Monday, June 16, 2014

We're still here, sorta..............

This has been a most interesting beginning to the summer I have ever had. Two weeks ago when I last posted, I was in the depths of a horrible cold. And I still have it now, including the rib bruising cough and more mucus than I knew could ever exist in my body.

Ry finally came down with the barky cough and sneezes 5 days ago and seems to be handling it fairly well. Since he has had so many colds this last winter his immune system is stronger, I guess.

GK went to the doctor again because she still has the cold aftermath 3 weeks later and now has a sinus infection. Her temp spiked at 103.8. Yikes she was miserable. This has been 5 weeks solid that she has either been ill with the Noro virus or this creepy crud of a cold. We so ready to move on with good health.

Enough of the meme, I have had some extremely wonderful things happen during the siege of sickness. I received a surprise present from my bestie, Maddy Rose. She is such a talented sewer. Everything about her sewing is delicious. I got this wallet. It is perfection. The corduroy has a shimmer to it that does not translate well in a photo. It is so classy. Love it Ms. Maddy. Love you too for your thoughtfulness.

I also received a painting from Linda Braun. She just began watercolor classes and painted this psychedelic turtle and immediately thought of me (hmmmm do my friends know me or what???) I met Linda through another blogger years ago and when she and her husband Denny came through ABQ on a visit with his sister, we met up and had a really special visit. Linda and Denny lived full time in their RV and travelled all over the country, played golf in every state and have such rich, wonderful stories to tell. They have since settle down in The Villages in Florida and I swear, they just never slow down. It is so very wonderful to have friends and have that connectionality through the Internet. Thanks for my tie dye Turtle, Ms. Linda. This old hippy loves him very much.

I have been keeping up with the garden and getting outside before the hot part of the day comes. I'm not real happy with the state of my straw bale experiment garden. I am not used to things not needing watering every day and I think I have over watered. How is that possible in the desert? Well with the straw bales retaining so much moisture, that's how. But even though I am not pleased with the garden, the little critters that roam the garden always bring a smile to my face and give me a chuckle.

That face makes me want to dear is he?

Right after I took this picture Harry decided to piddle all his water on me......good for him and his only defense.

Poor little critter wasn't pleased with me showing his private area...........

As I was watering yesterday in the fairy garden, I spied this little sweetheart under the hummingbird vine. He was just sunning himself in the morning sunshine and didn't even run when I picked him up. He is probably a last fall baby who overwintered in the garden and came out this spring. He is about the size of a 50 cent piece. You can see he has no egg sac to be found on his tummy, that means he is not a spring baby from this year. Baby turtles keep a vestige of the egg sac about 6 weeks after hatching.

The grands named him, Harry Totter, because he has a lightening bolt looking mark on his top shell. I bet there are at least two more of his clutch mates hidden from sight close by where I found him, but we won't go looking for them because disturbing them too much seems to tame them down too much to survive bird and roaming cat attacks. So we'll let them be "wild" until they are older and have some protection wisdom from experience. Mother Nature is harsh sometimes but is the only teacher qualified to take care of them. I am just an interested bystander after many years of trying to "control" what happens to my turtles.

I do however spoil them rotten when it comes to food. And many of them have imprinted because of that. GK is the official turtle wrangler now and there are some young turtles that will come out when she is in the backyard and want to be fed dog food, fruit, veggies or the occasional snail treat. Even Ry has become fond of the turtles and has his favorites and is not afraid of them anymore. He even picked up my oldest turtle and moved him for Papa when they did the lawn last week.


  1. You are a family of turtle whisperers!

  2. First off, I am so sorry your whole herd has been so sick. Mercy. Here I was having fun while you wilted. However, you really have had some great pick me ups with the super cool gifts--your peeps know you--and some baby turtles to cheer you.
    All of you--- please get all the way well

  3. Love the tie dye turtle. And the real one is really cute, even if he does piddle in your hand.

  4. It's good to finally see you back online--I was worried.

    What a lovely wallet--such wonderful material and the wallet absolutely looks store bought!

    And lastly, thanks for your kind words about my artwork. Denny and I loved spending that afternoon with you and SM and I'm just sorry we never had the opportunity to do it again. Hugs.

  5. My, Oh my , I do hope you are all well soon and returning to "Oma's" wonderful adventures and just plain ole fun. We have been blessed with good health and carefully "knocking on wood", this horrible cold/flu doesn't come our way. You have kept yourself busy regardless with your garden and your sweet small friends visiting :) Your wallet is stunningly beautiful and I love the turtle. You are blessed Oma, to have such nice acts of kindness bestowed upon you. Have a wonderful day and hope you're all on the "well" track soon. Take care

  6. I am so sorry to hear the household has been feeling unwell.
    This is the time of year for vigorous enjoyment!
    I think maybe you need some Mad Tea to revitalize you all.
    (July 12th!)
    Such wonderful presents from your wonderful friends. Thank you for sharing them.
    As for the bale experiment, you said it yourself, it is an experiment, a trial idea. As long as you learn from it, you are a success.

  7. Glad everyone is on the mend. You can't keep a good cuckoo down, lol. Your gifts are awesome... the psychedelic turtle is fantastic! I've soo missed your posts!

  8. I hope GK gets better soon. Being sick for that long sucks and you know the suckiness hits us deeper when we are that age.

  9. Oma Linda ;o) Did you get my comment? I hope so ;o) Blogger is being stupid! LOL!
    If you didn't get it, I hope you all are better ;o)
    I love the treasures you got in the mail ;o)
    And, I love your turtles ;o) They know they are loved ;o)
    Big Hugs xoxoxo

  10. Aww, hope you're all feeling better very soon!

  11. So sorry to hear that you and yours are still suffering from that crud. Hope you all shake it off soon and can instead begin to harvest the fruits of you labor in the garden. That hand bag from Maddy must have given you a thrill to receive. It is gorgeous and so professional with all the special touches. And the colorific turtle! Absolutely wonderful. That had to have brightened up your day.
    Little turtle guy, so sweet! Thanks for sharing him with us.

  12. Harry Totter the turtle is so cute! Perfect name for him too!
    Sorry to hear you won't get to participate in the Mad Tea Party on your blog, but please do come by for a visit as, hopefully, if my computer doesn't crash like it did last year just before the party...I WILL be participating on my blog.
    Keep healing, prayers are going up for you!
    Teresa in California


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