Friday, May 23, 2014

Stayin' put..............

The Cuckoos of the Casa are staying put this weekend. Never been one for a big travel weekend doings.
We will honor those that have passed on doing their duty and also those that we have lost who have made our lives what they are today. 

Sweet Man and I have a date with the garage today. Ick. But hey, the animal charities we donate to will be happy because of our latest purge of crape' from our hoarding ways. It's always an adventure to find what you didn't know you lost but don't remember you have. Or is that just me?

We almost had a need to drive to Pecos today but the need passed. GK went to school yesterday and came home with the science class fish and a crayfish they had gathered up on their field trip week before last. No she won't be going back to middle school but the science teacher asked her if she would keep the fish again this summer as she did last summer. Yippee??????? Shhhhh, not so much on my part but hey.

She and her nerd herd had talked Mr. C into letting them bring the crayfish back with them....I'm sure he thought it would die immediately (which sorta bugs me) but Reggie (that's what the wack a do's named the crayfish) died last night because of being moved again. If he hadn't, the Cuckoos would have returned him to the stream from whence he came. Now we will plant him in the fairy garden and that's that. And we will not be on the road with all the other "gotta get to somewhere to have fun on this long weekend" folks.

We've begun our weekend with a breakfast at IHOP. I swear Ry could eat then entire restaurant's supply of breakfast meats by himself. That boy is an eater when it comes to bacon, sausage and ham. And he's no slacker when it comes to pancakes either.

It's always fun to take the grands out to a restaurant. They are a riot. Both of them know every song that ever comes on the music that is played and always find something to be happy and exuberant about. They really are great kids with super attitudes. Ry has so many questions at this age about life, living and the pursuit of being in the know. So far so good on the non jaded GK. She's having a friend over for a sleep over tonight and Ry is warming up his little brother act. So wish us luck with the sleep thing.

Hope you have a wonderful long weekend. However you celebrate, be safe and we'll see ya soon.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. Sorry your week started with a funeral. RIP Reggie! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy those amazing younguns.

  2. I like to stay home on holiday weekends too. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Good luck with the sleep thing. Our son brought a crayfish home from a school outing and named him Larry. Poor Larry didn't live too long.

  4. I think I'll spend this one writing... I usually go to the VA or to a hospice to visit the old timers and bring them some food or stories, but my hip and shoulder have been pretty bad these past few days. I will still make the trip, but later in the week.

    Now, I'm hungry for IHOP... your fault.

  5. we don't go out when the masses are traveling either.

  6. We didn't go anywhere
    It's too dangerous.. I grilled chicken and burgers outside while listening to the ambulance and police sirens going back and forth.
    It's a combo of graduation weekend and a holiday... No thank you!
    I think your weekend sounds lovely!!
    Sorry about Reggie:( though.
    Big hugs!!

  7. Hey Oma Linda ;o) I hope you're enjoying your long weekend at home ;o) I'd rather be at home, than driving around, with all the crazies ;o) We had our long weekend last week ;o) Sorry about Reggie! Such a cutie ;o) Ry, loves the food I do! LOL! I hope the sleep over went well ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  8. How did that (lack of) sleepover go? Sounds like you choose a great way to spend the long weekend by avoiding the hoards on the roads, and staying close to home! I had forgotten about IHOP, we don't have that chain over here but it was a fav place for breakkie when we were in the US, seem to remember plates of pancakes that filled us until dinnertime, only ate their a few times but it was great value and the girls loved it! Ok promise to write soon, it took me all week to get back online, work has been a little hectic and girls have major assignments due, Big F and I have been trying to help (extras/grips/props for Trinity's school film/art extravaganza) while it being extra busy workwise and Memphis has mega on to which although my help is limited there, food and transport are always needed ;) talk soon and finially got to the PO! Hugs to all xox


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