Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hold on Dorothy.....California just blew through............

This was going to be the last clean up day in the yard. The day when I could say, hmmmmmmm, I'm ready for spring to officially be here. I should learn to "Shut my mouth".

The typical, make you miserable,  spring wind has arrived. I forget how much I hate wind and the after effects of said disturbance until I have to spend a day inside, with my lungs and head aching and watch the dust just flow on by.

I love a breeze, I even like an occasional wind to clean out the pollution but sustained 40 mph with wind gusts of 65 mph, it's not even on my list of things I want to live with. Oh well, no one asked me anyway.
found these nutter butter cookies, hershey's kisses and butterscotch chips

So instead I finished a baby blanket for a certain Acorn. And I spent some time on the phone and online with a computer tech to help with some complications on my computer. And while on the phone on speaker, I cleaned out some additional craft crap boxes and there are three people out there who will be very surprised with what I found for them after I go to the post office (if it's still there) tomorrow.

I am not kidding about the wind. I just saw the back door neighbors garden shed blow from south of them to the house just north of them. Just like that. The people who own that property will be very surprised that they no longer have a shed. Now that was scary. I know they just had an estate sale and the shed was emptied out, so I suppose that's why it took flight. Oh and there goes the swamp cooler cover off their house. Yikes.

I sure am glad that Shelley and I didn't put out the yard guardians we made yesterday after we finished the yard work. They would be enjoying them in Bernalillo or Santa Fe by now. I'll put some photos of the guardians  when we get them in the garden......or not, depending on the weather. I saw on the weather channel that this wind will be in affect here and move west this week. There is also a possibility of snow showers tomorrow.

Have a peace filled rest of Sunday. I'll post sometime this week and let you know how we fared in the spring winds. And also to introduce you to Apriliano....he's my main crush now.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. I hope you weather the wind okay. Take care.

  2. Hopefully the wind will die down soon!

  3. I don't like the wind either, not with a 100 foot tree looming over my house. Stay safe. I know you'd love to see oz but maybe not by getting there the same way Dorothy did.

  4. holy cow. I thought the wind here was bad.

  5. You have a main crush - Apriliano - he,he sounds lovely - those winds you are talking about - we had winds like that with our last snowstorm about a week ago and Oma, they were blowing 90 klicks to 100 - real scary. Have a wonderful week.

  6. I hear you! Rain today , snow tomorrow....and I woke with a cold...Well I will make short order of that! Love to see your guardians! Take Care! No flying till the wind subsides! MxoDebi

  7. I think you should get a few kites, then go running around the neighborhood cackling. Nature is always best enjoyed when we join her, isn't it?

    Oh, no matter what happens, do not move to Kansas to live in a small farm house. I've heard this kind of arrangement can get pretty wicked.

  8. It must have been the weekend for howling gales, we've had them here too, accompanied by their good friend, pouring rain. Horizontal rain is always, um, interesting!

  9. Goodness, that does sound like shades of Dorothy. Sure hope it settles down soon.
    We went from 80's yesterday to being below freezing for the next two days. My visiting hummingbirds arrived today. Pretty sure they wish they had taken a layover. I'll have to bring the feeder in tonight so it doesn't freeze. Wish I had some tiny sweaters.

  10. I started laughing about the shed, sorry! LOL! We are getting the same winds today and we are getting snow and freezing rain tomorrow! I haven't been able to get into our backyard yet! Too wet! Hopefully next week ;o) Love those treats! Very yummy ;o) I hope the wind calms down for you soon ;o) Sorry you had computer problems!! Big Hugs ;o) xoxoxo

  11. The wind has been bad here. I think I don't remember the wind being like this but then I don't remember much sometimes.

    I love forward to seeing your creation.

    We had freeze for two nights in a row. Hope the fruit survived.

  12. Oh my goodness, I wonder if their shed ended up in Oz. I hope you are okay. That is some very powerful wind. It reminds me of a huge windstorm we got when my son was little and our garden covers flew up into the air and disappeared. We never saw them again and then the neighbors trampoline took flight right up and over their fence and onto the neighbor's little car. That wasn't good.

    Sorry all the blowing is giving your lungs and allergies (?) trouble. Hopefully it will calm down very soon. We ended up getting some snow the past couple of days here in the north. It had been 65 and overnight dropped to 22. It's melted now and I think we're due for warmer weather again soon.

    I've missed visiting with you. I've been writing a lot about being Autistic and meeting other Autistic people via the Internet. It's my huge project right now. It's been amazing so far. Sorry I haven't been around much.

    I hope you and the family are all well. Been thinking about you.

    Hugs, love and blessings to you my friend,

  13. I am back and will be catching up on my emails and posts, so happy to hear from you Oma and it was really funny because at SupaNova I was reminded of you (I have a tiny thing I found and will send to you after Easter now all postal services have closed 'til next week)! Oh your weather sounds testing, a breeze yes, lovely, but gale force winds :( well it is pretty sunny here, and I think I ay have been inspired by your garden makeover as I was shopping for Easter eggs and ended up buying tomato, boysenberry, chilli plants and a box, full of I gather dirt and mushroom spores which hopefully with the addition of water will start to flourish :) Catch you soon darling Oma, interested to find out more about your new 'crush' too :)


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