Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Celebrate Oz - Hues of Oz countdown............

Okay so I'll try to contain myself....but honestly, I am so very excited. As of this morning, I had all the participants and their links installed in my sidebar. Whew, that is such a load off my old brain. I know I could have used Mr. not gonna mention the name because he ticked me off a few years back with his separatist attitude, but I have a wonderful friend, Danni of The Whimsical Cottage, who year after year helps this Olde Broad with knowledge of html, and I do my own thing. Makes me feel taller, faster, more able to "get er dun". So that's done until the day of the party and then if there are those that join then.....my not so nimble fingers can put them on the list.

Already has some folks participating letting me know they are fired up and ready to go. That makes me giggle with glee. Got my fingers crossed that everyone will have as much fun looking at all the entries as the participants have had creating them.

I have changed my own mind about what I was going to to three separate times. But it all comes down to the shoes for me. So rather than fighting my feeling that the old saying "The Wizard of Oz is really about three woman fighting over the same pair of shoes", I'm embracing that and going for it. I made these miniature shoes of Oz first. They will be used as part of the giveaway for my story. I also added an avatar to my facebook which quotes Glinda as saying to Dorothy, "it's all about the shoes, Dorothy".

So Friday is the day. Hope you will come and join us and let us tell you about our Hues of Oz and how we came to choose it.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda

****if you still want to be a part of this adventure just email me and I'll fix ya right up. Tah


  1. What great shoes.

    I look forward to the party.

  2. I'm ready, I'm ready ! Can't wait to read everyone's Hues! No chores on Friday! This b. Witch! is busy! xoxo Debi. Oh those adorable shoes! They will look great on the witch I'm going to WIN form Gina! lololo,

  3. Looking forward to the annual tales :o)

  4. These shoes are so cute!!! I love them! Oma Linda, I am nervous to show my painting! I hope everyone likes it! I hope someone will want to win it! LOL! I still have to do the finishing touches ;o) I will get it done ;o) Big Hugs! Can't wait till friday ;o)

  5. I hope blogger will allow me to post, I have been having trouble with it lately. Maybe I should make a draft now so it will be all ready to post on Friday. Fun!!

  6. I am also looking forward to the tales and am prepared to "read a bunch" Happy writing Hues everyone.......nice shoes Oma :)


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