Sunday, December 8, 2013

The gifts of love shared on the Gratefulness Tree...............

Your comments about the tree have lifted our hearts up to the stratosphere. We are proud to share the tree with all of you and to show off what can be done with just bits and bobs of "things". It is most certainly not a traditional holiday tree, but as GK said it is the most heart warming tree ever.

I am going to list things so that you can get an idea of the varied and wonderfilled items that grace the antique canning jars that have become the anchors of our Gratefulness in our tree. We combined some folks together to share the jars....didn't think you'd mind. And then for those who sent so much.....well we have more than one jar. But each and every one of the jars holds the thoughts, love and kindness of the sender and the gratefulness of the Cuckoos. They seem to glow all on their very own. And I promise to include photos of those jars, next posting. For now here are the naturals and wonderfilled gifts we received.

Jen from Rue and Hyssop (Canada) sent us: quail feather, staghorn painted piece, pinecones, horse chestnuts, a key, a broom, an amethyst found while caving, and a crystal.

April from The Angry Gnome (Arkansas) sent us: tons of sticky balls, many different kinds of pinecones, acorns that were tee tiny, hairy topped and the "regular" ones and a sweet mushroom shrinky dink that always makes me giggle.

Judy from Judy's Photos sent us: honestly the biggest box of slender pinecones from Michigan and gave us some of her photos of the moon which are simply breath taking.

Bevery from Dixie Nites and her sweet granddaughter Ally (Georgia) sent us: a gloriously Hallowoonie decorated box filled with Oak moss, a prism, acorns, bluebird feathers, sticky balls, a crystal, sea shells, peah pits, itsy tiny pinecones, twigs, bard, fungi, Spanish moss, mocking bird feather, rosemary and a prism.

Sunshine Shelle and her Coolum Beach kids (Australia)sent us: drift wood, bark, sea shells of all kinds and sizes (some even have little hitch hikers as you can see in the photo), pods, leaves, rope, netting, flat black stones, coral and a crone stone.

Stacy from Magic Love Crow (Canada) sent us: branch pieces from the tree where her beloved pets are buried, crystals that she got for us last year (not in the photo,oops) and a very fitting ACEO entitled "Prayer for Mother Earth" and we added real crow feathers, seemed appropriate.

Linda Braun from RV Vagabrauns (now in Florida but she and her hubby have traveled to every state in their RV) lemon tree leaves, lime tree leaves, palm fronds, live oak leaves, shark teeth, seashells from Myrtle beach and other places, coral, sea urchin spines, perry winkle shells shaped like angel wings.

Jan from Laughing Dog Arts (Oregon)sent us: a glorious blue bird feather which she then embellished with tiny seed beads, reminds me of a medicine man's feather bundle used for smudging.

Debra from She Who Seeks (Canada) sent us: a snip of juniper, golden pine cones, yellow apple tree leaf.

Marcy, Gail's sister (Arkansas) sent us: sticky balls, okra pods, corn, flowers, nuts, bark grasses, peach pits, lichen, rocks, berries, sticks, multiple feathers from both chicken and wild fowl, pinecones, wishbone, acorns (some of the biggest I have ever seen in my life), glass shards, grains, twill tape, feed sack pull strings, pipe cleaners and pony beads.

Gail from At the Farm and Marcy's sister (Arkansas) sent us: rusty dusty and just my style lots of things, bones, blue glass shards, old china and glass bits, buttons, rocks, fossils, arrowheads, flints, shells, mica chips, a quartz point, lightening struck wood, tree bark, a piece of foundation concrete from an old homestead on her property, grain, grasses, license plate and last but certainly not least on Ry's list was the plastic lizards.

I'll post the jars all decked out and hung in the next posting. Whether they are tied up with raffia, twill tape or jute string, each of these "ornaments" is a treasure to us.

Until next time, Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. Hmm, I think I see a triceratops skull bone in that last photo with the lizards! What fun you all must have had when the mail arrived each day, opening up envelopes and boxes of treasure! Looking forward to the next installment!

  2. Lots of fun stuff, but I especially can't wait to see what you did with the lizards!

  3. Wonderful collections! Such pieces of Nature! Looking forward to seeing the results of your creative talent...

  4. Each one of these photos is so beautifully composed. Just wonderful.

  5. What a magnificent treasure trove you have received! I guess since you live so far from the ocean people were thoughtful enough to send you lots of sea shells. This is such a wonderful idea, I might have to borrow it and make my own gratefulness tree next year!

  6. Whoa, what a marvelous collection of natural things!

  7. Magical! And now I know why I've been saving those peach pits...

  8. What a lovely collection of treasures and how heartwarming. You're right about Arkansas having huge acorns!

  9. Such a lovely post and amazing collection of nature's finest creations x

  10. Its amazing and its natural, filled with love and warmth from corners of the world and round aboot you - people are warm, eh - looking forward to the next post - just love this Oma :)

  11. How marvelous! It was so fun to see what everyone else sent, and SH was right, all the pictures are so beautifully composed. You can feel the love and care with which they were sent and received... I can't wait to see the jars!

  12. Bloggers are beautiful people, aren't they? You surround and are surrounded by some of the most wonderful. Mina

  13. Thank you so much for honoring us with the use of our collection. If you need more or specific items just say the word.

  14. My heart is smiling and so is mom's ;o) We love this sooooooooooooooo much!!! xoxoxo


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