoxox

  10. Have a wonderful trip and enjoy every moment. Can't wait to see the pictures.
    Hugs and Sparkles

  11. At the very LEAST a strongly worded letter to the hospital administration board is due. That is inexcusable. For them to not clean a wound means they could not properly diagnose. They had better forgive any billing on that visit. That makes me angry. If you want I will write a letter!

    Enjoy your road trip, eat things you wouldn't every day, and do something silly you can laugh about later.


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