Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Last of 2013 photos to share.....

Been a little out of commission for the past 10 days. I did something to my right shoulder. I don't know what. But, you never know just how nice it is to have a functioning swivel in your shoulder area until you can't. Then it is not just painful but at times.....uh frustratingly fascinating what you cannot accomplish. Think about it and I know you will think of a few things. I'll just leave it to your imagination and active minds.

In the meantime, life here at Casa de Cuckoo has continued albeit not as rapid paced as some would have liked. I have never felt this decrepit and shuffly. Gives me something more to dread as I age.

I did accomplish something I am sorta proud of in the decorating department. I wrapped packages for our Solstice celebration and I had one of those brain farts that I occasionally am blessed with. I took brown printed wrapping paper tied them up with string....just so Carrie/Julie could sing about it and added dictionary page tags that fit the recipient. I really liked the way they looked and my family, who are hard to impress, really loved them. Especially the frog.....he said I should have had another one saying "top" on it. tee hee. GK couldn't figure out why I picked teem for on darling says I. So then the rest of the night SM got to be Mr.

Just a shot or two of the cuckettes with Santa presents to let you know we celebrate it all.

This is now the ruler of the house....just ask her. She even has her bluff in on the older cat and Ms. Ellie May. She just "cutes" her way into power. Gotta love a pushy broad, no matter her size.
 I think both the grands were surprised and happy. Whatcha think?

And a parting photo of the farolitos that we had twinkling on the 24th and again on the 31st to welcome the New Year.

I'll be back Friday to let you know what this year's theme will be for Celebrate Oz 2014. In the meantime mark your calendar for March 21st. I think you are going to like it.....I know I am excited to roll out this year's model.

Smooches and Squoozes (one armed), Oma Linda


  1. Oh, I broke my right collar bone once, I *totally* sympathise, as I know exactly what you can't be doing! Hope it frees up very soon for you!

    Love the dictionary tags idea, and you captured the shock and awe nicely on the faces of the grands :o)

    Happy New Year to you all!

  2. Sorry to hear about your arm. I know what it's like to not have a cooperative rotary cuff. I have torn tendons in each shoulder and have for years now and they are a mess... keep putting off surgery because I won't have commission of one arm for 8 to 10 weeks and then the other after that due to recovery... and they can't guarantee they will ever work right again after surgery, either. Nope... I'll wait on that, thank you.

    You are so danged creative and awesome. I love the wrapping and the dictionary idea is too cool. I get so much good inspiration visiting you. The grands look positively delighted and excited. Isn't Yule/Santa day awesome? It's great to do something that makes someone else break out in the happy joy joys of surprise.

    I hope your arm will feel so much better for you really soon. It's amazing just how limited you become with the use of only one arm and the pain of it. I hope it's not bothering you while you sleep. It can be tough finding a comfy spot. (((hugs))) and love and quick healing to you, Bird

  3. Looks like everyone had fun! Except for your poor shoulder -- hope it's better soon! I injured my shoulder last year shoveling snow and found that physiotherapy helped to speed the recovery process.

  4. Love the definitions to mark whose gift it was and to make them think a bit. Quite clever but I expect no less.
    Sure hope that bum wing heals soon. I have all ready thought of something a weak wing would make critical.

  5. Love the way you wrapped the gifts. May have to borrow that idea.

  6. Wonderful gift wrapping. I use newspaper not as creative as this.

    Heal quickly.

  7. Beautiful gift wrapping and so clever!! I hope you are feeling 100 percent real soon.
    Here's to a Happy and Healthy New Year!
    Always, Queenie

  8. Love that gift wrapping idea. I just might borrow it sometime. Take care of that right shoulder.

  9. As far as the "Top Ten Things You Cannot Do With a Bum Shoulder", I will leave the list in the Imaginarium for now... Oma Linda, you sly dog, lol. However, I hope that yours is nothing detioratory (it's true, I make up my own words), and that you will be back to your spunky self in no time.

    Your gift wrapping was original genius! However, after this you have surely learned that the words Top and Frog are not to be used separately... ever.
    I thought your choice of "teem/teen" very appropriate since the two are one in the same. I am still licking the wounds of my ten year old "tween" opting NOT to spend the school break at Nana's this year...sigh... sob.

    I have no Spanish roots, but I so love the farolitos. I saw something similar several years ago at Bonaventure Cemetery where my grandparents are at rest. I may have to adopt a similar tradition here next year. Thanks for sharingyour holiday post!

  10. I hope you are better now Oma LInda!!! My shoulder was very soar from snow shoveling, but I have been massaging it and it's better for now, until the next snow storm hits ;o) I love your wrapping idea and I love the pictures!! All of you are so much fun!! Big Hugs ;o)

  11. I forgot to say, if I lived closer, I would take your cat! I mean just borrow her for awhile ;o) LOL! I love her!!!

  12. I certainly hope you are feeling better now, my lovely Oma Linda. These darn bodies. I know we should be thanking them for taking the beating we've given them all these years but sometimes....errrrrrrrrr.

    I LOVE your wrapping. Very creative and simply lovely. Those pictures of GK and RY are truly priceless. Surprised and happy indeed! Oh, your little black furry baby is so gorgeous! I love her intensely. Hugs, Mina


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