Thursday, May 15, 2014

And school is almost over............

Oh my stars this month is just nutz. I know it is for so many of you as well. May always races past at a break neck speed, especially when you have kids in the house. So much to do, so little time to get it done.

RyLeigh's school has been on super sonic speed with all the events that have been and are to be held. I thought I'd share some of our boys achievements with you since so many of you are his loyal fans. Bless him. You have no idea how he is tickled by your comments and well wishes. It means so much to him.

You remember last year when he won Top Frog award for his third grade class? Well, the school called Shelley the day before the awards ceremony to tell her that she needed to be in attendance for it. Ry was selected by the principal as the Top Frog for the entire school. Shelley said when she got there she sort of hid behind some other adults that were standing in the field so that Ry wouldn't have a clue. And he didn't. She said he was momentarily sad when another student won for his class, but he congratulated and high fived the boy who won anyway. Then when it came to the announcement for Top Frog of the school he was relaxed and just looking to see who won. When they said his name he screamed a big Yeah!!!!!

When he got home I asked him how his day went, knowing what was going to happen. He said, "say, did you know about this when you dropped me off this morning and told me I was going to have the best day ever? I said yep, I sure did. He then gave me a biggest grin and said, "it was all part of my evil plan Oma." What a hoot. He is such a sweet caring kid and he was so very proud of himself.

Yep some evil plan young one. The principal chose Ry because for World Autism Day, Ry asked if he could go around to other classes besides his own and tell students what it was like to have Autism. His teachers went to the principal and so they let him. He did a super job talking about his ticks, his triggers and explained that he has been taken off some of the drugs he was taking that helped him some and has learned to manage his moods on his own. Talk about a winner.

And then he has had field trips, an air band show, he was the third Billy goat gruff in a play, and tonight he is in a concert. Much too much but the family will be there for this event as well. After school is out in a week, he will be home for two weeks and then start his summer program, which he absolutely loves. Busy kid, happy life.

And then there is Ms. GK's hectic schedule.

She took the entrance exam at the charter high school she chose and earned the highest points on the exam that the vice principal who gave her the test, had ever seen. She is in like Flynn needless to say.

She was home ill with a Noro virus week before last. 60% of the students at her school were sick on the same day and the health department closed the school down and ordered a deep cleaning which took two days. And unfortunately she had a relapse yesterday. Lucky for her, she is better today.

They had 3 OSI's (field trips) last week, one to release the trout into a stream up north of Santa Fe, that her class had been growing and then finals this week. She has a band concert tomorrow night, and a vocal recital on Sunday. Graduation from the 8th grade will be on Weds next.

And then GK and I have part of the summer to work on art projects, keep the garden going, canning and short trips to historical sites. The girl loves to see the native culture in our area and we will be immersed in pueblo culture this summer. We even have a very special kiva ceremony that we were invited to up north in July. GK will also be taking a college course again this summer so that should keep her busy.
They should still be this little, but...................they aren't.
And gone are the days when a new "bucket of bubbles" and some new water toys were the highlight of the beginning of summer. Both the grands are looking forward to sleeping late and making pancakes on the grill with home made blueberry syrup. I don't know how we started that for the first day of summer vacation but they both are like the keepers of the traditions at Casa de Cuckoo and whoa be to anyone who forgets the fun stuff.

And now I need to speak to one person who has chosen to be totally ignorant and hateful, once again. You may call yourself the truth fairy and cast aspersions on the love filled life that is shared here at Casa de Cuckoo, but you and I both know that you couldn't speak the truth if your life depended on it and living with the biological sperm donor of my grands does not in any way give you the right to be such a stupid and ugly human. But truth fairy I forgive your ignorance and lack of manners, because it is the right thing to do.

Sorry lovelies, just something I had to do.


  1. Your Grandchildren ROCK Lindy!!!!
    Give your lovely and uber-talented cuckoos a special squeeze from their oOld Godmother-Fae :o)
    Shell must be so proud of what SHE (and you and sweet man of course) have done to make her family so loved, cherished and stable, that they excel in all they choose to do...without certain members of the public screwing things up!
    As for this 'truth fairy'...why have I, Old Fae that I am, never met them?
    Could it be that they are sneaky little cowards who like to stir it up?
    Toss them to the Labyrinth I say!!!
    Love to the nest sweetie pie :o)

