Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gosh it's good to sit down..........

I am pooped.

I never understood why my parents and other "old" people quit putting up decorations for the holidays. I always thought that it was because they had just become so uninterested in the event that they didn't have the jolly holiday spirit left in them. Today I have to admit that cold plus old legs plus weak core muscles equal..........shazam, understanding of what they might have been thinking.

To be real honest, (I know sometimes that's not a good thing but) I still haven't finished putting all the Hallowoonie fallderall away, which means that it was a battle to get the the decos for the grands to pick and choose.

Oh did I also mention that I have more Winter Holiday crap than Carter's has little liver pills???? Well I do. I have decos for a Mexican Christmas tree, Ole. I have complete decorations for a gold and crystal Christmas tree, when it was just us old folks at home. I also possess quite possibly the biggest collection of gnome and elf baubles and bits for a big tree this side of the Mississippi river. I have Shelley's childhood tree, the grands small trees, and assorted other lights, lights, lights, blow molds, lights and then I found some lights. But enough of my hoarding of the holidays.

It was 21 degrees when I started my quest for the "things" I was requested to find. I wore many layers of clothing and started my quest with gloves and a hat on as well. By the time I finished, which was 2 almost 3 hours later, it had warmed up to 43 and I was sweating like crazy. And then the only doctor I really listen to spoke in the form of a hellacious muscle cramp in my leg and I came inside for a cup of hot ginger and lemon tea and piece of fruit cake. I am the only one who likes fruit cake. Everyone else in my famn damily seems to hold the opinion that it is made in hell and is sent to drug the masses into submission. But I assured them it was the retailers that do that.....but that's another post.

So now that I have babbled on I will share with you some fabulous photos and a brief story about our favorite 9 year old boy and charmer of my heart.

RyLeigh is doing so well in his new school. He gets along with all his teachers, has almost (just barely below) caught up to grade level and they tell us by spring he'll be on grade level. He has friends. Did you read that right? Why, yes you did. The boy who cried himself to sleep because no one liked him at his old school has friends and buddies and actually gets in trouble for talking in class. Halledamnlujah.

Well, his regular ed teacher where he spends most of his day (the two teachers actually fight over keeping in their classrooms because he is such a good kid, follows direction, is a class leader and a great hugger besides) called Shelley to let her know that Ry was being honored at an assembly. He had been chosen Top Frog for his regular ed 4th grade class. But they wanted to keep it a secret until the assembly.

Gosh talk about hard. Zip your lip Oma Linda. I was so thrilled for him because the first quarter he was very disappointed that he hadn't won it (not that he's competitive or anything). So there we all were at the assembly as he walked in from class. Sweet Man was on another of his take your days off or lose them and so he got to go too. Ry looked at us and knew right away that (as he said), "My dream came true". He was actually so overcome that he did cry when he went up to get his award for being a good kid, a good listener, a good friend and a great student. And the kids in his class stood up for him and cheered for him.

I know this is called bragging and so??????????????? This little boy couldn't even speak when he arrived 5 years ago. He was simply too overwhelmed by life. Now with the professional help he receives, the great teachers he has and the normal family life he lives, he is dealing with his place on the autism spectrum very well. Oh I'm not saying we don't still have melt downs, overloads and sometimes he still takes mini vacays to somewhere else but you know our inside outside upside down thinker is living life, not watching it whiz past him........he's a top frog and he deserved it big time.

So in your face old school and inept teachers and mean kids......RyLeigh is a top frog. Nanny, nanny boo and boo.

Okay, Smooches and Squoozes to all of you,
Smiling like I have a top frog at my house, Oma Linda


  1. Your pride in his achievement are totally understandable. Congratulations to Ryleigh.

  2. Aww, I might just have cried there too...

  3. What an angel face! And what a fabulous story. I'm so happy for that sweet boy. Yay for him.. and for his loving family.

  4. By which I meant, in the last comment, well done to Ry!

  5. Oh Linda, this almost made me cry. Not the bit about the hoarding of christmas crap but the bit about Ry. It is amazing what love and understanding and patience can do.

  6. Bravo, Ry, you are a wonderful Top Frog! A 21-ribbet salute to you!

    And Oma Linda, I love fruitcake too. Yum!

  7. Okay, reading that Ry cried made the tears start. Must be old age. (grin). Yay for Ry and for all the great folks and students at the new school.

    And I hope I never get too old to decorate for Christmas although it will never be on your scale. Ever. ;)

  8. Man, you guys. Reading about all the crying made ME cry! I'm so pleased for him and for all of you; that grin on Ry's face says everything we need to know. What a precious one he is.

  9. Awww, he was just beaming, and I'm sure the rest of the Cuckoos were, too... further proof that love and patience will conquer just about anything!

    I am decking the halls with less enthusiasm this year... my family will only be here for one day the weekend before Christmas, so, at the risk of being called "Grinchy", I'm not bothering with a tree. I do have your Gratefulness Tree as my screensaver, though!

  10. Hurray for Top Frog Ryleigh!!!! Give that grinning frog a big smooch for me. Well done Kiddo.
    Doesn't everyone love fruit cake??

  11. How wonderful...congrqtulations Ry!

  12. Ry, mom and I are so proud of you!! Yepeeee! Doing my happy dance and shedding some happy tears too ;o) Oma Linda, my mom makes a mean fruit cake! I have to admit, it is only her and my brother that truly eats it, but I have been coming around! LOL! Big Hugs and much love ;o) (P.S. Your hubby is a cutey!)

  13. Bragging? Nah! It's truth telling with gusto ;-D You have lots of reasons to be proud, my Oma Linda. Heck, I'm feeling proud on your behalf.

    P.S. Our Yule tree has one ornament. Does that mean I'm getting old? We haven't had a day off, together, for two weeks. The Little Princess and I plan to go wild this weekend ;-)

  14. I am SO PROUD of RY!!!! I feel very akin to him because I am very much overwhelmed by Life at times and I'm a lot older than he is. I, like RY, have melt downs, overloads, and definitely mini vacations to Fairylands and adventures looking for my Happy Place. But BRAVO for him and I would LOVE to give him a BIG HUG and see that beautiful Glowing face looking into mine!!! Congratulations, RY! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

  15. How the tears of happiness are streaming down my face! This news mingled with those wonderful pictures have made my, my week. My heart is so full of warmth right now. I am so serious about that, and he is a wonderful hugger on top of it all??? Be still my prideful soul! Well I am here sending my little arms into cyber world and reaching through time and space through you to give him the hug of all hugs, from two of his very proud friends in TN, Mina and Dan!

  16. How Wonderful!! Way to go Ry!! So happy for him. It's amazing what being where you belong can do for a person. Congratulations!
    As for our tree, it's still naked... Hopefully that will change in the next few days. It's amazing how much more work it is as we grow up - But it's not age - it's the fact that the teenagers make us do all the heavy lifting (and maybe a little age) ;)


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