Friday, December 6, 2013

Gratefulness tree........making the decorations

Some of the items that we used to make decorations for the Gratefulness tree have been around here for years, some have come in the form of gifts in the past couple of years.

The lights just jumped out at me when I made a trip to the hardware store for screws to mount the sewing machine bobbins I was using to hang ornaments on the edges of the boards. They are just like the very popular Edison bulbs used in lamps now. They just seemed to fit the overall feeling of the tree, old but brand new.

I have to tell you of one person who really started all of my thoughts of naturals and the use of pinecones. That would be Judy Stearns. She sent me a humungeous box of thin, long pinecones from Michigan. We used them for many of our decorations last Christmas and made a few hummingbirds from the pinecones, which I can't find a photo of one right now. But we also make a pinecone ristra and gave it to some friends of ours that live in Texas. Also no photos but even after all those adventures, there was still a ton of pinecones. So that's how our naturals began. Then April Ross sent us every kind of acorn and tiny pinecone you could imagine on one of her nature walks with her dogs. We also used those last year and both of the these ladies were my inspiration for the star that tops our tree.

Then Ms. Gail had her tree stripped of it's bark and exploded in her yard from lightening. I asked if I could have a piece of the wood because lightening struck wood is supposed to have active power. She gathered a whole big box of wonderfulness as I posted about in the summer. We used lots of the bark and broken glass and crockery on the altar. But there was so much in the first box that we had lots to add to decorations this time as well. And then because her generosity knows no limits, she and her sister Marcy gathered even more and sent it to us. You will see the loveliness of the second box in the jars in a later post.

I love old rusty tins, and these stars have been in my collection for a very long time. They just called to be added. I have advertising flats as they were called and rolled them into bell shapes. They are marked 1948. Spoons from my Grandma's kitchen decorated with shells from Linda Braun when she and her hubby were still traveling around in their RV and shells that came from Myrtle Beach.

There are so many things to look at and it does take some time to take it all in. I hope you enjoy the decorations and I look forward to sharing the "jars of love" that were contributed to our endeavor.

Until next time, Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. What talent you all possess! To see such beauty created with love in our hearts is inspiring.

    The shells I sent were gathered from Tybee Island in Georgia. My first and I hope not my last to the beautiful country around and in Savannah.

  2. Such fun to watch the evolution of your gratefulness tree. Your imaginative use of the bits of flotsam and jetsam is astounding. Kudos!

  3. Great idea using the old bobbins. I think I have a box of about 100 metal ones that don't work on my current machines that if I can find I will send you. But you know that we share that hoarders problem, so it may be some time before I find them o.O

  4. The has to be some magic in your old black hat....
    you have even made bottle caps look festive!

  5. All so cool, I had to click on every photo to take a closer look. well done, you all! How fun is that to be able to use your vintage collections of things. Thanks for sharing your love and joy with us.

  6. this is wonderful!!
    it's so beautiful and creative...not really a surprise knowing how you and your lovely grands are.
    you guys are awesome!!!!!

  7. OH MY! Everything is just Beautiful!!! SO Thoughtful and perfect!!! I absolutely LOVE the soda pop top garland- who would have thought. And the lights you found were meant to be. Love the oil lamp in the middle and THAT STAR!!!! OH THAT STAR and ALL the lovely decorations!!!! I JUST LOVE THIS TREE!!! Every piece Means something! Now I want to send you MORE!!!!

  8. Oma Linda, this is so special! I am smiling Big Time! You are making this holiday so magical for me! xoxoxxo

  9. I love this, Oma Linda. All the pieces you have gathered from so many people and so many memories and beautiful people to be thankful for. I think I am going to do something like this with my family this year, if you don't mind me borrowing your idea. Don't have a ladder to use, but I will think of something. You really do inspire. Oh yes, I don't have your address anymore. I lost it and my address book. :( If you feel comfy with the idea, email me your address if you don't mind. Thanks! Love and hugs, Bird

  10. When you say you like rusty old tins, do you include the bigger ones with lids? How asbout other rusty old kitchen things?

    You've done such cool work on this...


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