    1. Oh my stars, and you here talking sweet baby's breath words in my ears you old Fae you. Yes, Shelley is the most proud and loving Mom to her heathens. The straight and narrow and a whole lot of snuggle time she says is her answer to child rearing. I just think that they are easy to love kids with brains.
      Oh yes, you do know the tarts name and number my dear. The cowards cohabitator and mouth piece.
      I'll take the love sent to us and multipy it by the stars back to the mountain on which you live. xoxo Oma Linda

  2. There's enough going on at Casa de Cuckoo to make my head spin. You must have amazing stamina. Take care.

    1. Mr. Chatterbox, I just sit back and watch the keystone cop activity. I, of course didn't say it doesn't make my head spin. tee hee

  3. You and I have more in common than you know! Blessings be our puddleducks and
    " the heavens" help you if you mess with Kin or Realm! xoxoDebi

    1. Prudence, my dear......then mores the pity that we don't console each other more often. Thanks love, xoxo Oma

  4. I hope that last part found it's mark and left a mark.
    You must be so proud of your younguns that buttons are popping off in all directions.
    You have some amazing grands so puff up and enjoy. Your caring, creative grand mothering and super genes have done exceptionally well. Kudos to all.

  5. Thanks Patti, I am so very proud of my daughter and her brood. They make it worth the effort to keep on keeping on. And I also hope that that a mark was made as well but then....."some people's children" just don't get it.

  6. Your blog is the very first one I read every morning because 9 times out of 10 you make me smile, laugh, or snort coffee out of my nose. The love at the Casa de Cuckoos just radiates off the page and the amount of activities and general busy-ness makes my head spin at times!

    Pancakes on the grill--now THAT sounds good and the blueberry fields are open for picking here. I see a trip outside of the bubble today. ;)

    1. You are such a sweet friend Ms. Linda. You have always been such a stalwart support for the Cuckoos of the Casa. We appreciate you very much.
      Yum on the blueberry adventure out of the "bubble".

  7. Congrats to Ry on being Top Frog of the School! And congrats to GK on her stellar academic achievements! They are both just so full of energy and enthusiasm for life -- it's a joy to hear of their summer plans.

    1. Debra, we so appreciate your friendship. The grands are a gift and I'll always brag on them unabashedly.

    2. Oh Oma, what a great post filled with delights, I have to tell you that whatever you guys are doing to raise those gorgeous babes is working out brilliantly, I suspect loads of love, support, encouragement, and fun is the magic brew, the great thing about all this is you, your sweet hubby and Shelley get to celebrate these amazing achievements of Ryan and GK's too, because you have all worked for it, what sweet success, please tell them how impressed your friend in Oz is and congratulate them, they truly are AWESOME!!!!!
      As for toxic people 'truth' fairies, I think unfortunately many of us have these sad, bitter, joy-sapping, nasty, petty, lying, foul, stench-ridden pieces of shit that try to cling and feed off others hard won successes and leech a close-knit families joy because they themselves will never be happy, never be able to unselfishly give time and love (unless their is something in it for them) never be willing to celebrate others achievements, never freely commit to supporting anything unless it takes no effort, always be ready with excuses for what they have (or haven't) done... but also always crave what others have worked years to achieve, they can't work for it, so they try destroy it, suck it up like a leech on a unsuspecting host. So, you forgive this nasty and ignorant human.... That is because you are wise Oma, some animals (or 'truth faries') never learn, they will go on their entire life and never, ever change, never grow, never feel true success, envy anything and everything they can't have and not be satisfied with what they do.
      'The right thing to do' Oma you rock, you have taken away this blight on life's effect through the power of forgiveness... Sorta makes you realise how insignificant they are, and how utterly freakin' awesome your Casa de Cuckoo gang is :) love ya Oma x

  8. Since when does wishing your granddaughter a Happy Birthday and your grandson a Happy Belated Birthday constitute hate and ignorance? That is all I did. PERIOD.

  9. Hooray for Top Frogs, poo to Norovirus (It's always poopy to have, even if you aren't on a cruise ship and yes, this version does seem to go away for a few days and then come right back!) and congratulations to GK! Hugs for you and doesn't this year seem to be going fast? It'll be June, soon.

  10. Oma Linda, congrats to your grand kids!!! Hurray to RY for being top Frog of the school! Wow!! Doing my happy dance! And, congrats to GK for her high points on the exam! I am sorry she caught that stupid virus!
    This year is going by too fast! I want it to slow down, just a little ;o)
    Sending big hugs to everyone!! Love you all!! Never change! All of you are amazing!


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