Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Just checking in........

Been almost a week and so I thought I would check in with all of you. I'm beginning to question this elusive season called Spring. And you must throw in the fact that I am anxious to see my green friends growing in the straw bales and there you have my situation. I know it is folly to expect that the calendar would indicate the temperatures but hey, I was optimistic.

All the little seedlings were ready to go outside. As a matter of fact they were getting quite leggy as this house has crap sun exposure for starting seeds, but I digress. So we put out the little sweeties a little deeper so they wouldn't sway so much. And what do you know but Old Man Winter reared his global warming head and we had freezing temps for 3 nights and 35 mph sustained winds with gusts of up to 57. So I go out expecting the worst from the weatherman's forecast and what do I spy???????????

poor empty tomato bed

5 out of 5 pumpkins chugging along in the front brass bed. 1 out of 5 zucchini, 0 out of 5 watermelon, 0 out of 5 peppers and 1 lone cantaloupe. Never mind about the tomatoes. Without meaning to, because "do do" occurs, Shelley knocked the tomato tray of seedlings to the floor and hurt their feelings so bad that none came up. I started a new batch but......I feel like Charlie Brown, I'm tomato doomed.

my brave little zucchini

So I spent some time this morning looking online and calling around to see if we had any nurseries here that were selling organic tomato plants. Yep, not the Peppermint and Gypsy varieties I had in mind but, I'll take what I can get. Right?

If I were to look at this in a hopeful way, I could say that we might be rolling in pumpkins which might be a fabulous thing. We generally spend a small fortune on pumpkins come October, so that in and of itself could be a win/win.

5 little pumpkins sitting in the bed..........(yep there is a rhyme like that)
Speaking of pumpkins when we were planting said pumpkin plants on Easter day, the less than 2 year old grand son of a neighbor and the neighbor were walking by. There is just something about GK that little kids are attracted to and this little fella was no exception to the rule. He broke from his Grandpa and came up to see the sweet smiling, long legged teen. He babbled something to her and she said sure, come look at the garden bed. They had this long discussion, in an unknown tongue to this Olde Broad's ears, and when his Grandpa beckoned him to continue on the walk, GK told he and his Grandpa to come back in October and he could have one of the pumpkins. The little cutie pie clapped his hands and walked down the street just beaming and yakking away.

See there, the brass bed pumpkin patch has already done it's job.........a happy little human critter. And GK was pretty excited too. Sometimes I have to watch myself around her. I could easily get lost in my admiration of what a beauty and charmer she is. Now don't get me wrong she is only a teenager, ick, but she is also so kind, warm, open and giving.

I think the 4 year difference in their ages, made GK a mini Mom to Ry and that has had a huge influence on her feeling about little ones. She is one of those females who giggles when she sees a baby and just goes bonkers for toddlers. I know I have told you about her love of working with Downs Syndrome children at the Albuquerque Therapeutic Recreation Program and that was as a camper when she went with Ry. She only has to wait until next summer to actually get paid and join the staff of the summer program. This year Ry will go alone (he's ready) and GK will take some online classes and babysit me.

We have lots of "let's find a barn and put on a show" fantasy photo shoots to do (lots of dress up), she has vowed to help with the garden and I'm pretty sure she and her Nerd Herd will want to hang out at the pool or mall or maybe if I'm really lucky, they might choose here, doing what 9th grade kids do......make most adults cringe.

So I've skipped from my irk about it being too windy to plant anymore and too cold to expect any little plants to survive so I will settle into sewing some fitted diapers for a certain Acorn baby who will come to grace the world in the late summer.

And while I'm at it I'll be glad the buds on my white peach tree survived and look at the tiny little fuzzy bundles of "to be" yumminess.

What are you planning for Spring and Summer? I'd love to hear all about it.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. No spring or summer plans yet, but you never know...

  2. Maybe you need a canopy for your bed to protect it from the nasty temp turns though with those winds, it might have ended up in Arkansas. I usually plant too early and the cold gets my first offerings Luckily this year due to my still bum shoulder, I didn't plant early so no loses. I have kale, spinach and romaine out in my hanging baskets right now with tons of garlic that was planted int the fall doing marvelously. Do love seeing those green shoots.

  3. Only you would have such brilliantly creative garden BEDS! How I love that. :)

  4. Ha ha! Your straw bale garden beds are literally BEDS! Too cute, Oma Linda!

  5. So sorry your green babies didn't survive but very happy some of them did. I'm surprised any squashes survived, they are usually so sensitive to frost. Consider planting collards. They can withstand frost and will come back the next year. Well, here they do anyway. Except this past winter when it got down to 7 degrees, they didn't withstand that so we have a whole flock of babies coming on. along with tomatoes, squash, tobacco, carrots, basil, spinach and other stuff.

  6. Maybe you aren't using the right kind of fertilizer for your garden beds. I mean, you can ask the gardener in Blair and Morning Glories. Those flowers are booming!

    So many plans this spring/summer: dentist dealings, doctor dealings, getting married, adding a prologue to Thorn in Red, most likely another AlmaMia Cienfuegos short story, calling my Oma... all kinds of stuff. And there will be gardening. In drawers or chairs. I don't have enough space for beds. ;-(

  7. Reading your posts is such a great way to start my day; you make me smile and nod my head and remind me to enjoy the little moments in life. Hugs back at 'cha, sweet lady!

  8. Ha, I love the bed plants - such a creative idea. If at first you do not fully succeed, plant, plant, plant again - coulda been the seedlings, coulda been the weather, add to the garden - plant more and they will grow. Love it :)

  9. Not too sure what I will be doing come summer, but something will show up I'm sure. The barometric pressure is changing as the weather system moves out, so my sinus' are giving me vague sort of fits today. Yea for pumpkins!

  10. What a fantastic idea!, I really like that wooden bed, however, I would probably put it in my guest room. Garden plans, always have dozens and dozens, but today I planted a Mexican Sage Hedge up a slope along some stone steps and tomorrow I am making a Tunnel trellis to plant ornamental gourds.

  11. Oma Linda, I am sorry about the weather and some of the plants going bye, bye, but I think everything is truly coming along amazing! Love the pumpkin bed ;o) Everything is so cute! Tomorrow, I am planting mom's rose bushes and some other goodies. I think the sun is finally blessing us ;o) And, I have to put out my chair and the skulls with the sign ;o) Yepeee ;o) Big Hugs and Happy May ;o)

  12. the weather the last two years has been so screwy. never got out squash in and the poor little things withered and mostly died while we were in the city this week working. some of the planted stuff does not look like it's growing while others are. WTF? they are planted right next to each other. this food growing is hard.

  13. I just love your vegetable beds, just brilliant!


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