Wednesday, August 6, 2014

People always talk about the weather...............

And so shall I.

Here in the desert southwest, rain is never a given, it is always a happy event and most of the time a surprise. We have over the course of the past few weeks received more rain here in parts of Albuquerque and the state than we did in the all of the last two years.

Back when I was a kid (when the dinosaurs roamed the earth), there would be always be floods for those of us who lived close to the Rio Grande River. That's why they call it a flood plain. Also if you lived in some areas of town and your street ran perpendicular to the mountains you had a ready made asphalt creek when the rains came right in front of your house. Spent many a summers evening running down our street with all the neighbor kids playing in the water.

We have had flash flood warnings every night for a week now. Parts of our downtown areas were completely flooded and many of the manholes popped off from the pressure of the flood waters and streets torn up from the rushing water. These are all not normal events for us. I've lived here all my life and can only remember a handful of times that we have had to battle really bad floods that have overrun the flood channels that were built in the 1960's. But we do have an extensive flood control, rapid water rescue units and water divergent systems in place because we are in close proximity to the Sandia and Manzano Mountains. So even if we don't get rain here in the metro, if it's raining in the mountains there is a flood danger. But the past several years we have been in a drought and many had forgotten the danger of rushing water.

Oh we have what is jokingly referred to as our monsoon season which is the month of July thru the first couple of weeks of August. And it always rains a couple of days during the state fair in September. But our normal rainfall is maybe 5" a year (in a good year), we had 5" of rain for the month of July and the first week of August has brought another 4" already.

In other words we are damp, even humid. It's a real game changer. Muggy is a word I don't normally use. Our swamp coolers are a joke, and quite frankly it isn't a funny one. But I am not complaining cuz what good would that do anyway). Rain has brought all kinds of interesting things to our doorstep. Big ole bugs, plants finally growing in the yard, including the tomatoes finally doing something, also weed seeds that probably would never have survived are plentiful all around town. We are green. Now that's a city of a different color. And a very nice surprise. I'm sure there are those who got the brunt of the floods that would not have the same view of this event and for them I am sorry, but for us, we have experienced mostly good things.

I say mostly because we a have pee problem. No not the humans, the dogs. No not the dogs, the dog. Ellie Mae Scootles formerly of the Tohajale'/Route 66 Casino area of NM, a foundling dog who has forgotten just how lucky she is to not still be in a diesel repair shop where we got her, has taken to refusing to pee outside. Rather she sits on the back porch and just whines because she doesn't want to get her feet wet. She then comes inside, goes under Shelley's bed and pees there. What a charmer.

I remember telling all of you how I would have to shovel a path in the snow for our Priscilla, St. Bernard DIVA because she also didn't like to get her feet wet. But I don't know how to dry grass or dirt. I even encouraged her to do her business on the concrete under the shelter of the porch but Ellie acts like she has forgotten English and only speaks her Native American language from whence she came. Bless her pointed head.

So there you have it, the report from Casa de Cuckoo. Next time I'll tell you how the new school year is progressing for the boy grand, how GK is getting ready for High School (oh damn) and other stuff about our lives.

Be well my friends, Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. Diaper those pups and hug your grands! Rain seemed to be the weather this 2014 Summer! Starting High School!!! Oh my !!!! Keep smiling Oma!

  2. Oh, Ellie Mae Scootles! I hope at least she's not peeing on carpet.

  3. Your monsoon time is the opposite of ours. We say the rainy season is from the end of August to the first of July. Glad you are weathering the rain well. How goes your straw bale garden?
    I lived on the desert side of the Big Island in Hawaii once where it was dry dry dry. Then it rained and the hills exploded into green. It was awesome. Must be rather like that where you are right now.

  4. Hope the water stays out of the house.. You must be getting your first dose of serious humidity. What a shock.
    Callie is also prissy about wet feet. Morning dew is enough to make her balk. Sometimes you just have to be forceful.
    Stay safe.

  5. Mark Twain once said, "Everybody complains about the weather but nobody does anything about it." Ha!

  6. Oh poor Ellie. I'm sure she doesn't mean to be a bother. Not that those feelings would make the pee smell less. I hope it dries outside soon, or that Ellie learns not to mind a bit of wet under her feet.

    I'm happy for your tomatoes though. ;-)

  7. Oh to have so little rain *sigh* in 3 months last winter we got 30", and our August average is 6" - 8". We aren't at the bottom of mountains as such (though we are in a river valley), but we're kind of used to handling lots of water and shipping it out again. Our city name does translate from the Gaelic for 'Dear green place' though, guess why ;o)

  8. Aaaw Bless her little fluffy feet! of my dogs didn't like the wet either(bit tough living in England lol)...she would tippy toe across the garden or pee on the funny :D And I hope you are getting some photos of the luscious miracle of nature while you have the chance...who knows when the green will return again <3 XXX

  9. We have had three major floods in two years - in the amount of 8 feet of water, which just about clears the top of the gas pumps at the corner gas station. We are on higher ground, so were not affected like those on the lower part. Many homes and businesses gone within a few hours, having received 170 mm of rain or approx 7 inches in one big dropping from morning till just about noon - now the tide was out at this time and we have tidal drops approx 28 to 36 feet (yes feet). When the tide comes back in so does that 28 to 36 feet with it and pushes right into the already flooded zone, so it ain't too pretty canoeing to the grocery store on the other side of the flood, especially when you are passing buildings tops on your way. These areas have never flooded like this before and now 3, yes 3 times in 2 years - something is changing and yet scientists and govt say NO???? I was amazed to read your post today and had to giggle at the paw paws not wanting to get their feet wet. My Jack would do the same, for she has to search and search before she finds the perfect spot and then do her business. Monsoon can be a scary word when the water level reaches your doorstep. Do you have a canoe? Thank you for a most interesting post and have a wonderful day Oma. lol

  10. Green desert, sounds cool. The pics from The Boy's trip to the Grand Canyon looked like he was posing on Mars. He liked it but told me he couldn't live there because "the heat, my gawd, the heat,"

  11. Oh!
    Our dog doesn't like wet ground either
    I can't even get him outside when it rains
    God forbid there's a big storm and he's needing to go... Ugh, need I remind you he is a very large dog:/
    Thankfully it hasn't rained too much and when it has it's been mostly late at night
    Looking forward to hearing about the kiddos school year
    Big hugs

  12. my son and daughter-in-law have two indoor chihuahuas. they get these things called puppy pads that have some sort of scent on them that attracts the dogs and that's where they do their business...pee and poop. and our normal rainfall is about 54" a year so you don't get to complain about humidity. oh, well, go ahead and complain.

  13. Hey Oma Linda ;o) I am getting my act together and trying to catch up in blog land ;o) The weather for us this year has been weird! Right now, it feels like an Autumn Day! It's gorgeous! Windy, cool ;o) We have really had no heat this year! Lots of rain! But, I am not going to complain either!
    I bet your tomatoes are going to taste so yummy ;o)
    I hope puppy starts doing her business outside! That's not good!
    Love you xoxoxoxo


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