Monday, June 23, 2014

Back to normal....well as normal as we get.......

Today marks the first time in a month that the Cuckoos were out and about in public. We went and had our nails done. I have my fingers and toes painted white and my thumbs and big toes painted red and blue. GK also did some crazy turquoise and pearlesence thing going on. I thought I would share our getting better with you. Not because it's a big deal but because I need to let you know the all clear has been sounded at the "typhoid and creeping crud house". Whew.

Mr. Ry is on antibiotics and is on the mend. GK has finished her steroids and is still weak but doing better and can actually breathe. The reason I know she's better is cuz she's got some of her snark back. Sweet Man and I are not coughing up a lung when we lay down to sleep at night and that's all a good thing. The only one in our house who wasn't sick is Shelley and I think because she works with the public everyday that she has a stronger immune system and fended off all the germs better than the rest of us.

We celebrated Summer Solstice in our traditional way with a good meal of organic yumminess and a bonfire. We added our herb bundles, enjoyed the wonderful smells and then watched the embers crumble as we watched for the tell tale sparkly lights in the shrubs, trees and in our backyard. We have been doing Fae watch for 15 years now. When Shelley was pregnant with Ms. G we began our watch. And I can't deny that I was the instigator behind our yearly practice. But, I don't have a choice now that the kids are older. They are the ones who feel the need to honor the fae, leave treats of lavender lemonade in thimbles and tiny honey cookies cut with the same thimbles and baked to fae approved wonderfulness.

I realized that for years I have been talking about our faery garden and that most of you thought I was talking about miniature plantings. Nope the north garden of our house is devoted to faery and turtles. We garden there as though it was a meadow. Wild, not tended but for watering and fertilizing. No plan, no weeding (well we do spirit away the grass in the beginning of spring for all the good that does), and sit back and watch the wonderful results that change the appearance of our faery garden every year. We find all manner of magickal things in and around our wild space and are rewarded for our endeavors with healthy baby turtles and beautiful flowers. I had to put this in here because I didn't want to mislead you about my not having a tiny space for the Fae.

I adore the spirit of love, laughter and life we share. The whole of the Cuckoo clan sitting in the dark, breathing wishes and sharing stories of years past and "sightings". I am a fortunate one to be living la vida magicas.

Did you see fairies? Smell rosemary and lavender bundles floating on the breeze? Feel a kiss and see a new freckle in the exact place the very next morning? Receive a gift from nature (tiny pinecone, crystal, flower) from the Fae? Taste the fruit of summer and smile knowing that is only a glimpse of what is to come? I hope so my lovelies. All this and much more to all of you at this beginning of summer.

Sorry, once again I was unable to post photos.....but I know you will imagine beautifully without them.


  1. Faeries need a wee bit of the wylde in which to thrive, don't they?

  2. That sounds magickal indeed! We have a faery forest which is a natural area shaded by a fifty year old ligustrum, about 30 feet tall and all its babies. No ceremony for the fae on the Solstice this year, but we'll be having a mini version in a few days. Glad you're all feeling better!

  3. What a lovely story and how wonderful you are finally feeling good enough to look for the Fae. Is where my freckles came from??
    Good that Shelley was spared. Someone had to tend the sick. Hope that was your dose for the year and that you all draw only healthy breaths the rest of the year.

  4. Every yard needs a wild space however small.

  5. I'm so relieved for you all! Glad you are getting well in time to enjoy your solstice festivities. Lovely tradition that will certainly be carried on by the grands and then by their families most likely, on and on.
    My imagination is in full swing now, imagining your Fae party.

  6. Hi Oma Linda ;o) I am so happy everyone is feeling better ;o) Your post put a big smile on my face ;o) Thank you ;o) I got two presents from nature ;o) And, I am so thankful for them ;o) I have a wild spot too ;o) I love what comes up there ;o) I wish I could keep everything wild around our house. Actually, I sort of do! LOL!
    Sorry I am late coming around! My blogger list is gone bye, bye!
    If you can, please come around to my blog ;o) I have a special post for mom's 75th birthday ;o)
    Big Hugs, love you ;o)

  7. So glad all of you are on the mend. I love your enthusiasm for all that you do.

  8. I'm so sorry you and your family have been sick. Very happy to read that you are all much better. Your family celebration of summer solstice sounds magical and beautiful. I wish I had been there to participate.
    Oma, the photo thing happened to me about a year ago - could not post any photos. I kept getting a messsage saying that my photo storage was at capacity. I have been paying a monthly photo storage fee to Google ever since so that I would be able to post photos on my Blog. Is it possible this is what is happening to you?

  9. Darn! I was looking forward to the photos! Hope you get the photo thing fixed up soon! Glad to learn you are all feeling better, never fun being "under the weather" ...


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