Tuesday, July 15, 2014

and the sun is where, exactly????

The Land of Enchantment, alias New Mexico does not have many days when the sun does not shine at least for a few hous. As a matter of fact, they are so few and far between, I don't remember the last one.

I love days when the thunder boomer clouds start forming after lunch and then continue to grow into huge water filled wonders later in the afternoon and then give up the moisture right after dinner. That is what we call our monsoon rains. We have those two times a year. Once in July and then again when the State Fair comes a callin' in September. Or at least that's the way I remember it as a child.

In the past few years we have had the drama of the clouds, the rumbly tumbles but very little moisture and thus we have been in a drought. Still fun to sit on the west facing back porch and watch all the lightning and count the time between flash and rumble whether the teasing skies give up the rain or not.

So last night's "most all night long" rain was an oddity and ever so welcome for the plants and lawns. But this morning was a shocker. The clouds are still here, the rain is still falling, be it ever so gentle and there is no sunshine.

My max limit with no sun is 3 days.

I learned that when Sweet Man and I moved to San Francisco in the early 70's. I literally thought I would shrivel up and perish. The damp, the no sun and the ever present "gloom" was oppressive. Of course now I could relish a few days like today but back then I was less than patient or educated in the differences that are regional and geographic.

Makes me ponder how I got grown. I was so rigid and knew almost everything there was to know in my 20's, as do most with that affliction. Funny how when I look at the grands, I hope that they know  more of what I didn't and lots less of what did. More smarts, less smarty. But I know they will have what they have and muddle through their lives as I did mine learning lessons along the way that will mold them into the adults that someday will peak out from behind their child and ponder how, they too, got grown.

Think I'll take some tea out to the porch and watch my "turdley durds" scurry around the yard looking for bugs that have come out because of the rain. Nothing better than a happy turtle with a green smile on their little faces.

Hope you stop today and be thankful for getting grown. Take time to thank the child that saw you through those times. Happiness to all, Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda

and still blogger will not let me post photos.........boo


  1. We've been getting decent rain this year for a change after years of drought status.

  2. That's why I could never live on the west coast -- too much rain and overcast days. Sunny days abound on the Canadian prairies -- it may be 30 below in winter but by gawd, it's sunny!

  3. We've had lots of rain and topped off with your Hurricane Arthur that recently hit the East Coast of Canada - after which a lovely week of dry, humid sunshine and complete turn around to steady downpour today and last night. Aah, I am not complaining - at least it cooled off. Glad your backyard critters are eating and I think I would enjoy sitting on your porch and watching the clouds gather and count the lightning strikes right along with you. Have a wonderful day :)

  4. Interesting: Mrs. C. and I lived in San Francisco in the early '70s. Are you aware of Mark Twain's famous line: The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.

  5. Sorry, we've had the sun here for a wee while. We so often get rain it was a nice break ;o)

  6. I know it makes you glum but do hope it keeps raining there to put a dent in the drought.
    Enjoy those turtles, enjoying the rain.

  7. Nicely said! Cheers! xoDebi ( sun deprived in Northern Ontario Canada)

  8. I know where the sun is! It is here in Oregon (Orygun)! It is so very unusual for us to have soooooooooo many weeks in a row of sunshine, yet very nice too!

  9. Happiness to you Oma Linda ;o) Our summer has been very weird! Let's just say, I am really looking forward to fall ;o) I hope the sun comes back for you ;o) We have been getting some sun, but when I go to take some pictures, it clouds over! Sneaky sun! LOL! Big Hugs ;o)

  10. Do send the rain north please - I'm wilting here! So very hot and dry right now, but it's the way of the south end of the desert I live in.

    "More smarts, less smarty" - I like that! My neices are as sassy as I am, which is both good and very, very bad.

  11. The sun is squatting in NYC... and baking us!

  12. It rained here last night.
    My little girl and I were watching pet semetery when the giant thunder started... It was nice, lending a creepy atmosphere to our movie time:)
    The only thing I dislike about monsoon season is leaky roofs, which we have right now:(
    When it's raining or overcast I find myself very inspired to create!
    Have a good week.

  13. Heat index yesterday: 105 degrees, hotter today, with severe weather expected this afternoon. I am soo over Summer and ready for Fall. Glad you're in slow mode and smelling the roses. Hope you enjoy some well deserved "me" time!


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