Saturday, January 11, 2014

Where have all the donkeys gone?

There is a song made famous by Pete Seeger as well as Peter, Paul and Mary that asks the question, where have all the flowers gone. I think of that every time I see donkey pictures.

Where have all the donkeys gone, long time passing
Where have all the donkeys gone, long time ago
Where have all the donkeys gone, gone to new place, everyone
We'll miss you, it was fun, we'll miss you and the fun. this is the link to the YouTube video of Pete Seeger and P, P, & M singing that song of my generation.

I was looking at last years Altered Oz party and saw all the New Mexico donkeys as the characters of Oz and it made me a little sad. The donkeys that we loved so very much and taught us so many lovely life lessons and their people have moved on to the east coast. We truly will miss their funny personalities and crazy antics but more than that, we will miss the opportunities that the donkeys themselves afforded us as their human friends.

Ry learned that he could take up a cause for treating donkeys fairly and find that he had something in common with the plight of the roping donkeys. He also learned to trust his long eared friends to give him safe rides and let him love them with scratches and hugs.

GK learned that she in fact has a special way with equines and loved her time with her 4 legged friends. She shared "breath" with one in particular and learned to stand her ground in order to garner his respect. She adores donkeys and I am sure will take her lessons learned and apply them in the future.

I just know that when I had the chance/need for donkey therapy I would drive by and just watch them "play" with each other at their burro games and feel lighter of spirit and calm at heart. We truly will miss the donkeys.

We trust there are other adventures awaiting us and will jump at the opportunity to learn something new. Life is wonderful that way, nothing ever stays the same and if you are wise, you look forward to the future for other lessons. Closing one door doesn't mean the end to adventure, it means you're willing to move to the next. Sometimes the click of the door closing is, in and of itself, a blessing.

Our best wishes to everyone at MBF. Hope your new location is all you want it to be and that you and the critters are happy.


  1. Awww they are such sweet creatures. It must have been hard for you to see them go. But you're so right about that click. New adventures do await.

  2. Aww, sorry the donks have migrated, but maybe there's a new group needing your help just around the corner :o)

  3. Oh Oma Linda, I'm sorry the donkey's had to move. I know you will miss them terribly as will your grands. I'm so happy that you had the opportunity to meet them and get to know them. Donkeys are incredible and I've always loved them. I do love the altered art for the Oz party. Very cool and yes, very funny, but also sad because of their move. Sending hugs and love, Bird

  4. I'm sure they will like their new home but so sad they won't be around for you.

  5. "nothing ever stays the same and if you are wise," indeed!

    And I agree with Ellen.

  6. At least these donkeys provided much joy while they were around. Take care.

  7. All the best to the donkeys and their new home ;o) Oma Linda, you are a wise person! Your quotes always make me think! Big Hugs ;o) (Loved what you wrote on Magaly's blog too!)

  8. It is a lesson to enjoy and appreciate the opportunities we are fortunate to be offered in the time frame we are given.
    Perhaps there is another opportunity coming your way. Now you will have time to accept it.

  9. I have to confess, that of all my barnyard gals, it is my donkeys that I love the most. Donkeys have real personality, and affection for their humans. In some ways, they are as very much like dogs. They are smart and playful and not totally focused on food alone; like some critters I know....(BAAAAAAAAAAAA!) Always happy to see us, they practically gallop to the fence for a hug and a neck massage. When I was young, I wanted a horse more than anything in the world. but now that I am grown and actually have a barn and land, I couldn't care a hoot about horses; I love DONKEYS!

  10. Oh honey, I can't believe they are moving. My heart is broken for you and your beautiful grands. I know what a loss this will be in emotion and spirit, and at times like these always have to remind myself that we cannot experience all of life at once, and when something has served it's purpose, it must move aside to allow the new to enter. Easier said than done, I know. Sending wishes of strength and acceptance to you and yours. Mina

  11. Yes, best wishes to them all in their new home!


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