Friday, April 11, 2014

Wow, this is a lotta stuff.............

I hadn't picked anything specific out before my giveaway because I wanted to get some info on the person that won to sorta tailor the items to favorite colors? sewing? crafting? needlework? papercrafts? etc. So when I got the information from the lovely Vickie, I started going through my hoard of one of everything Moses ever let come across the desert.

Sheesh.............I coulda filled three large flat rate boxes with the stuff I found to giveaway.

There's blingy, sparklies, pink/purple/turquoise, rubber stamps, wood (makes me giggle like an eighth grade girl), fiber, charms, paper (of all denominations), buttons, ephemera, recycle, ribbon, stuff and lots of good junk including a wand and some other pagan paraphernalia.

So I've saved out another box full of wonderfulness and I'm thinking that maybe I'll do this again next month around Mother's Day. So keep a weather eye on the horizon ye lubbers. There's craft crap in them there sails. Or something like that.

I finished doing all of this seek and find just in time to be able to focus on the fact that I have tiny wee plantlings coming up in my seed trays. The heirloom varieties that I am growing are gonna be fun to watch as well as eat. I just ran out of ump pa pa in the photo taking department or you could see that I actually have veggies poking their leaves out of the seeds.

Tomorrow is work in the yard day again. And I anticipate that we will be all caught up at the end of the weekend....fingers crossed. The straw bales are beginning to sag a little and take on water and actually stay moist. Another dressing of compost and topsoil and I think that we are all set. Just waiting on the little plantlings.

I know I could go to the garden supply place and get plants (and I'm not usually on any particular band wagons of protest of late) but I'm not purchasing any seeds that have been genetically altered. If that means I fight off rot or mold or bugs, then so be it. I will do that gladly if I don't have to be worried that the food I put on the table contains plant DNA that can be harmful to my grands. I can't do anything about what we have ingested thus far........but from here on out as long as I am able to do what I can to keep us safe, I will.

Wow, that was freeing. Reminds me of the good old hippy days of protest, flower power and communes. And I fought off rot and worst, back then. Wow those times were a million years ago....right after the dinosaurs took their big time out.

Peace and love my lovelies............ Oma Linda (funny, I now have a yearning for tie dye and seed bead necklaces)

Just had another crazy thought. Do you know what the Olde English word for "to plant a seed" is? Cuz if you do, then that's what I've been up to. . . . planting.  tee hee  Who knew you could do that to vegetables and flowers.


  1. Such a fun collection, is that Stonehenge in the top pic?!

  2. Aren't you nice to tailor the package to fit the winner. That is quite the haul.
    Can't wait to see how the bale planting goes.

  3. Now I am even more excited! I'll be watching the mail, and will definitely be blogging about my box of wonderfulness :) Thank you again and good luck to all who enter next month!

  4. What a fabulous give-a-way treasure.

  5. Ha! You're in wicked form! It's always good to include some wood! ;)

  6. Typed n lost my message, so here I go away again - lotta treasures there - I had to laugh at those few lines "So keep a weather eye on the horizon ye lubbers. There's craft crap in them there sails. Or something like that." I cannot wait to meet ye on the high seas of Maritime Canada. ha,ha You have a wonderful sense of humour. And, yes, I do know what "the word" is. ha,ha Belly laugh is the best kind, eh. Have a wonderful day. BOL to entries for pkg.

  7. Better than a treasure chest filled with gold!!! WOW!!!


  8. WOW, that is some kind of box of goodies! Next time, I am putting my name in! If I new I could get a wand ;o) LOL! So much fun ;o) "Flower Power" all the way ;o) I am with you ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  9. Wow.. when you do a giveaway.. you go all out. How very thoughtful of you to tailor it for your winner.. .you R rated gardener you!


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