Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thanks for your comments on "the pickle"..........

You did it again lovelies, made me feel like I'm not alone in "the pickle" department shopping for the best cucumbers.......tee hee.

It's such a wonderful feeling to know that even if you don't agree with me on all my views, you will let me know and we can cordially agree to disagree. Also for those that are tasting the pickle as well, we can share our thoughts an pickle recipes.

I think that's being inclusive. I hope it is anyway. Because that is what is on my mind today. Being inclusive. I have made a point of covering this very subject numerous times. 1st because nice matters, 2nd because Ry has had some degree of exclusion in the past, 3rd because I worked with kids and they can be buggers. And the real reason, I feel it is the very most important, polite way to behave.

I know that I have had some influence over my grands in their short lives. Some good, some bad and some well, they see me real every day. It's not like what I would surmise the "normal" relationship that grands and their grandparents share. I don't visit with them and send them home. It's WWF raw when it is. And for the most part I can say "it's all good" but then I am a bit loud, so when they get grown you can ask them what it was like. I hope they say REAL.

Anyway, yesterday GK came home with the announcement that there was going to be a school dance on Valentine's Day. I asked who she was going to ask. She stopped for only a heartbeat and then said, "I'm not sure", with a look that told me I had just stepped over the generation gap and was rapidly approaching the bottom.

Then we went on to have a conversation about her not having to wait to be asked but could do the asking so that she wouldn't have to have those terrible feelings of anxiety that her Mom and I both suffered when we were her age. Also I pointed out that the boy would appreciate not having to find the gumption to ask. She pondered this for just a short time and came up with a conclusion. Her best friends and the ones she eats lunch with and hangs out with are her posse of geek boys. 4 absolutely adorable geekazoids of the male persuasion. As I have pointed out to you in the past she has no idea that she is attractive so she is just friends with these boys. She also has no idea that one of the boys is gaga over her. She just thinks of them as friends.

She decided to make them those funky rubber band bracelets that are popular now, give one to each of the posse and ask them if they want to go with her to the dance as a group. She said that she thought one of them would ask another girl and then it would be a party of 6. She was very happy she had come up with the idea.

Ummmmmmmm, me too.

Update on the geeks......they all said no. They thought that dances were stupid and they weren't going. She kinda got her feelings hurt but decided she would just go with some other girls that she has in some of her classes. I'll bet you that one or more of the geeks will change their minds.....but I must admit, I was gobsmacked.


  1. Group dating with friends is perfect at her age! I wish that had been "the norm" when I was a teenager.

  2. You are doing a great job. It reflects in your GKs. Dad use to let me figure some things out...said I remembered the lesson if I found the answer.

  3. Gotta love a girl who isn't afraid to show up to a dance with 4 dates! I sort of wish I had been so clever when I was her age and also had a group of adorable geekazoids guy friends. I somehow always seemed to ask the one that WASN'T head over heels for me (at the time, because you know how fickle we young folks can be) and this would have just been far easier.

    Boys? To the dance floor! *giggles*

  4. Tell her not to over look the geeks. I had a puppy dog geek that followed me relentlessly in school. I only thought of him as a friend but he was smitten. I liked him OK but------not for dating.
    When I saw him years later in his office, he was a then a renowned surgeon, funny how his skin had cleared up, his bony frame filled out, an evident growth spurt had taken place, contacts were in place and he was purely handsome.

  5. I think that's a fatabulous idea...the girl's using her "elbow (reference to a 3rd grade joke...remember???) Wish she could meet my grandson, Sean...they're both just days apart or were they born the same day...can't remember, but that's not unusual!! LOL He's an adorable geek too and proud of it!! When he entered middle school, that first year was tough...he told me they called him a big nerd. My reply to him was, "Sean, you know what you call a nerd? BOSS!" He's taken that to heart now!!

    So tell da goil that she's on to something and it just might catch on...I'll pass the word on to Andria and perhaps, GK will start a trend, in Albuquerque and Austin!!

    Loves ya,

  6. Wow, that's a cool idea. I hope she has fun. I hated school dances, though I love to dance. I still went to most of them because it was expected but those were rip roaring difficult nights except when I stopped caring and enjoyed the dancing instead. I am happy to see GK is going with her good friends. It will be fun for her and them to pal around and dance and hang out together. Blessings, Bird

  7. Kids didn't group date when I was in school, but it does seem like a nice idea so more people can participate.

  8. What a smart grand daughter and clever idea but then, KIDS, you never know what they are going to say or how they will react - I'd say this young girl has her noggin heading in the right direction. No worries Oma :)

  9. Your idea of GK asking the nerds is so much better than the method of going to dances in the 60s. If you didn't get asked to a dance, you felt like a loser. And that's a crappy way to feel no matter what your age. I hope GK has a marvelous time and that the geeks eventually see the light.

  10. They all said no??? Crazy!!! I bet they change their minds too! You have to keep us posted ;o) Oma Linda, you are "real" and your grandkids appreciate this! I know our house is "real" too! LOL! There is no bullshiting! LOL! Big Hugs and never change ;o)

  11. I love your beautiful, modern, REAL family. If we looked in the encyclopedia, your picture should be posted next to REAL LOVE.

    I think the boys are all still feeling that awkward stage that boys seem to linger in far longer than girls. Dan told me once that all he wanted to do was be cool but really felt like such a nerd, which I suppose is called geek today. ;-) Prepubescent boys are so silly. I'll bet you are or all will change their mind and secretly be thrilled they were invited. GK is a full package. They know it, whether they realize it yet or not. Hugs, Mina

  12. You know that I will always share your pickle *cough*

    GK will be the one laughing in a few years (perhaps a few months), and the geeks will probably be very upset.

  13. OMG - Gobsmacked too, those geek boys maybe needed to asked separately (?) I can't believe that they said no :( Memphis is a geek & has 2 geek friends (boys) & one had a crush on her, but she has kept it friends & the 3 of them are still pretty tight, but the problem is the boys never organise ANYTHING they just wait for her to do it... so this rings a bell EXCEPT GK's nerds don't realise how lucky they are that she asked them, or maybe it was peer pressure (like one in all in, one out, all out) so the geeks that are the true friends will still be there in the future (I'm sure) & the other's well they just missed out on accepting an invite to probably what would have been one of there personal highlights of their year ;)


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