Saturday, February 22, 2014

And with his will only, he escaped his crate...................

Jamie and his kids
After Jaime the woodchuck took matters into his mouth and teeth and carved his disappointment and loneliness into the molding around the front door, I decided that he probably needed to be put into a safe place while we took the grands to school on Friday. He went with me on Thursday and was great but we had errands to run and I didn't want to leave him in the car because I didn't know how he would react. The rescue that we got him from provided one (a lovely crate) for us and he is used to being in one at the adoption events. But in his foster situation.....uh no. He was with 8 other dogs and 3 cats and simply was.

Here are Jamie's photos from his awful situation on a chain and the ride to Albuquerque. It took a village to jump through all the legal hoops and situations but the wonderful people at NMDOG and the volunteers in Las Cruces Gayle Lyle-Castle and Officer Kelly Jameson who rescued him from hell and brought him into our lives and our home, are our heros. Thank you so much for making this all possible for Casa de Cuckoos we are very grateful. And to our Known Angel who paid his adoption fees, you are the sweetest and bestest and you know we love you.

how could anyone just leave sweet Jamie like this?????
someone on FB said he looks like he was praying....I think so too
He looks so exhausted
and here's our sweet crazy beastie now

We came home and he (Jamie the woodchuck and the next great magician, Houdini reborn) had escaped from his crate and he met us at the front door. Bless his pointed head. How can you be angry with a sweet animal who just put himself through gyrations and contortions to escape from his crate? We certainly could not. SM said that Jamie was just trying to show us that we needed to fix the crate for his safety.

Today we have done 10 minute drills in the repaired crate. He can watch us and hear us while we did our chores and ate lunch and he just is like a lamb. We went outside to test the quiet and gave it a 20 minute try and he was a little more anxious but I think that if we keep working on it, leaving the door open so he can come and go and letting him know that the crate is safe, friendly and not a bad thing he will get the gist of the exercise. We put all his toys, and there are many already because the kids have spoiled him with gifts being the new baby in our house, in the crate and he is doing the self serve method of play and leave your toys everywhere, like all sweet babies do.

Jamie and his kitty friend Uma and his Mommy Shelley
This is the funniest dog I have ever none. Loves us olde folks at home when the kids are not home. Plays with the cats and is aware that they are in charge. Wants to play with Ellie Mae but like all girls she is playing a little hard to get. But she always is very close to where he is. When the kids are home, he is right with them. Walks in the neighborhood like he's been here forever. Kisses the neighborhood kids, is alert to the other dogs but is not the least bit aggressive, still pulls a little on his lead but that will lessen as he realizes we are gonna do this everyday and he loves to ride in the car and put his head on the shoulder of the driver just like he did in his rescue photos. And is hoot and a half when it comes to just being so darned cute.

But the best part......he's ours. Offically. Today we signed the papers and the Woodchuck is the latest member of Casa de Cuckoo. Jamie is home forever.


  1. Congrats. He is so sweet. And how happy he looks in his new home.

  2. Congrats on the newest escapee from the Cuckoo nest :oD

  3. Blessings to you, yours and precious Jamie! I hope all the bad memories will vanish quickly, truly this was ment to be! xoDebi

  4. Congrats to everyone but especially lucky, lucky Jamie!

  5. You and your family are wonderful. Thank you for rescuing this escape artist. He does have lively eyes. He will try you but he will also love you very much.

    His abandonment issues will resolve themselves as he learns you are not leaving him.

    I wish more people would rescue. So many good dogs are put down each year.

    Thank you again for making your home Jamie's forever home.

  6. i so very happy and excited for all of you...especially Jaime, what a great family to be with.
    you're awesome!!

  7. Thanks for the rest of the story - Jamie is going to just love you all.....all his life.
    Everything will settle in place - just patience, training and a ton of love - he is a very handsome fella too - I can see the smile and excitement on his face as he gets more settled with his family. Love your story - thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful day.

  8. Jamie's prayers came true! A guardian angel saved him and then he was rescued again by you and your wonderful family, Oma Linda!!! The pictures tell his whole story! You can see the sadness in his little face before he was rescued. He seems to be saying "what have I done?" And the difference is like night and day after he was rescued and came home to live with Oma Linda and her wonderful family!!!

    Jamie will settle down and be a good boy because now he has loving and caring home with people who love him.

    Blessings to You All and Sweet Little Jamie~~~

  9. Oh bless his heart. I can't believe someone just abandoned him like that. Some humans just suck. I know he'll calm down soon. His new family is too soulful and loving for him not to. Blessings to all. Mina

  10. Thank you for having the love and patience to help him through this transition. It makes me ill to think about how he was treated. How so many animals.. and children are treated every day. Jamie will get through his separation anxiety when he has enough experiences that tell him his people are coming back. He's a winner.. and so are you and your family.

  11. He looks like a completely different pup in his Hell photo and his Home photo! I'm so glad that he was rescued, spirit in tact, and found his people. What a great ending!!

  12. That dog took his time, delayed by some a-holes, but finally found his home, you all (human and furred) look like the perfect jigsaw peices that fit together with Jamie to form the 'home sweet (crazy) home' ideal :) magic Oma :)

  13. I had a feeling my comment didn't go through. Just wanted to say Jamie is so lucky to have found you. Some would not put up with his antics bred from a horrid beginning in life. You are doing everything right. Hang in there. Proud of you.

  14. I love the new shine in his eyes. Love does incredible things for the soul. I'm sure Jamie tells you that every day. ♥

  15. Good Morning Oma Linda,

    I just wanted you to know that I have a new blog. I believe this one will be closer to what I am and feel. Here is the URL if you would like to visit

    I am working on my entry for "Hues of Oz"...I think that this was a great idea and I am having fun coming-up with all that I want to create by the 21st of March :))


  16. I cannot believe someone did that to that sweet little dog. It rips me up to know that animals are being treated so cruelly. He did look utterly exhausted but what a turn around in his eyes and demeanor now that he is with you all in his forever home. What a lucky pup and what a lucky family you are to have him. (((hugs))) and Love,

  17. Good on you and your family for taking this sweet little guy into your home! We have a few rescues as well, and nothing feels as good as looking at where they were, and where they are now. Sending you and all your furry babes big hugs!


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