Sunday, November 10, 2013

Oh ick, no photos and good for us...................

As you can see by the title our weekend trip was less than what we had hoped for but better than we expected. HUH?

Got up Friday morning with a feeling that Mr. Fibromyalgia was going to try to go on this trip with us and be a spoiler. Sure enough by the time we had dropped the kids off for school and were on the road for about an hour, Mr. Fibro aka pain in my everywhere, was tap dancing on my spine and my skin was onfire. We stopped often, walked around a little and cared on like the good soldiers we are.

During this time there was silence in the car. Now that is unusual for SM and I. We look forward to  these long drives to talk about......everything. And yet neither of us had much to say. For the first time in a long time it was just quiet.......and not in a comfortable way. And still we carried on like...well you get it.

We ate lunch in Old Mesilla where after we ordered, the waitress messed up our order big time. Joe had asked what the specials were, she told him he ordered the enchilada plate....she brought him the carne plate. He sent it back and we waited. I am not a fan of cilantro. I am one of those 5% of people who think that it tastes like soap. And really, I've never had a tuna sandwich with cilantro and green chile added for flavor, but who knew, right?

We made our way down to El Paso and checked into our hotel. By this time I'm really hurting and hoped for meds to kick in and us to have a restful night and then meet with Georgie and her hubby on Saturday. But after not sleeping and the enchilada plate trying to kill SM....I called my buddy and told her, we limping wimps were headed back to New Mexico.

But the good part of the trip was the feeling bad allowed both SM and I to tend to each other. Something that we have needed so much. We haven't taken time for just us in almost 5 years. Day to day just whizzes by and we neglect to be tender to each other. This trip albeit very short, allowed us to refocus not just pay lip service to the need for closeness, but really be close. We enjoyed our trip home, made plans for further get aways, renewed our interest in each others hopes and dreams and made it back home in better spirits.

I'm not glad we got ill, didn't take photo one with the new camera, missed a visit with a very lively and funny lady and her own Sweet Man, or had mishaps along the way but I am glad that Joe and I had some time to just be in each others company for the soul purpose of caring for and about each other. Next time though, I would order up lots of fun, good health and no near death experiences on the highway. Not even going into details, just know it's good to be alive.

And I was writing this post in my head this morning while I visited other people's blogs to catch up and you have just got to read this really scary "near death" vacation post. As I said in my comments to Chubby Chatterbox....I was really gonna complain about my trip but NEVERMIND.......this is just an great OMG scary read. Here's the link:

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda (and grateful)


  1. You know my friend, I think sometimes there is nothing better than sheer discomfort to whack us on the back of the head from time to time. It just seems to force us out of our "sweet civility aka not addressing elephants in the room" and into reality, reconnection and rejuvenation. I hate that you were faced with these qualms, but so happy for the way it turned out. Just as it was meant to; With love and tenderness. Hugs to you always, Mina

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I hope you're feeling better.

  3. BOO to Mr Fibro and the Murderous Enchilada Plate but YAY to reconnecting and making future plans!

  4. Like you said, I wouldn't want the Fibro attack the Enchiladas del infierno, but having you two get closer and make plans... (OMGs, I just realized that I'm writing exactly what Debra wrote! I'm so leaving it like this).

  5. Sometimes, whether it just the quiet - the real quiet away from the noisy household, unfortunate for the pain, but time away, alone together to just do what you did - that's what this trip needed and bravo for you.

  6. I did read Stephen's tale and thank goodness your trip didn't reach sink hole proportions, still raging pain and food poisoning is pretty darn awful. Glad you were able to salvage some good out of it. Next time may you two get some more of those one on one,caring times, minus awful miseries. Sure hope you are both fine now.

  7. even bad things have good parts or cause good things to happen.

  8. I am so happy you and your hubby had a special connection! That closeness you've been missing. I am sorry about all the other stuff that went on! I hope you are feeling better Oma Linda! Take care of yourselves driving! I want you around for a long time! xoxoxox

  9. Oma Linda, I was just over to your friend's blog. A sink hole!!! Wow!!! Terrifying!

  10. Hey Sweet Thang, am able to do the blogger/dashboard thing again, so now I can comment. I'm so sorry we couldn't get together but gawd knows, I know all too well how things can just happen. Hey, but it all turned out and Joe were able to do some soul searching, chatting and just gettin' it on, in the non-biblical sense of course!! LOL I'm just so glad all is well and you're back to your ol' fighting self. There'll be more opportunities for us all to get together...thankfully, we're really just up/down the road and across the lake from each I mean Elephant Butte or what's left of it!!??? LOL

    Have a great week, my darling friend, and we'll have to chat next week about all that we were planning on out T-Mobile...Georgina's ready to burn up the satellite!! LOL

    Loves ya,

  11. Ewwwww, icky on the food! Glad you got your time together in the end, even if it wasn't how you planned it!


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