Friday, March 14, 2014

Before the flurry of the activity of Celebrate Oz - Hues of Oz ensues.........

Well my's not Monday after the great yard is Friday but at least I have photos.

I've not been at the computer for a couple of days because I succeeded in wrenching my lower back while having all the fun I could muster outside fixing up the yard. Even though I had minions to do most of my bidding.....yeah right, I still had to muscle my way through some of the work. Actually if I had done as I was bid by my minions, I would have just sat down and done nothing.....but that just doesn't seem to soak in my old hard head. So ya get what ya deserve, I suppose.

Anyway....we had a great time. Toting that barge and lifting that bale. Got about 1/3 of the work done that is necessary. There's always next time or not, but what matters is that we got the grands out into the backyard, the dogs had a good romp, some of the bushes got trimmed and we got rid of a nasty community of black widow spiders.

Here are some of the pictures we took. I haven't taken any of the "finds". They are still on the table outside and frankly Scarlett, I'm not in the mood to go through another spasm in the old lower back so we'll have to share those pics at a later time.
Tulip tree


False Quince

Woodland all time favorites

poor overgrown Pomegrantes

Lilacs from my grandfather's ranch

new White Peach tree

Ellie Mae Scootles smart end. Has she got an overbite or what????

Jameson saying,  "It wasn't me Oma, honest!"

Violets making me happy

Flowers for my Shelley from an Admirer

So there you have the missing pictures from the last post. Only a 6 days until Spring Equinox. Focus on the warmth that is to be. xoxo Oma Linda


  1. I was still feeling fairly mid-winterish before you reminded me that spring is coming up real soon. Clearly, it's in full swing out your way. Gorgeous flowers! I'll be happy when our snow melts and reveals some colour around here too.

  2. Hope your back heals soonest! Seeing visions of ruby, soon ;)

  3. Slow down super women! Your yard is following your direction nicely! I love seeing things, Any thing! grow or at least promising to! See you again soon, so feet UP!

  4. Love your wild untamed yard full of colour and danger (those spiders picked the wrong place to set up home) Gone with the Wind can eat it's heart out LOL, all the action is happening at your place! Oma I'm sorry to hear your back is outta wack :( and wishing you a speedy recovery xoxo Ohh and Shelly got tulips, mmm, is this part of a romance or maybe just someone awesome who realises what a treasure she is and wants her to know ;)

  5. Wonderful pictures that really put me in the mood for spring.

  6. Looks lovely. I have some wild woodland violets that are so pale some of them look white.

  7. I always think of Australia as being home to all the garden creepy-crawly-nasties, but I guess you guys get your fair share. I don't fancy the idea of coming across a family of black widow spiders... although I do love their name! ;)

    Sorry you hurt your back, but your garden pics are lovely!

  8. I love it that you have all these buds popping all over your yard. It won't happen here anytime soon - so much snow still to melt here for a while yet, however, I know the warmth is coming - I felt the heat of the spring sun for 5 minutes yesterday before a wintry cold blast took my breath away. ha,ha Happy Spring to you Oma n yours.

  9. So many pretty colours! Glad you didn't share any photos of the spiders though o.O

    Hope the back feels better soon!

  10. I'm pleased to report that I've completed my contribution to Hues of Oz and me thinks you're gonna like it.

  11. Hey, lovin' the pics of your garden and doggies!! Miz Shelly has an admirer...good for her...she should have many!! LOL I too have had lower back probs...hatin' this caca. Oh well, we vieja locas got to keep on truckin', bad backs and all...we have entirely too much living to do!!

    Take care, chica, and looking forward to more pics.

    Loves ya,

  12. Lol.. We're in the same boat I guess:)
    I can't seem to stop even when I have help... I just want to do it myself!!
    Hope your back feels better soon my friend.

  13. Hey Oma Linda ;o) Take Care of yourself young lady!! I love the pictures! We still have so much snow! Your puppies are so cute! Love the over bite ;o) Shelley has an admirer ?? Beautiful flowers ;o) I have to get my painting finished for the party ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  14. Your garden is looking full of new energy and joy :D I have violets growing wild in my garden too...magical <3 XXX


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