Thursday, August 14, 2014

2014 School year has begun..............

sorta sounds like "gentlemen start your engines", right?

I promised I would update you on the state of the Cuckettes and so here it is, all the info that you did and didn't want.

Backing up just a little, cuz goodness knows I can't just start at the start without some background to color up the story and give you the reader some insight. Ry has been going to a summer program now for 4 years. He has had mixed results from being involved as has his sister. You'll recall that Ms. Gerea was to have gone to work as a junior counselor but the city changed the rules to the game they call Parks and Rec so the summer job was not to be for her. Had she been there the outcome of his summer may have been quite different. And yet, everything happens for a reason.

Ry's time at summer program was up and down and he got to where he didn't want to go. We investigated and found out that he was getting into physical altercations with another kid and he was blamed for the encounters. Now mind you, we know that he is capable of being a "rathead" and wanted to know what the tussle was about. Well, the adult (and I use the term loosely) couldn't tell us what was happening to cause the problem. We asked then if that was the case, how could she blame Ry for the problem. She said because the other little boy told her. ??????????????? When asked if she had asked Ry what the problem was, the only thing she told us was, "no". ??????????????

Ry had spent almost a week in the office by himself as his punishment. When we asked how program was every day when we picked him up, he'd say okay. After finding out, by a fluke of conversation with said almost adult, we asked Ry why he hadn't told us. He said he preferred to stay by himself instead of getting kicked and hit. And so would I have chosen the drawing and being alone but that's when we had him stay home. Not that that was a lot of fun either because I wasn't well enough to entertain or take them anywhere. But he made it through the summer alive albeit not happy like he has been in years past.

So the first day of school was filled with trepidation and worry. That kid doesn't even go to his school. But still Ry was really all over the place with his actions and his ticks. He was trying to contain his feelings but it was not working. His teaching team found out about the summer incident from the director of the program and made sure he was physically safe and encouraged him to play with his friends. It has been three weeks now and he is still not gotten past the anxiety. We are hoping that he will of course but in the mean time we are meeting him where he the moment, with encouragement and as much normality as we can have for him.

Ms. G started high school on Tuesday.  The school she is attending is a charter school, Digital Arts Training Academy. The school offers computer, technical, drama and production of film making as well as the other disciplines needed to work in film. These kids are given the opportunity to receive college credit for their work, get their feet wet in the film industry here in New Mexico (the students have been included in "In Plain Sight", "Breaking Bad" "The Lone Ranger" and other Hollywood productions) and are required to  have a film project every year as part of their finals. She went on a field trip to this school last year and it was just like a light bulb went off and it was where she wanted to go to high school. They will learn to do digital art as well as traditional art, computer programming and writing code, being in front of and behind the camera. It is just so diverse and I would say so G.

She was so spastic elastic on Tuesday....stemming much like her brother with fear that she would fall down and embarrass know the typical fears of a freshman. Tuesday was Jump start day for freshman and I think they were all feeling a little out of place. Of course her main fear was that she wouldn't know anyone except her best friend and wouldn't make friends. Both of those statements were false by days end. She already knew at least 6 kids and by the end of the day she had many more kids she made friends with. That girl attracts nerdy boys, cute boys, goth boys, oh hell, she just attracts boys. So at end of day she was a happy camper and quite fond of her school.

Oh to be 14 and so vain. Adorable but ego centric as is the normal attitude for 9th grade girls anyway but Ms. G takes it to a whole 'nother level.

Yesterday was all grades back to school and once again her nerves got the best of her. She is confident but only a little until she gets her footing. I guess we all are in some repects. I think she thought the sophs, jrs. and srs. would gobble her up or something but all went well.

She has one class that is not just freshmen. Her advanced placement math class also includes sophomores. On Tues. there were only 4 freshmen in the class, G and 3 boys. One boy she knew from a birthday party she attended this summer, one was in most of her classes at her last school and a new kid. The party boy said to her, "I'm surprised that you are in this class because you are so cute". She paused and then said, "well, aren't you just the little profiler? Just because I'm not a guy or ugly you think I shouldn't be here? I got the highest score on the math placement test given to the incoming freshman that the vice principal had ever seen." To which he said, "that's a lie". G then had her friend from her last school explain to party boy, just how bright she is. He told party boy, "she is a stone cold genius and a hot chick too." And G said, "so there Mr." and snapped her fingers. Gotta love an attitudinal chick in her nerd environment. And now of course he is her "bit&&".

This morning she could hardly wait to get to school and hang out with her new friends.

I hope that both of them will settle in and have a good school year. School always has an interesting beginning.

So that's the tale of the Cuckettes.

Hope you all have a super weekend, Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. Thanks for the catch up. I hope everyone has a smooth transaction into the school year. I know how hard this can be, and I think peer pressure is stronger now than when I was a kid.

  2. "So there, mister!" *snap* LOVE IT, LOL! That's grrrrl power! And I hope Ry is soon able to put that whole ugly incident behind him and enjoy his new school year.

  3. I'm laughing at G's run in with the boys. One of my females colleagues and I had fun today teasing our male colleague who had made a statement that, if one wanted to twist it, could be rather sexist, and boy did we have fun with it. Him, not so much ;o)

    Sorry about the summer camp, I think the 'almost adult' has relatives at my work...

  4. I so hope Ry can get past the jerk he had to deal with in the summer and makes some cool friends. I agree with Stephen, peer pressure has so many tools today. Take a lesson from sis Ry, you not only are as good, you are better than the rest. A bit of attitude is never bad.

  5. I'm sure Ry will overcome his anxiety. It's too bad he wasn't forthcoming in the beginning. And that Miss G will have them all eating out of her hand before it's all over with.

  6. When I started high school I had just moved to a new town and didn't know anyone. While everyone was still nervous they at least had familiar faces. I too was the only freshman in one class and in the beginning was a HOT MESS but after a month or so it became my favorite class. I seriously can't put my finger on why (cute boys teeheehee) but my fingers are crossed for both the little cherubs that their school year is a good one.

  7. hi Linda, wow sounds busy to me, glad Rye is out of that place, School will go great, it does not take them long to adjust. Have you not been feeling well Linda, hope you are top notch soon, hugs

  8. I do hope Ry adjusts as well as Ms. G. Glad he has such good support at home and with his teaching team.

  9. Right now, I really want to beat the living crap out of said "almost adult." I know this wouldn't help any. But when someone acts is such a stupid, inhuman and totally disgusting way, the reactions their actions evoke doesn't always make sense. I hope this goes away for Ry soon...

    I'm sooo excited for our "stone cold genius and a hot chick too." You let her know that. And give them both a hug for me. Okay, give them three hugs. ♥

  10. Hey there my BB! Just read this post. Am trying to catch up with everyone but I think it may be a losing battle. I love the story of G and the know-it-all boy!!! And I hope Ry can find his way through these next days as he gets adjusted to school again. I wanna hit someone at the Parks and Recs place!
    Hope you are doing okay. I am trying to get back into the swing of "normal" life again. Takes a while! THinking of you! Hugs

  11. Girl power! Excellent! I am sending all the best for Ry ;o) I really hope everything works out for him!
    Big Hugs Oma Linda ;o)


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