Friday, April 18, 2014

A little gardening, a little showing off, with a side order of fun.............

The straw bales are ready for the baby plants and then "let the gardening begin". Unfortunately, I still have some restraint left in me and I won't put out the little ones until the end of the month. Sneaky freeze might come in and take them from me. We already had an accident with one of the trays of baby veggies. Yep, it got knocked to the floor. Don't you hate it when life just happens?????? No real harm, just lost the tomatoes and peppers the rest of the little ones held on tight and endured the ride.

And to the showing off..........
I always love to show you what love has brought me, literally. The day before my BD, Sweet Man in an effort not to be late brought home this bromeliad for me. I used to have a lot of these at our old house and he thought I might like to have a companion plant in the craft cubby since the plants in there now always go out to the front patio in the spring. He was right, Emma, that's her given name will make a fine partner for crafting with her inspiring bright flame coloring. Thanks Honey, she's a beauty.

Then on my BD, in the mail, I recieved Apriliano. Isn't he the cutest? Don't you want to get to know him better? Are you thinking what I'm thinking? I bet he would love to get to know Ms. Baggs. That can be arranged. And for those who don't know Ms. Baggs........well you have a treat in store for you.

Apriliano was safely tucked away inside of his own mushroom inside one of my favorite things in the world wide of the world. A hat box. I have had a thing for hat boxes ever since I got my first one as a small girl (another post). There is no way my sweet friend April could even have known that I am obsessed with hat boxes and yet there it was holding the sweetest hand crafted needle felted gnome in the world. He wasn't by himself in the box, there also was a pillow insert. Hmmmm thinks I?????. After reading the card, I was told to watch for something from Etsy.

Sure enough a few days later, this is the something. Red and white, wonderfulness with a Cuckoo clock (so fitting) and a gnome. It is just the right size to fit my lower back when I sit in the living room. April, Gnoma Linda says thank you.

And the grands and Shelley surprised me with Oz presents. A darling music box that plays "Somewhere, over the rainbow" where I can stash precious things and two of the four sweet mini Ozlings that Hallmark has out right now. The other two are to follow as my Mother's day giftie. Every year they make my BD so very special just by being in my life and close at hand. Thanks Shelley and GK and RY.

And then there was an uber surprise. Jan from Laughing Dog Art joined in the Celebrate Oz festivities this year for the first time and I was thrilled. I admire her work, love her take on life and think she is terrific. Well to my greatest joy, she sent me the work she had done for Oz..........I am the very proud and happy recipient of "The Horse of Many Colors", hand stitched artwork. I love this so much. It of course will be on the Oz wall by end of May. Thanks Jan.

And as a bright spot in my week this week another Ozian blessing came to me from the always thoughtful, precious and eternally happy inducing Ms. Stacy from MagicCrowLove. My very own Dorothy crow and Toto. I love this ACEO. Ms. Dorothy Crow will also become a part of the Oz wall. Thank you Ms. Stacy and Mama Crow too.

Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes I received as well. You are all very kind and I appreciate it very much.

I know these look like mismatched woolie worms huh? But they are Y branches from the bushes we trimmed wrapped with misc. fuzzy yarns. The bells and mirrors had not been added at this point, but you will get to see them again in the garden photos.
And as for the fun (like all of the above wasn't fun enough), the grands have been a joy this Spring Break. We have worked in the yard, played in the yard, made guardians for the garden, painted some birdhouses for pay it forward artwork, baked some interesting bread and just hung out and enjoyed being lazy. We have spent hours talking and reminiscing about "when they were babies", which is always fun. Electronics were verboten until Shelley got home most days and I, as always, am a little sad to see the time has passed so quickly. Ry has learned some new things to do around the house, GK has been so funny and engaging, I have been chill and we have all been enriched by our time together.

See????? I was worrying for nothing when I complained about them making me crazy. They did....but in the best way possible. Crazy happy.

Speaking of Happy............I hope you each have the very best Easter weekend. We are going to bless each other with cascarones (blown out eggs filled with confetti) and bite the ears off of an unsuspecting chocolate rabbit.

Smooches and Squoozes from all the members of Casa de Cuckoo, but especially me.


  1. So glad you had a wonderful birthday and received so many great gifts. You deserve them. Take care.

  2. So industrious! And great loot!

  3. Yay! So glad Spring Break was so much fun for my favorite clan of cuckoos and sorry the good times were over so soon. I have a slew of birdhouses that I need to paint and a but of old tea cups and saucers to sucker my Joe in to helping me turn in to feeders. Maybe this week!

    I've always loved those plants, but when it comes to indoor plants I seem to have the dreaded black thumb - can't even keep a damn cactus or air plant alive! Give me plants to stick in the ground and sing over and I'll give you the biggest rose and lily bushes ever. Give me a house plant, and you've aided in a murder. x_x

  4. Oma Linda I love this post! You made me feel really good inside! Thank you ;o) I love all the special gifts and blessings you got on your birthday! You are truly one special lady ;o) So happy you've had a great time with the grands and Shelley on Spring break ;o) Can't wait to see your garden! I still haven't been able to get out to the back yard! Still too wet! Big Hugs xoxoox

  5. What a super and entirely well deserved haul of gifties and love from around the Universe! Happy belated birthday wishes, Oma Linda.

  6. I love happy endings, thought filled gifting and kind hearts filled with Joy!
    All is well in your magical land!!! xoDebi

  7. So there was a treasure trove of gifts for Birthday Oma Linda. Well deserved and I especially love Apriliano and also the plant. Nor sure if I sent wishes, but its never too late, eh. Happy Late Birthday Oma Linda of Fab Cuckoo's :)

  8. Sounds like a fabulous time you've all been having, and what a wonderful birthday haul!

  9. What wonderful heart felt gifts you received! Seems your family and friends know how to please you. You are blessed and even better, you are aware of your blessings!

  10. oh!
    I've missed so many of your amazing posts!
    I'm glad to hear you're doing so well:)
    Happy birthday!!!

  11. Belated birthday greetings. This post was, for me, like receiving a gift. It was so full of delightful moments. Thank you.


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