Thursday, July 31, 2014

Here's a little happiness list................

Enough already with the meme letting goes. I wanted to claim the good things, the fun things, the things that brought a smile to my face when I recall them so about 3 weeks ago I started a happiness list. Some of these are little blasts from the past that make me giggle, some a big old guffaw moments and some are insane moments in time that I never will forgot. Now these are not to be confused with momentous things that I have had happen in my life that have given me happiness those are on a whole other list.

Starting when I was very young.....

I loved to "snuffle" my cat, still do. Put my face into their soft fur and wriggle my head just slightly and listen to the reciprocal purr. Not all cats are snufflers!!!!

Climbing trees as high as I could and pondering how cool would it be to stay that tall.

Eating watermelon right off the vine while it's still warm from the sun. Same with a beautiful ripe tomato.

Fishing and whispering with my Daddy Jack (grandfather).

Going to the ranch and getting to "play" with the farm animals and helping my Aunt Sallo and Uncle Alfonso with chores which sometimes taught me more that I had bargained for. Learning to make jams, empanadas and tortillas.

Hiding under the house in a crawlspace and thinking I had found the best hidey hole in the world.

Catching toads and keeping them in the backyard. They were everywhere. I love the way their skin feels.

Living close to the director of the zoo and getting to feed and handle baby animals that came to his house before going into the zoo. My favorites were a baby his bathtub and a baby lion who was so little but very strong.

Learning to drive and getting the car turned backwards in the driveway by doing a K turn and watching the expression on my friends face.

Singing in the talent show in 8th grade and dressing up as an old lady. The song I sang was "Too Young to Go Steady". The adults thought it was funny, my peers just didn't get it. Too bad, I had a blast.

Putting my sorority sisters in a cage at the zoo as a prank.

Finding money I hid in a cigar box when we first moved into this house in 1961, last year. I had written a note to some random boy and there were other silly preteen mementos in the box as well.

This is an abbreviated list because I didn't want you to have to live through all my rantings but these are representative of my early happys.

Making you smile with me as I think of happy instead of anything else. It's the best. xoxo Oma Linda


  1. Being happy often takes work. People often don't realize whether or not they're happy. Often they are but they still keep waiting for it to drop into their lap.

  2. I have never eaten watermelon right off the vine! That will definitely be in my list of things I want to yum! Warm tomatoes of the tree? Oh, yeah, and they were fantastic!

    I love your happy list. ♥

  3. Great list! It truly is "the little things" in life that can give us the most joy. However, I would never have dared an attempt to "snuffle" HRH because she would have clawed my face off. That's just the kind of sweetheart she was, LOL!

  4. Oma Linda!! I love this list ;o) I have the biggest smile on me right now ;o) Thank you ;o) I would love to have watermelon off the vine! My mom often talked about eating fresh tomatoes on the farm ;o)
    I would have love to see the baby seal and baby lion ;o)
    Big Hugs and I hope things are going better ;o)

  5. I think the baby seal in the bath is the best lol

  6. Debra is right, it is the "little things". These are the things my mind wanders back to when reminiscing.

  7. Hi Oma....just clicked here from Debra's blog.....nice to see you again and that you are still "so very happy".



  8. I like your happy list. Especially the parts having to do with the zoo animals. Thanks for sharing. Have you really been in your house since 1961?


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