Thursday, January 9, 2014

Because I feel the need to.............

share Celebrate Oz-Hues of Oz with more folks. Because I love making friends. And because it is time for me to shake up my world...............and try some new things.

I will be participating in Grow Your Blog.

I thought about participating in this last year. I signed up late (my fault) and then I was upset about it. Silly old bear. I have to let the past take care of itself and move on to the now. And really, I have no reasons why I could not do this. So, I am turning over a new leaf and saying yes to things that I have past on before. So YES, I'd love to meet more people. Yes, I'd love to see if there are more interesting things to see and do. Yes, I can share myself with more folks. And finally, yes, I can.

So if you'd like to grow your readership, show off your talents, be connected to more people internationally then go to 2 Bags Full and sign up. The instructions are easy to follow and you might find more great friends in the bunch of folks that come to read your blog.

You have until the 15th of January. Times a wasting.


  1. I skipped over there and was floored by the number of comments. When does she have time to pee? I'll pass but I hope you have a grand time meeting tons of new people. Just don't forget your oldies.

  2. I need to seriously consider doing this even though my time is limited and I don't see other guys participation. But that's okay because i enjoy lady bloggers.

  3. I'm sure you'll have a blast doing this, Linda.

  4. I will check it out and see if I have time this year. If I don't join up, I hope you have fun ;o) By the way, the painting is coming along amazingly! I am so excited!!! If it's just the two of us for your party, you will be getting a very cool giveaway ;o) LOL! Big hugs and remember, your "older" bloggers love you!

  5. Oh Linda -- great minds think alike! I also decided to take part in the event this year. :) As for Oz, it sounds like great fun, too. I have already bookmarked your link and will sign up once I come up with something nice to share about the hues of Oz. I really want people to have fun, so I usually first sign up when I am sure that I have figured out what to post.

    Anyway, here's to a happy, healthy and truly magical 2014!


  6. HOLY TOLEDO! That's a lot of activity over there. Ironically, I've been trying to find Vicki's blog for over a year because I came across her nests and fell in love and for the life of me couldn't remember where I'd found her or what her blog name was and my computer went capootz right after I found it. It is radically awesome that you put up this post here. Thanks!!! I'm joining in on it too and thinking about joining your OZ party... but man, I don't have anything OZ-ish. Oh dear... what will I do? I'll have to think of something. Can't wait to see how this all turns out. Bright blessings and a happy, healthy and magical 2014 to you too! Bird

  7. Sure I can try...yes I think I can I think I can Wish me luck

  8. I'm sure you'll have loads of fun with it :o)

  9. I just left there and cannot believe she has over 400 comments. My goodness, what an undertaking. You know, I saw this last year as well, and never got the details, but after reading about it here in your post, (so sayeth Linda), I believe I'll join the party as well. Thanks for passing it on, my lovely. Mina


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