Sunday, December 15, 2013

How do you celebrate, week 3?

In keeping with the Sunday joining in with Ms. Misantropia's, how do you celebrate, here are the grands and their decorating of the Christmas Tree.

Needless to say there is nothing fancy or ornate about this tree. As a matter of fact there are but a few manufactered piece on it. Most everything was hand made by the Cuckoos. Some are from when Shelley was a kiddo, most have been made by the Grands in the last 5 years.

The new treetop star is our this years adventure in learning a new craft, along with the Swedish woven hearts.

The tree is very humble and happy. It is just perfect.

Here is our over the fireplace display, it also includes some of the woven stars. It was really a fun craft. Check it out on pinterest if you are interested. There are many tutorials there.

So better late than never, both putting up the decos and putting together this post.

Have a super week, Oma Linda


  1. The tree is lovely. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all.

  2. Homemade, heart created decorations are the very best. Just a lovely tree.
    Have a wonderful season.

  3. Beautiful tree -- eclectic, handmade full of love! And that Swedish woven star is just amazing!

  4. The grans did a wonderful job, your tree turned out lovely. I've always liked handmade decorations the best and it looks like you have quite the collection.
    As soon as I can find the instruction for making Swedish woven stars I'm making some for my tree. Happy holidays to all of you delightful Cuckoos. S&S

  5. It really is a beautiful tree, and extra special because so many of the ornaments are hand made.

  6. I love your tree and the fact that almost all the decorations have been handmade is just perfect!

    What a creative bunch you are :)

    Have a wonderful Christmas x

  7. I love the tree and I love handmade kiddy Christmas decorations! Can't imagine a tree without them. The woven star is just wonderful! I really need to see how they're made!

  8. Those are the very best kind of ornaments. Nothing says "tis the season" on a tree like homemade ornaments filled with love. We had a flood in our basement a few years back or so and it destroyed all the things we made for the tree. I was devastated. I only have a handful of wonderfuls my son made hanging around the house and I cherish those so much and guard them safely upstairs now. I cannot believe how big your grands are getting!!! Oh my gosh, they're getting so grown up and they're beautiful and handsome. Wow. Brightest blessings to you and yours this season, Bird May joy be in all your hearts.

  9. I cannot believe how those amazing grands have grown in just the past three years I have been blessed to witness your lovely family. GK looks like she is on her way to being a mix of a super model and humanitarian and Ry reminds me of a scholar, quiet and internally brilliant, along the lines of Einstein.

    I am completely enthralled with those woven hearts and stars and will be heading to Pinterest as soon as I leave here. Thank you so much for sharing. Warmest hugs sweetie. Mina

  10. The fact that the ornament are hand made with love, makes it a particularly special tree. The kids did a fine job with the decorating.

  11. Oma LInda, this tree is the best!! So much love in this tree! Makes me smile and cry happy tears!!! I love that woven star! Wow!! Something I would like to try!
    Thanks for the e-card!! Love you! xoxoxo

  12. I've seen many a woven heart before, but I don't think I've seen woven stars actually! Very pretty, and they look like a fun craft.


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