Saturday, March 8, 2014

A no dog tale........

Just thought I'd warn you so that you would not think I was going to post about Jamie the Woodchuck or his partners in crime here at the Casa. (see new dog post)

This will have to serve as my spring ahead reminder.

I have recently been going out to the backyard many times a day with the dogs and have discovered that while I was wrestling with things inside the house, Mother Nature was going about her business and making things spring like with my shrubs and plants. The violets are fighting a good fight on the north side of the house. Tiny flower heads are making their way up through the fall debris. The Chinese Magnolia/Tulip Tree has already bloomed out completely. The false Quince is in full bloom and the Bearded Iris are showing their spikes like they know it is time to bloom and wow me with their colors.

But there is a lot of work to be done this year. In the front yard the Ponderosa Pine has left yardbags full of pine needles. The yucca and sage need to be cut back. The poor no name tree I bought 5 years ago did not make it through this drought and needs to be removed. Seagrass and Mexican lace grass all need to be topped. The lilac, pomegranate, persian lilac and rose of sharon have all been neglected and are out of control. The spirea looks like it has never been pruned.  I know I will be cutting away some of their flowers but for the sake of the plant we need to prune.

This leads me to my thoughts on how we will spend some of the weekend hopefully if the weather holds out. We should be good to go on Sunday. We had been teased with a forecast of rain today such luck. We will be out chopping, raking, pruning and sneezing. The Juniper and Elm pollen is out of sight here in the land of no moisture and we are all suffering from really bad allergies. Be that as it may, we have to take some allergy meds, then get out and get this work done before leaves appear on said bushes and we can't see what is sucker growth and what is to stay.

The grands won't be thrilled. Funny how the older they get, the more resistant they are to work that is billed as fun. They aren't really keen on the old bait and switch anymore. There will be no grandday this week. But perhaps they will have a good adventure in the yard. I hope so. I think that a certain crazy, sweet, white dog might just be the ticket to getting them to join the Olde Folkes.

I remember when I was a kid that yard work was such a wonder filled time and I always looked forward to helping. I know that it was requirement not an option. I always found something magickal in the garden and could hardly wait to do more. I know that even back then Gaia was calling to me through her plants, birds, animals and seasons. A fallen bird's nest from the year before, a rock shaped like "something", branches to make a fairy house, windfall from a nut tree or dried fruit pits were all special when found on the first day of yard work. So perhaps we will have our "presents" from the earth to share with you next week. I've already spotted some windfall and half buried treasures that I am sure that I can make good use of in this year's faery garden spruce up.

Well, I'm off to the store to purchase yardbags and some new pruners and lopers.

Hope you've had a wonder filled first half of this spring ahead weekend. Promise I'll post pictures on Monday of flowers and possible adventure finds.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. Hey Darlin', I hear ya about the rain...nada SE of you either...these weather dudes just don't understand our weather out here...oey!! Lots of wind, though, but thankfully, no dirt, but just you wait...that's close by...all that real estate waiting to blow into our freshly dusted homes, cars and sinus cavities!! LOL

    I hated gardening as a child, that's probably why I don't garden now. I was the only kid who didn't have any allergies at all, so guess who had to pull the milk weed all Spring and Summer. I remember my hands were swollen at the end of the pulling and sticky...yuck!

    However, I do love a beautiful garden and wish I could really get into it, but I don't see it happening anytime soon, so I'll enjoy my house plants which thrive in my studio....they love all that natural lighting. Have a great day, amiga, and make sure you get those kiddos out there with you. You know you're leaving them a lovely legacy..

    Loves ya mucho,

  2. spring fever and spring chores. I love it. Now if only spring would come back here. it's been cold/cool and overcast since the hard freeze and freezing rain.

  3. Your home space sounds wonderful! You make it a wonderful event, that is the difference, for your small ones. I understand the older point of view, so many things loose their shine after awhile. But! Joy! is contagious , and yours will prevail!
    Not the task at hand, but the feeling from all involved will overcome! xoDebi
    Still living in the deep freeze, I look forward to your green updates! xoxo

  4. Hope you got all your gardens sorted :o) I come from a family that plants 'chuckies' in the back garden (wee stones ;o) )

  5. I am torn by approaching Spring. I so want to get out to play gardener in the dirt once more but dread the sore muscles a bit. Hope you are able to entice the younguns into helping.

  6. Hey Oma Linda ;o) I hope all of you are having great fun! I love being outside, like you ;o) We still have 4 foot snow drifts, so I think it will be a bit, till I am out there raking and cleaning up! I am sure you will find lots of treasures! I can't wait to see the pictures ;o) Please, take it easy with everything you are doing! Don't want you to get injured! Sorry about the trees that didn't make it! That's sad! Big Hugs and much love! xoxoxo

  7. Oh Miss Oma Linda, you have quite the job ahead of you. I too, have so much to do in the garden, but I like to leave my flowerbed buried in Fall leaves and such until after our last frost. I suppose that means I am in denial. ;-) Of course, it is not without reason. You know that post I did with the beautiful Spring peeking flowers? Two days later we had a full fledged ice storm. The mayor asked that people who didn't have to be on the road, stay home. Oh, that Mother Nature is a frisky one isn't she?

    Take care and don't overdue yourself sweetie. Enlist all the help you can. If the grands interest is waning, and they see it more as work now, you know it will change, and they will once again cherish all the magical finds in Nature soon. Have a beautiful, peace filled week, my friend. Mina

  8. We are "greening out" here in Georgia, too... Tulip trees, some Azaleas and Crab Apples blooming. I have spotted the first Robins of the year and the Bluebirds have already nested in the Bluebird House. The Pecan trees are budding, which was always my Daddy's litmus test for the start of Spring (and not a moment too soon).

    Good luck with engaging the kiddos... mine pooped out last year, lol!

  9. Just when kids are big enough to be useful thay don't want to help anymore. Brings back memories.

  10. Oh my I think there will be some amazing treasures in that yard of yours just waiting to be unearthed... Oh and I was talking today to Memphis, and she showed me the most amazing thing Oz related gorgeous musical piece, a colourful interpretation right up to the credits :) hope you enjoy her find...

  11. While I would not call my area "green" we are having a browning.
    It is 30 degrees warmer today than it was over the weekend. We may get close to 50 today!
    I spent a few hours this morning collecting hidden "gifts" from the yard and chopping ice. I am hoping the sun will do its part but then I will have water to move.
    I would much rather be gardening or admiring violets and green shoots, but those days will come.
    We must all have faith.

  12. Oh, there's still far too much snow on the ground here to begin doing any of that but your post has me itching to start. It is warming this week so the snow may finally melt away. I'm sorry you lost your no-name tree. My son has never liked helping with yard work except mowing the lawn on the tractor. He sings and sings and sings. I don't think he thinks we can hear him. ;-) Enjoy your warmer weather. Blessings and love and hugs, Bird


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