Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I'm back, sorta............

There is no retrograde except the one in my head.

That's what I kept telling myself anyway. First it was my computer. I tried to redownload Picasa to solve my non photo dilemma on Blogger, because I had previously paid money to expand my number of photos I could use on the account and when someone who will not be named but there technical name is IYOGI, "fixed" my computer last time, they screwed up and deleted my Picasa account. And when I did, the computer crashed. They scheduled someone to come to my house to fix the problem last week and that person never bothered to show. Today, the tech was great.

Then my phone went gone off the deep end. I can't get any bars at my house and therefore, no calls. But, I get text messages and I get calls from India/Paskistan (the land of IYOGI) and England. Go figure.

Then my car's engine light went on as I was taking GK to school. And it limped back home that morning on a lot of "oh, please, oh please".

Got the car fixed, the phone is to be executed this weekend when we change carriers and a really nice man came out to reboot my computer today. He turned out to be a gem. Gave me all kinds of insight into my computer and how to manage some things I wasn't taking care of. Wow. Things got fixed very quickly after a two week wait.

I had just begun to feel like the plague of the last few months had lifted and then the electronics in my life kinda spit up on me a little. But nothing that couldn't be handled with a little frustrated cursing and swearing........and patience. All's well that ends well.

So hi lovelies....the Olde Bagg is back.....knock on wood.


  1. 3 has fixed indeed! Now breathe! There is nothing better than a refreshed start!
    Now BLOOM ! The ORANGE season is whispering to all us hellin's

  2. Get all those frustrations out of the way at one time -- good planning!

  3. I think you deserve to have things run smoothly after all you've been through. Take care.

  4. Curse those electronics that we need so much!
    Glad you're back and things are looking up:)

  5. Welcome back! I find a small kick or bounce off a surface helps with my electronics woes. Well, doesn't always help *them*, but doesn't necessarily make them worse either ;o)

  6. In threes... I always get stuff, good and bad, in threes. You should be all done with the cursing and swearing stuff for a good long while. Hugs, so glad you're back!

  7. So glad you are back. Boils and sores periods do come in bunches don't they? The good thing is that you did stumble on some great helpers, not counting IYOGI. Bad comes in bunches but so does good. Settle in for some smooth sailing.

  8. Take a deep breath and then another. I hope you have got through the bad spell and now are starting on the good spell. Sometimes life makes us feel like we have to tiptoe around so as not to upset the balance! Maybe we should stomp more? dunno. Glad you at least got a break on your computer help, in the form of a person who actually knew what he was doing and could help. What a concept!

  9. So happy you are back ;o)
    I'm glad all those techy things happened at once and now everything is better ;o)
    Big Hugs ;o)

  10. oh yes, the cursing and swearing is mandatory.

  11. Technology woes do indeed seem to happen in numbers. Here's hoping your issues are all in the past. Though.. it has been nine days.. hmmmm..

  12. I am so pleased you are back, I am 'almost' back, missing my besties and will go into catch up mode soon, it's Spring here, time to blossom ;) I have rented a new computer too, took 3 weeks to transfer all my crappola, emails missing in action too, it's scary how so many things can be swallowed in the Twilight Zone... I hope all your technology goes smoother and your car is all fixed, our engine light has been on for about 2 years, the mechanic has no idea what it could be, it's one of the few things on our car that actually works!!

  13. It's so nice to see a post from you, my spite of all the electronic troubles, hope all begins to come together for you.
    Take care, keep feeling better.


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