Saturday, February 15, 2014

Update on the Geek Squad...............

and lots of love and kisses this weekend.

GK's dance was during school but at the end of the day. The kids had three choices, the dance, a movie, or study hall. As you remember she asked the Nerd Boys to be her dates and go to the dance. None of them took her up on her offer. So she and some girl friends danced the afternoon away and had a good time. After school the Nerd pac came up to her and said they wished they had listened to her because they were bored in the movie. I love her response....."we'll see, it's always best to follow the pack leader". They agreed.

Speaking of packs....I believe we are adding a member to ours. His name is Jameson. He is part beagle, part dalmation and a whole lot of energy. The grands, SM and I went to introduce ourselves to him, his foster Mom and the other volunteers of NMDOG at their Valentine event. He is so cute. All white with black spots and brindle ears. He washed the grands faces and laid down on GK's lap. It was so sweet. Tomorrow the director of NMDOG will bring him here to Casa de Cuckoo for the home and yard inspection and hopefully if we pass muster then Jameson will begin his forever life as our newest adored pet.
Can't you just see him wondering if this is the profile shot they wanted????

When I saw his story, I was touched. He was left by his humans chained in the yard. He endured sub freezing temps and no food for who knows how long before some neighbors called attention to his plight to the animal rescue folks in Las Cruces. They got a seizure order, waited the 48 hours, took bolt cutters to the chain and swept him away to Albuquerque where he has been living with 8 other dogs and 3 cats and learning his manners from a wonderful foster family. I loved his sweet face and today's meeting just reinforced what a sweet, friendly dog he truly is. Keep your fingers crossed for us and I'll let you know what happens.

SM is, as always the voice of reason and thinks that Jameson may be too much for me to handle with my painful shoulder. And he is right. I don't intend to muscle Mr. J, I will use my head bitch in charge voice like I have with all the animals and I'm sure that in time (not too long from what his foster Mom said) he'll be under my spell. When I told her it was me and the brat pack during the days and they never stray too far from where I am, she said the Jameson is the same with her. So SM, don't worry, I got this.

And speaking of getting this....(don't you love these transitions????) What do you get for an animal loving, Dia de Los Muertos loving, Oz adoring, witchy Olde Broad for Valentine's Day love? Well just lookie at what my lovelies have sent me. Awwwww, art and fun. Thanks to yous that dun it. Couldn't have asked for anything maybe some extra millions but other than that and a Butterfinger, it's all good.


  1. Oh "Gnoma" Linda... I love Jameson just from his photo!!! I am so happy that he was rescued and now he will have a loving home!!! My grandson rescues Pit Bulls and he does a beautiful job of loving and caring for them until they can find new and loving homes. Talk about paperwork! Everyone has to be checked-out before one of these rescued dogs can go to a new owner and home.

    Love your valentine gifts!!! You are truly loved~~~


  2. Jameson wants to play! But he looks to be a smart boy..he'll pick up basic obedience quickly ;)

  3. He is just adorable and I am sure you will pass muster. I am impressed that they do an inspection. Shows they are all for the animals.

  4. Beagle/dalmation cross? That's an interesting combo! My Rare One had a dalmation once (before we met). That dog ran her ragged and got kicked out of the off-leash park for bad behaviour too.

  5. Dearest Oma Linda - It just warms my heart to read your rescue story. I think you are so lucky to have Jameson added to your family and I am sure there will be many, many wonderful memories shared with him. He will always remember where he came from, who rescued him and he will devote his life to you n yours. You have a heart that has just grown fonder in my eyes. Bless you all and hugz to Jameson. lol

  6. We have some labrador/husky/rotweiler mix puppies downstairs from me fight now, the funniest wee critters you ever saw, especially as 2 of the 3 of them have one brown eye, one blue! I hope they get to go to as loving homes and Jameson is obviously going to be getting :o)

  7. I would say that is the perfect valentine package for you. "Oz didn't ever give nothing to the tin man that he didn't, didn't already have"...I will never forget that line in an old song but I do forget the artist...and where are my glasses?

    Hmm, Beagle and Dalmatian, quite the mix,. Jameson will be a lively lad. Hopefully it will be the perfect mix for your family. High energy. I've never met a non-stubborn Dalmatian but maybe the Beagle will outweigh that. That Beagle nose you will have to watch. All the Beagles I have had if they smell a trail, they lose their hearing! He is so beautiful. If it's meant to happen it will.

    If someone will teach him to heel and lead your shoulder should be fine. Sorry, not my business. He's a beautiful dog. Love him..

    Note: This is not meant to sway you one way or another. Just sharing my dog experiences...and wisdom? In no way, form or fashion am I trying to make a negative impact on your decision. I am very proud you are adopting a dog.

  8. I wonder where GK learned her lessons on leadership, SeƱora Head Bitch, lol! Mr. J looks like such a sweetheart. I'm extremely jealous. One day... One day I will be able to bring another boy home (or three).

  9. Hi Oma Linda ;o) Sorry I am late coming around! I am so happy Gk had a great time at the dance! Her response to the nerds was great! I love the puppy soooo much! I hope you get him! Putting all great thoughts out there for you ;o) All your gifts make me smile ;o) You deserve them ;o) I have to admit, Mr. Skeleton still makes me laugh ;o) Big Hugs ;o) oxxooxxo

  10. You tell GK to "GO GIRL" I'm so proud of her. She is the alpha female and it is best those boys learn it now.

    I am already in love with Jameson! Look at that sweet face? And yes it does look like he is giving a profile shot. lol Honey, I have no doubt you will pass that inspection and they will immediately see that yours is the perfect Forever Home. You know that Head Bitch in Charge voice is all you need. Besides, he'll know he's home and want to fit in.

    I love those amazing gifts you are surrounded with. They couldn't go to a more deserving home either. Warmest hugs, Mina

  11. Well look who is loved by all! What fabulous gifts of love to a well deserving Valentine :) you must have been tickled, and tell GK I am stoked she did what she wanted and the others in the nerd herd realised how wise her choice was, just a bit late ;)

  12. Well, back up the train! I feel like I've been away for weeks. Jameson is adorable! He's going to be a firecracker. I had a beagle dachshund mixed dog and she was quite energetic... I know dalmatians are very happy springy dogs. At least my cousin's was. I can't believe people left him chained in his yard abandoned. How sick is that? How hard is it to make a phone call and send him to a rescue center? Good freaking heck.

    Well, I'm happy your grandaughter had fun even though the pack didn't all stay with her. They'll probably listen to her the next time.

    You got such lovely things for Valentine's Day. I love the donkey skull dude. He's really cool. We didn't do anything for Valentine's Day... couldn't figure out what to do. Hmm... our anniversary is next week and I think we may still be stuck with coming up with nothing. Oh well.

    Can't wait to see more about Jameson.

    Blessings, Bird


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