Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Birthday Surprise for Shelley....................

Today is my gorgeous daughter's 40 (hand over mouth and mumbling) something birthday. When she was a little girl, I told her she could be wherever on other holidays but she could never not be with me on the day I birthed her. It was just she and I in the hallway of the Army hospital when she made her entrance and so far in her life she has only missed 3 birthdays with me. Happy Birthday sweet Michelle.

She and I went out to lunch at a place called Cheddars. We had never been before and the food was wonderful even if we couldn't hear each other for all the chatter and loud music. It was an experience none the less.

We also went to our fave junk store and I found a Pendleton wool purse, Big Dog Jacket and some killer transvestite  Dorothy ruby slippers (they are to die for, honest and true).

We spent about 3 hours away from the house, which is not a big deal except it was our new dog Jamie's first time being left with no humans. And yes, I did expect that he would get into trouble and I suppose I should have crated him but I really wanted to find out just how deep into separation anxiety he is.

So when we opened the front door and there were wood shavings everywhere and both dogs and both cats were there to greet us, I was not surprised. I can't explain just how much chewed up wood there was and at first I couldn't imagine where it had come from. That is until I turned around to close the door and the door frame and trim looked like we had been invaded by a woodchuck from hell. So this funny from Facebook is all too true.

Poor Jamie. I think he missed us and the object of his ire was the last place he saw us........the front door.

From now on when we leave, we will crate him and before that, we will give him some Bach flower tincture for anxiety. See what I get for putting his name in for sainthood? Yep, he's just a young dog with a fierce need for humans. And btw, the cats were on hall monitor duty today and still haven't forgiven him for his transgression.


  1. ha,ha I think I would just have laughed while trying not to laugh - looking directly at Jamie, but given the circumstances would have understood and my Jack has done similar thing when she was a puppy left alone for first time. I thought she needn't be put in her kennel, (cozy, fluffy, warm) which always is in corner of kitchen with door open (her safety baby spot)---NO, I thought she was ready to be in kitchen - came home and found a couple of her toys demolished, her water bowl upside down; and not another thing touched - when I looked right into her eyes and asked her the question "what happened here?", pointing at her ragged stuffing of toys, she sat down on the floor and looked right at with that "Saucy" face of hers, so I just continued to stare back till she looked away...Jack always knows when "The Talk" is coming because she turns her head and looks at her bum. ha,ha Ya gotta just love em, eh Oma - have a wonderful day :)

  2. Happy birthday to Shelley. I'm glad you two got to enjoy each other and found some treasures.

    And about Jamie's incident, maybe you guys just got home too early. You didn't give him time to finish the art piece he was creating for Shelley. ;-D

  3. Yikes, separation anxiety can really be destructive. Hope the crate is strong. Try crating her for short periods while you are home so she will know you will be back, it is a safe place and is not a bad thing. Good luck.

  4. Lol!!! You and your daughter had a great day and I think that Jamie had to let you know that he was a "bit disappointed" that he didn't get to tag along :))


  5. Happy birthday Shelley!

    Sorry, I shouldn't laugh at Jamie's reaction - maybe he felt he needed more fibre in his diet ;o)

  6. Happy birthday Shelley ;o) You guys had a great day ;o) Poor Jamie! Poor door frame! LOL! Big Hugs ;o)

  7. Happy Birthday Shelly! glad you two were able to get out on a mommy/daughter day. Sorry for the mess when you got back! Jamie sounds like a sweetheart though, I'm sure he will learn to trust better.

  8. aww glad you had a great time:)

    I love Jaime's face!!
    he's so cute...poor baby!
    have you seen those 'thunder shirts' for pets?
    might help his anxiety.

  9. Oh please forgive me for laughing loudly and long! It's not the tale, it's your story telling ability. Linda, bless your heart. I'm so sorry that he tore up your frame but maybe he should still be considered for sainthood. Just look into those eyes and see how precious he is. You know, Herger was a huge help to us with Tigerlilly. I am not kidding, anytime she got out of line, he chased her around slapping her and hissing. To this day, he doesn't think anything about reprimanding her. lol

    On the happy side, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to the beautiful Shelle. She is so blessed to have a mother whose heart could hold the universe. Mina

  10. Oh poor baby.. and poor you. He will learn. In the meantime, you have learned. ;)

    Happy birthday to your daughter. :)

  11. Happy belated Birthday Shelley on your 40 (something LOL) designated day with mom :) and how wonderful to have the house decorated while away, fabulous everyone got to party ;) great post Oma, still chuckling :D

  12. Happy Belated birthday to Michelle and birthing day to you! Glad your day was wonderful together... and sorry about your door. Oh dear. Poor Jamie. Separation anxiety. He probably figured he was going to rip open the door to get to you both on the other side. I have had a dog that ate our sofa (well, not literally) and also chewed up several shoes and all the presents under the Christmas tree, all in one year. That was an expensive year. lol Love and hugs and blessings to you all, Bird


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