Friday, December 13, 2013

Holiday decorations......

I think we all like to see each other's holiday decos, I know I do. So I will be posting some of the new arrangements here at Casa de Cuckoo.

First is the cabinet on the front porch. It is my very favorite antique store find. The guys at the shop built it out of an old fence section and I love it to pieces. So quirky looking and it is the first thing you see as you approach the front patio.

Yep Frosty and his little buddy are part of the action as well as an old silver plate serving tray that is engraved Merry Christmas. I had a few hummingbird vine pods that didn't explode before I got them off the vines and I added them for some more naturals among all the fake flowers. The little chair is waiting for someone special to come and sit there......not sure who yet.

The next arrangement is made up of my Mother's old singer sewing machine topped with a silver pedestal (junk store find). Inside are some of the wonderful Michigan and Arkansas naturals and my treasures. Maddyrose made me this wonderful big nosed Santa last year and I have him out all year in the china cabinet but he gets to come out and play in December. Isn't he a beauty??????

And then sharing the spotlight is a precious gift I received from a Magic friend. The silver lovely says blessings and came in this sweet box that says "live simply". Blessings from friends and Magic are my gifts and I thank you Stacy.

Well that's it for today. It's been a very cold and dreary day. Got some fun stuff done and I'll be posting the new things on Monday.......Hey, have a great weekend. Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. Lovely embellishments to your decor, Linda. Have a fine weekend your own self.

  2. I hope this isn't a bad thing to say because I mean it as a compliment but your decorations look extremely professional.

  3. A warm, wonderful feeling post - Just lovely - thanks for sharing - have a good weekend - we're going to get bombed with snow - YAHOO - its soooooo late this year - usually we are up to our knees or hips in it, but the trees are confused - buds popped out on my lilac tree this past week and now the snow is coming. Cheers

  4. Beautiful! I love, love, old sewing machines. Ok, old everythings, really. And I love all the candles around the edge of that pedestal!

  5. Lovely round up! I really need to get mine out soon...

  6. Beautiful and creative and so festive.

    I'm not sure I will even decorate this year.

  7. I love seeing people's decorations too, thanks for sharing with us! I keep taking pics of my tree but they just don't do it justice :-(
    so glad to see my old friends still blogging away, I was thinking about you a few days ago, and here you are, the first comment on my post :-D
    blessings to you dear Linda!

  8. Oma Linda, I hope you've had a great weekend ;o) I've been shoveling lots of snow ;o) It's so pretty ;o) I love your decorations! You have the coolest and meaningful things! Your Blessings heart looks so beautiful ;o) Love you ;o)

  9. What beautiful decor! I love your front porch cabinet so much. Perhaps that chair is not waiting for anyone, but always filled with the rich Spirit of Love that surrounds your home with it's inhabitants of humans, furries, gnome and fairies. I LOVE the wonderful gifts from Stacy and Maddyrose. So warm and welcoming. Hugs to you all, Mina


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