Saturday, January 18, 2014

Silly Saturday ride...........

Sweet Man and I took the grands on one of our "we have no idea where we are going, we'll know when we get there" rides. We stayed in the city but when into neighborhoods that we don't normally frequent. The adventure was on.

First we went to Murphy's Mule Barn for a hearty breakfast. I honestly thought that RyLeigh was going to eat his weight in breakfast food. Pancakes, both link and patty sausage, bacon as well as his sister's french fries (I never really thought of them as breakfast food but then I am not 13 anymore). We all really had a big breakfast and once we got back into the mini van that SM brought home from work, the grands got quiet in the back seat and they both nodded off.

We traveled to a quirky hardware store that still carries one of everything and some of it has to be from the 60's, I think. Anyway, I found my metal funnel for the Tinman for Celebrate Oz - Hues of Oz. This was all while the grands slept in the car.

Traveled to the other end of Albuquerque through downtown where I swear things change so fast it's hard to keep up with what is where. I grew up in the area around downtown and it's always fun to regale the grands with stories from my childhood but today was an eye opener. I've told my stories, one too many times.

As I would start to tell one.....they would tell the next part of the story. Damn, I was declared old today. Boo tee hee Hoo. It was RyLeigh that said that if we went down this street, we could get to the the elementary school I attended. Grrrrrrrrr. And then GK piped up with and if you keep going on this street you'll come to the Kimo Theatre where Oma saw her first "picture show" where she was allowed to go without an adult. Grrrrrrrr. Since I was wearing my over my glasses sunglasses to protect my eyes, which the grands think makes me look like a low-riding Oma, they decided my new name should be Homie Omie. Bumpers on my car and a bandana on my head is all I need according to them. Okay funny bunnies let's keep this down to a low roar.

We stopped at an indoor flea market. Ry had ice cream. I guess he put that in his other hollow leg. GK found a bracelet that would have tarnished into nothingness if it hadn't come home with her. I found so many rusty, dusty and just my style treasures but I left them for other buyers who can make something of them immediately. Not like me who waits until I forget what my good idea was for buying some of the things I have since donated to charity. Sweet Man just enjoyed the fact I didn't leave much of our money there.

I was glad when we got to the other side of town and were back in a more rural setting. Except that is when Ry got it into his head that we should go looking for donkeys. Then he asked the question that I have been dreading. Can we go see Patrick? I realized he really didn't know that the donkeys were gone. We've tried to explain but he just hadn't really put it together until today. Poor little critter.

So to soften the blow of the loss of his friends, we stopped at a farm that had Alpacas, saw some Peacocks being show offs fanning their tales, saw some turkeys wandering down a back road and watched horses chasing each other in a pasture. Then we saw Canada geese that were in a corn field and another memory of our favorite donkey Fergus came to both the grands minds almost at the same time. Fergus used to herd geese or at least that is what it appeared to be to the humans. Then we turned a corner and "ta dah" there were two mini donks in a front yard pasture.
didn't have my camera. these minis are from Loomis Farms photos
We stopped the car, got out and enjoyed watching them graze and come up to the fence line to give us the donkey once over. We kept the kids back because we had not been formally introduced, but truly did enjoy that moment. It's funny how you can become friends with animals and miss them and yet you see the same characteristics in others of the same breed. These two minis were quite a pair of comedians with long ears.

We also saw some awesome RC airplanes handled by some very talented pilots and then went to the airport and watched the big mamma jammas land. We got to see a transport plane, the Marine plane that can either fly like a plane or like a helicopter and some fighter jets in formation. Where we parked you could even smell the rubber of the tires of the aircraft after the landings. It was kinda rumbly in your tummy fun. Ry came home with rocks, sticks, and some things to tell his Mom. GK has new information about Albuquerque that I'm sure she will recall at the weirdest possible moments and we scoped out the locale of next Saturday's breakfast extravaganza.

Laughed, teased, learned new things about each other and then stopped at our favorite bakery on the way home for a gingerbread raspberry tart.

What a day. More than anyone could ever hope for and don't think it is lost on us oldies but goodies, how fortunate we are to have these moments still and cherish each and every second. It won't be too long before all this will only be sweet memories. That's why we skipped chores and tasks (they waited for us to finish tomorrow) and just let the breeze take us for a fun time today.

Hope your Saturday was kinda silly too.
Smooches and Squoozes, Homie Omie


  1. That sounds like so much fun! And also that you might not need to eat for a week ;o)

  2. One has the most fun when you allow the breeze and the sound of adventure calling to whisk you away from home. How wonderful to experience such a fun day. Cheers
    We still just drop everything and GO - even for our own adventures.

  3. What a cool day, something for everyone. Don't feel badly about the kids finishing your sentences. It only means the paid attention the first time and liked your stories enough to remember them. I'd say well done and feel good about it.
    How nice that you not only got to see donkeys, but minis as well. Chalk that day up as perfect.

  4. what a great day. can I come along next week?

  5. Now that is my kinda day!!!

  6. It's good that your grands know all your stories. Shows they've been listening and taking in the info to their minds and hearts!

  7. What a grand time. Donkeys always make things so much better.

  8. Homie Omie, I can't stop laughing! All of you are so cute! I would love to go on one of your, you don't know where your going rides ;o)
    I am sorry about Ry and the donkeys! I hope he is ok ;o)
    Can't wait to see what you're making for the party ;o)
    Big Hugs ;o)

  9. Okay, now that's a heck of a great day. Sorry about Patrick not being around anymore for Ry. :( That must be tough. But the rest of your day, how wonderful!!! Talk about jam packed. I have no idea how boys can pack away so much food. I don't have brothers but I grew up very close to my three male cousins that didn't live far from here and I was always stunned at the amount of food they could consume.

    Well, I know what you mean about telling the same old stories. I do that too. I have one advantage though. My husband has a lousy memory so my stories are always new to him, or at least contain elements that he doesn't remember and seem new to him. ;-) LOL That works in my favor. Have a fabulous week, my dear friend. Love and hugs and more love, Bird

  10. The way you told about your wonderful day full of all sorts of fun made me feel as if I had tagged along with you. Thanks for sharing this adventure. Hope you remember where those sweet little donks live so you can pay them another visit. Talk to you soon Homie Omie. S&S

  11. Wow.. what an all out.. all around .. all wonderful day. Your grands are very lucky to have the two of you and you, them. I'm pining for grandchildren but they're not even on the far horizon yet.


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